Unusual Students in My Art Class


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    SCHOOL. And so have you probably. SURVIVE as long as you can. It started not too long ago but you get the jist of how annoying it is to juggle editing, voicing drawing, studying, writing essays, commuting all at once. This is also my first semester dorming with 3 other people, so ya gotta be mindful of them when they're studying too. If the recording sounds off whether its voice or editing, you know why now. But thank yall for being patient with me.
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    1. Tabbes

      I wanted to look like an acorn in this video. Don't question it.

      1. Butter Butt

        Mhm understandeble

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      3. Aiden Moreno


      4. alice draw stuffYT


      5. Ymir

        Imma start burying a grave so I can plant you I’m also you 500th reply

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    4. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

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      From the videos ive seen of you so far, i can say with a bit of confidence were kinda similar, especially the no talking and of course this video as well, im glad im not the only one❤️

    8. NyNy 13k


    9. Cierra La Rue

      I love tabbes. Videos

    10. Matilda Kaiser

      I'm homeschooled, and we don't get art class regularly, or at all:/

    11. KNTR123 [Mr. Fly]

      i dont even do school and im not dumb

    12. Imran Abdulle -_-

      Depends on the grade and if you don’t know who that mean you remember you asked that question

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    14. jordan is gey

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    15. Naruto •Uzumaki•

      Since did you have a sharingan- 😂😂

    16. Blockso Block

      I’m homeschooled


      Every one in my class is insane

    18. Londyn Lawrence

      Watching tabs is the reason that I am kind of aggressive inside. PS I don’t hurt anyone on the outside unless I have to😀

    19. Crafting City

      I’m responding to the pinned comment:I like it it’s cute :)

    20. : P

      4:06 sorry i dont know her im only 9 :C

    21. Rm

      Hey can you stop caring some mean very bad stuff for my colcher

    22. The Dizzy Demon

      This was made 4 years ago It’s 2021 now

    23. Hi I Animate

      No we are not consider yourself enlightened

    24. Blueberry

      I am guilty of stealing used paint brushes from middle school art class, because my parents wouldn’t buy me any.

    25. JustSomeArtist

      6:46 Please stop bringing back middle school memories

    26. Lēmøn Hēad

      1:20 is no one gonna talk about how true this picture is like 👀

    27. Kenneth Aranda

      ass holes man i hate them

    28. GL_lTCHY

      The girl lesbian version of mineta 😂

    29. Moo But No


    30. Isabelle Ward

      hi i am new

      1. Isabelle Ward

        you dezerv 2.0000 subs

    31. Alexander Mansley

      The reason I watch this is bc she also sound as if she's awake at 3am

    32. 。《日向ヒナタ》

      2:05 SHARINGAN

    33. Ayla Orge

      Me: **Looks at someone's art supplies** Them: "Don't touch it! Its expensive!" Me: ....👁👄👁

    34. Siddhant Sarde

      Taddes + sharingan = madness disaster devetetion and eter dalnetion 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 M I right 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    35. EllySweets Xx

      Most artists are introverts: Me: I’M NOT A INTROVERT!!!!!

    36. Queen Horn

      I just used to use wet paper towels to water down the paint mess up and then blot up what I can

    37. Victoria Hollins

      Sharing in NARUTO

    38. Sheena Rica Joy Sibayan


    39. Sheena Rica Joy Sibayan


    40. Toby George

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    41. honey noob

      there is these two girls in my 5th grade class now I'm going to refer to the weird girl as girl one and the non-werd as girl two so girl one ever time I would sit somewhere there was no table girl one would push girl two on to my lap and

      1. honey noob

        Bro serious I think she might like me but girl two kind of cute though 😂

      2. honey noob

        And girl two Wood mack a little m*** sound and get straight back up and give me a weird smile... No exaggerations and they would do this every day so so annoying till I told girl two and one to stop.

    42. Levi Martinez

      ohhhhh dreammmmmm 7:08

    43. Sean Matthew Medel


    44. Voják cz

      Little bit sad

    45. pinoyperson

      touchy was able to do stuff no man could ever do

    46. Crystal Johnson

      No home school dot do at class

    47. Scribble Juice

      I’m homeschooled and we have our own school where we do activities and yes I took art class there

    48. Hayden Tashian

      i want to become a youtuber but my voice is to crackly

    49. Specitmental

      5:46 **SoundSmith has entered the chat**

    50. Mafalda Costa

      1:05 I´m sorry but I´m dying here HAHAHAHA

    51. LightningChocolate Hunter x hunter

      Some art kids that I’ve met have been either really creepy towards me, or just really chill and quiet. Some even watch anime, I personally like being friends with the art kids who are quiet and watch anime, bc they are a good kind of weird, funny, and caring 🧍🏻‍♀️

    52. The lost nerf dart

      Had a dude do the same to other guys but it was a lot funnier when he did it since he was actually funny.

    53. Spade studios

      Touchy was a lesbian probably but a creepy one

    54. Filha da R3nat4GamerPlays 23 e Filipe Gomes

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    55. wayne curle

      I want to be a drawer but some people steal my shit

    56. otalra

      Unusual Students in My Art Class

    57. The memey Master


    58. Ashton Reed

      Neither my elementary, middle or highschool had a art class and since I like drawing it made me a lil upset

    59. XvexilityX

      Da vinky?

    60. InfiniteWolf

      "That girl" must be a perv and watched to much romance movies

    61. YumaLien101

      Oooh I have an unusual art experience: So I sat next to this girl and she was verrryyy buddie buddie with me and I clearly had no interest in being anyone’s friend really and everyone could tell so idk why she always pushed it so it’d seem like we were friends anyway back to the story so I was drawing with watercolour AND THAT SHOT TAKES TIME AND EFFORT I put so much work into it (it was a copy of a picture of the sunrise I had got that morning) and it was going so well I had almost finished and was about to use some black paint to paint the trees and houses but when I went to get it there was none so I asked my teacher if I could go get some from our art cupboard (it was down the hall in the printing room) she said yes and went all good right I get the black paint more paint trays cuz my teacher wanted them I get back and it’s gone my art was gone I was looking for soooo long like 20minutes no joke! I was getting mighty sus bout the girl that sat next to me but she was the first person I had asked if she saw what happened to it but she’d said “I went to the toilet I didn’t see anything” and I didn’t wanna acuse her for not going to the toilet like so yeah after 20minutes I went back to the teacher to ask about it and that’s when I noticed it on her desk the unfinished watercolour art I had done though with a little black signature in the bottom I asked my teacher whose art was that and she said oh it the girl who sits next to you (she said her real name but I ain’t gonna say it) I explained to her that that piece is mine and she stole it while I was gone she really didn’t believe until i showed her the picture of the sunset I had took of the sky that I was copying that’s when she called over the girl that sits beside me and confronted her I reclaimed and finished my art work I don’t even know if I still have it 😂 but yeah it turned out actually really good and the girl who sits next to me well let’s just say she’d been stealing loads of peoples art works that they either were doing or were gonna throw away and just adding her signature and maybe some different colour splashes to show it was “hers” and she got moved down 2 sets so we didn’t have to deal with her 😂 (and yes where she had put the signature on the paper was where a house was gonna be painted in black so it was fine 😁) Edit: wow this so long sorry😅 your a real G if u read it all though!

    62. Tisha Tucker

      I would have snapped.

    63. Horseygirl45

      I’m homeschooled :o I teach myself art No classes luckily lol Also my grandpa is a really good artist and he can go on for hours about shading and painting and stuff -.- (I just sit and nod pretending I’m listening)

    64. Vanessa X box

      art is in homeschool .

    65. ls 02

      How is that girl who harassed others in a weird way not even expelled???...

