BREAKING $100 WORTH OF COOKIES (Roommate Stories)


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    The final part of this trilogy, scuse the voice in this one I caught therona.
    Youtooz figure is live @

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    1. QueenEmma

      Did anyone else just die at that chicken soup part? 😆💀

    2. fishy pug bruh

      Opentoonz Is free and does not crash

    3. :3

      ok but i can never get enough of your roomates, the first episode was FRICKEN GOLD that scene where you looked out the window and listened to emotional music pretending you were in a kdrama, like it's probably just me but ME TOO LOL

    4. Spongebob Squarepants

      Time for gravity falls

    5. Elf man

      5:02 I work as a cashier. I absolutely loathe people like this guy. People like him are nothing but disgusting.

    6. mash my pancakes


      1. mash my pancakes


      2. mash my pancakes


      3. mash my pancakes


      4. mash my pancakes


      5. mash my pancakes


    7. The Lyrics of this Song

      why was the cockroach singing like shawn wasabi?

    8. Dr.p payton rice

      2:53 this was funny!

    9. Emily Lozano

      You better!

    10. h i

      I think she died

    11. Carolyn Murray

      Bubbles is literally me all the time

    12. marvin 2231


    13. Urthworm

      0:54 Who didn't laugh when they saw this part

    14. Lionel Head

      oh no sold out damn it tabbes make more

    15. Elijah Jiao

      i am the only one curious about the soap!

    16. Milot Morina

      You should watch the movie venom

    17. Riahanna Whyte

      excuse me tabbes can I ask what type of animater do you use to make videos

    18. Pink Bxnny

      This video was L O V E L Y

    19. Danimations X

      Yo why isnt Megatron wearing a Soldiers Helmet?!

    20. White • Cherry

      If i were one of those roomates we would get along ✨G R E A T✨ 😂✋

    21. White • Cherry

      I love the ones with her roomates 🤣

    22. Joedoeem

      the most mysterious thing on youtube: whats in that *soap* box

    23. JaeTheAssassin

      if i see those cookies on the stove i would kill for that😂😂 literally😐

    24. SAAFYTOO

      6:00 im dying😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Octavio Toribio

      Hay tabbey I’m falling school and need help

    26. Milot Morina

      Bubbles:dead serious Diva:umaia mu shinderu nani Megatron waht yiu doing in there Tabbes:ughh drugs

    27. SenorDuck

      amog us

    28. Shokey Gameplay

      Wait... if limited edition means never coming back... then does that mean my dad is a collectible limited edition dad :/

    29. Carrie Goodwin

      Why among us

    30. Sora Kiddo

      Do more!!

    31. Potion Seller

      I wonder how long this stay going to take here to make a new video

    32. kkk kkk

      part 4 whare it@

    33. Matt Brown


    34. jack humphreys

      3:02 w t f

    35. Overlordofmc

      do a face reveal at 5 mil subs, you’re halfway there

      1. GhostBear3067

        She already did that.

    36. Greg


    37. T. Jesus

      Tabbes did you know that you Was on Story Time Made By Sr Pelo please don't be mad

    38. Talhah Unais ameen

      Soz 0:34

      1. Talhah Unais ameen

        Do you seeeeee the middle finger

      2. Talhah Unais ameen


    39. Talhah Unais ameen

      0:30 lol your funny

      1. