Don't be a Tourist


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    This one is for all you full time travelers

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    1. Tabbes

      THANKS FOR 2MIL 💯💯

      1. suck the 2d pp

        y a y

      2. just a MCPE Redstoner

        Lets go marines!

      3. Lesar games

        Johnny boi

      4. Caleb Parsons

        I subbed to tabbes on youtube

      5. ꜱᴋʏᴇ


    2. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      And I also made the Soviet riot but instead of those two we say URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA while wearing crappy old communist army clothes and those ushankas with rifles bayonets anything Russian and communist and I also made the Nazi riot for no reason at all and I have an real Nazi army clothes and I was also wearing Nazi clothing but it got too fascist my army were actually real Nazis and they flew banner of Nazi Germany and the flag of Nazi Germany plus they are saying Heil Hitler over and over again and I was scared that if my army is about to attack America I would die and they did they were doing blitzkriegs and shit and also shooting machine guns or mg42s and I took shelter in a abandoned house just two hundred square feet between us and then I took off my Nazi clothing and took a shower to wash all the evidence that it was me and I saw the random reminisce of Hitler's DNA on my shoulder and I unexpectedly knew that I was touched by him and the wauffen ss DNA on my vagina and the wauffen ss and Hitler both touched me I was right but the b17 GOT IN THE BATHROOM AND STARTED TO TAKE A NUMBER MOFOKING 2 LIKE🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🔪 I will kill you BUT NAW HE DID THE UNTHINKABLE HE RECORDED ME LIKE HE WAS A FUCKING KAREN nah ah you being smart ass huh Biggs bet you gonna hear YACK YACK YACK YACK

    3. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      But I made the largest neo Nazi riot for my first time against them it's the golden dawn march shouting Greek while rioting and did the Ottoman riot where we wore guessed it fez hats and have bent swords in our hand and charging at breakneck speeds yelling COME ON THEN CHARGE and DON'T DIE KEEP CHARGING in Turkish that's HADI DÖVÜŞ. and ÖLME, ŞARJ ETMEYE DEVAM ET.

    4. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      But that BUY MY MIXTAPE man ran away after I said GONNA BE RICH OR DIE and my teeth goes is pointed sharp

    5. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      In all cities like Tokyo Japan,Moscow russia ,Pyongyang north Korea (don't live there),Washington DC USA (your going to jail or VIETNAM) AND YOUR UNDER ARRESTED

    6. BL4CK FL4ME

      To prevent them from getting hostile and aggressive, just bring any huge knife or a metal bat

    7. Animeking

      Was that asposed to be naruto

    8. LucidNuggets

      New Yorker Life

    9. Classic

      Hope is no more

    10. Poisonfruit

      i thought this kinds of situations from con artists only happened in mexico MONTERREY TO BE SPECIFIC -.-

    11. TheSiren Dragon

      If someone stole my stuff I'm beating an arse

    12. Ayla Orge

      3:36 2006 represent ✊

    13. Jace Miller


    14. Jace Miller

      Yep that’s me

    15. Jace Miller

      That’s white

    16. Jace Miller


    17. my stuff sucks inc

      Here is one I did to people I will get a kid put him in rags and give him a dog that is drugged so it will not move and break it's leg and we got in like 5000 usd a day it was good and one day we said this is messed up and stop doing it

    18. leah tuts

      am i the only one who thought of a terrorist-

    19. :3 bella

      7:01 r.i.p hinata

    20. I'm a mad man

      I used the think torrist's and terrorist's were the same thing

    21. Potato UwU

      Tabbes: your welcome for the trust issues Me: I have had these issues a log time now I can barely walk on the streets without thinking someone will kill me

    22. DapperDonut 9

      You forgot the ones who pretend to be officials while they’re only like a couple of miles out and they take your money for an inaccurate map (memories from Mexico)

    23. Dominique King

      Omg, you really just did Hinata(from naruto) like that 😂

    24. Cuppa Kiwi

      Can you mail me my gold star?

    25. B4s3m3nt B0yz

      6:00 Bro that's Cardi B in a nutshell.

    26. Low quality Naruto Uzumaki

      Just don’t go outside 🗿

    27. Glossy Shelter

      I thought the thumb was talking about carreta furacão in Brazil

    28. Tyrannical User

      I just got a fucking Burger King ad that said balling when you handed the sob story scammer 1 penny

    29. HeLlO _mY_fRiEnD

      Lmao I love this

    30. fire brochill

      i gotz the gold star :D

    31. Enby Bird

      Oh god, ive seen so many of those crackhead Disney characters. Its like they made the costume while smoking 10 pounds of meth

    32. samantha_ 111

      I once got a sob story sales pitch on the phone. On. The. Phone.

    33. Cap Boi

      So Thats why every comment below me look pretty SUS.

    34. paper objects irl official

      Elmo aint disney

    35. Lily Chang

      Me: oh cool thanks! *still dose the things that I was just told not to do.*

    36. SuperPietro09 2009

      Iv seen you some where else?... on SR PELO storytime animation!!

    37. SirPug

      You sound like a person who knows a guy...

    38. Shannen Forrester

      not hinata

    39. Bijay Gurung

      Stick RPG soundtrack :o

    40. The Seth and Bennett Show


    41. Jim Jam

      the disc scam makes me feel very tempted to say a completely different name from my real one only to then say "yeah my name isn't *???*." I think i'll be dead in the real world...

    42. Caleb Thomas

      City people are assholes! Me who lives in New Mexico a place that many people don't even know exist.