    66. Taylor Kiefer

      When I was homeschooled I took art classes part time at the highschool a few blocks from my house

    67. Le Baguette


    68. kaiii

      Aa vf yrrsebc

    69. I'm a mad man

      Upload tabbes plz 2 months damn

    70. your stress

      since art class was like a co-curricular activity, food was allowed in class and there was this one student who always had food in their hands but they never eat it. THEY DRIP IT OVER FUCKING FINISHED ART. (sorry for the caps. )

    71. Anti social Bread

      My art class: we got furrys cosplayers anime lovers gamers and other crack heads

    72. Sayler

      I’ve never been to an art class but I really want to because I’m not good at drawing or sculpture or any of that stuff but I will do one in the future.

    73. gamerbrolol gamerbrolol852

      Maddie from my school and touchy from your old art class are similar there both assholes

    74. TOnyO

      nope 👎

    75. Leighton Westafer

      I'm really homeschooled I've been homeschooled for my whole fricken chiken life.

    76. Tmm Jac

      Theroy: Touchy is secretly transgender

    77. Persøn Zerø

      I would probably be one of those introverts but I would have *a few* piercings (like a tongue piercing and a bunch of ear piercing if I wanted) and a would probably dye my hair-

    78. Persøn Zerø

      The eyes-

    79. Kenny Ng

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    80. lilanimationsあい

      wait holy crap was from that kid from 6:56 tsukki from haikyuu

    81. Mia Boaler

      why did this get recommended in 2021, i’m not complaining but i’m confused HAHA

    82. ItsAzzy

      Acorn Tabbes.

    83. chibishii

      i remember this one time i was drawing hanako (i was 11 dont question it) this girl came up to me and said "is anime all u ever draw ? " and since then whenever i look at my drawings i feel ashamed

    84. star lovers

      3:05 yeah.. I used to steal pincals what about it!?

    85. FennecFox

      i do have art in home/online scool.

    86. Ori Bitton

      So y'all rlly just gonna ignore the fact that girl was sexually harrasinh and assaulting her classmates... ??

    87. googlyboi 16

      I haven't seen videos from this person in like 2 years and this video showed up in my recommendations like hey how you doin

    88. Silvana Chiujdea

      Elegant VERY INTENSE Sniiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    89. Jackson Tito

      Acorns r sic

    90. Pheello Kou

      me:* sees miss touchy doing her thing* my brain: that's gay but I wont judge.

    91. Amethyst Four

      Hi I like you and theodd1sout

    92. Amethyst Four


    93. Amethyst Four


    94. Freya Slaughter

      There was a student in art class who would FLIRT with the girls when the teacher wasn't looking, and I was a target and sense I was popular in that class, HE TRIED KISSING ME BUT I KICKED ASS,the girls were yelling at me because he was the "cutest" boy there and I said, "what do u mean? He is ugly as my grandpa-" yeah that's my story-

    95. RaidenTheWild

      "Touchy" sounded pretty similar to a girl from my high school art class way back, though I only noticed her being all touchy within her circle of friends, where they had a whole mommy/daughter roleplay sctick that they ran with throught the entire semester, if not longer. Still weird and mildly inappropriate to do during class time, but at least it seemed like they were more...consensual about it.

    96. lorenzo100


    97. Unnamed

      The thing is I hate my drawings. At first I like my drawing but one day later I look at it again and think damn this is SHIT. And no one really disencoraged me since "there is this gang thing and I'm kinda in protection cause of it It's like me and the boys" And I dk why but I hav talent in disencoraging people (in my self too) so IF sb was going to Diss me I probably going to end his peaceful life. I mostly don't care anyways what they think so that's that. Dang I wrote much again . No one's gonna read it now. Ah yeah back to track my motto is: Give and take but also Receive and give Sb is nice to u be nice back to him Sb is bad to u be twice as bad to the sb.

    98. CSW YT

      I can totally relate to 6:50 to 6:57

    99. bruh dude

      u feel lke u should have turned that stroke into hair

    100. Minecraft Shorts

      I’m an introvert Ain’t no artist tho