    43. spacious Mars

      Things you need with you when your a tourist: 1. Monopoly money 2. Phone (to record) 3. Addidas,Nikeys 4. A child 5. Finale make sure to tell them you were a quiet kid in school

    44. Gacha Quartz

      Welp I’m from Manhattan and whenever I see a homeless person I always want to give them money (my mom sometimes won’t let me) but once I was on the train with my grandma and I had candy so I gave it to a man that was asking for money he thanked me and I saw him eat it from the other side of the train I feel like he was actually hungry...I felt good that day

    45. Dead Duck

      My dad got wallet right in front him guy didn’t know that my dad had gun and knife in a different pocket so my dad ran got in front of him and put the to his head and knife to his chest saying give me my wallet or I will shot u or make it really painful and slice your throat he got wallet back big W

    46. Mister Peeebody

      The first word I got in my head when you said tourist was terrorist

    47. Gen Hernandez

      *_is that you hinata?_*

    48. Emmalee Guess

      *Me and my Hillybilly-ass family be like:* 0-0

    49. Karis The Unicorn

      Well you said a penny would help....

    50. Primal Aspid

      I used to live in Nyc when I was 8 all you gotta do is go in your way and don't look at people in their fucking eyes.

    51. dadsocooler ;p

      Hey tabbies they don't bully them to here there cds they use the cds to bully them

    52. A guy

      I helped you get the trust issues. That’ll be $50

    53. *{inotdonutz lol}*

      The only thing that comes in my mind when being violated, grabbed, or cornered is violence

    54. Kakashi Hatake

      1:08 she really added hinata lol

    55. Ryder's gaming channel

      probably going to buy a gun

    56. Kathryn Blakeley

      3:00- 3:41 so I avoided a con apparently

    57. __smiley___


    58. Raphael

      I mean, everyone is a stranger on the streets.


      1:10 did Hinata just got K.O.Ed lol

    60. Mochi Bunni

      I remember being in las Vegas and got a free rosary lmfao no scam at all

    61. kaysen cunningham

      At 2:25 is that the odd1sout

    62. Phroggi Senpai

      all you gotta do for the c.d. mugging is lie about your name a whole bunch of times then run, that simple yall

    63. Ariel Alicea

      best shot at this is to go with a bunch of friends.

    64. End my Misery

      I gotchu J

    65. Brittany Grayson


    66. TheRailwaySeries Battle

      Hey look it's Thomas the funny choo choo train tank engine

    67. Kokichi Ouma!


    68. Kokichi Ouma!

      can u be my mom XD

    69. Frooty Patooty

      7:00 The Ed boys are just trying to get enough money to buy jawbreakers

    70. Jason W

      While I get tabbes needs content I feel like a simpler solution is to walk away like you did not hear the person unless your getting robber

    71. VerVikel Rblx

      I smort

    72. AlzySucksAtEverything

      I always bring fake money! 😂

    73. Birch_Tree

      srsly tho hinata hyuga is a fckin softie to the highest extent. shes like soft serve vanilla ice cream with 50 chocolate candy toppings :P

    74. British Slang


    75. InfoBlues

      Exception: Turkey

    76. no I don't

      "Hobos into homies" 😭

    77. Nedra Thomason

      Is that ed' edd 'n' eddy??

    78. CubeLuna YT

      3:35 to be completely honest I would do the same thing because they just said that they would appreciate a penny

    79. StarLego Gaming

      take the blue one or the red one blue one gives good dream red one gives you inf money

    80. powblock 64

      holy cow as a kid who grew up in Brooklyn this is so real.... like every day on the train to school....

    81. Emily Uzumaki

      Do you watch naruto??

    82. Guytheoreo

      6:12 ok im not a yter but storytime, so once i was touring in nyc and i see one of these hobo clowns. she asks to take a picture of my didter and her (my sister was 9 at the time also it was a minnie mouse) and she says no, the girl grabs my sister and is "no, no come on, take a picture" and we all leave. 20 mins later we see them with some other people two and two people of the group were making out. thats it. bye

    83. Primitive Human

      Also a good tip is: when people try an scam you just start speaking gibberish and never repeat anything and just make people think you can’t understand them

    84. Exstic

      ur that one tough kid in highschool warning u about the students when ur new

    85. Yamako chan

      Poor hinata 🤣🤣

    86. Ree Kid

      You did Hinata dirty

    87. luissuazo31

      I’m city so I’m asshole

    88. Sandra Chan

      A lady here in Sweden gave me a rose.. I accapted it because the day before somebody actually was giving away roses(. No scam) Then she wanted money, I said I have no on me, I gave it back but she crossed her arms and I just slowly put the rose on her arms and it went down to the ground. She was so mad.. it was hilarious and it made my day,

    89. RATT

      Yay! im smart

    90. A Phillips


    91. touch deprivation

      Lesson learned. When in the city, don't take anything aggressively handed out to you unless its MrBeast.

    92. Arnav Sahu

      1:07 hinata refference lol

    93. Rainbow Lion

      How can your house get robbed if your homeless.....

    94. Derp Krimson

      0:26 This isnt what i meant when i said i wanted 50 pounds!

    95. Operation Cake

      Jay is the man tho

    96. brian guilherme

      You got drip? 1:34

    97. Tarot!

      I live in nyc and I’ve seen tourists (especially ones from the south and Europe) gawk at me/ask for pics bc i have multicolored hair like I’m a human not a s t a t u e

      1. Tarot!

        @Wispy Lamb exactly!

      2. Wispy Lamb

        oof, that must suck. like literally ANYONE can dye their hair.

    98. Sēanxpai

      My parents told me about in italy, People want you to buy stuff they go up to you. I was saying : “NO” all the time. Don’t be like a tourist who say yes! I want it. Thank you. Enjoy your day btw

    99. CV_ Productions

      7:51 I already had trust issues since I was 5

    100. XxRed SlashxX

      Don’t forgot to bring an ak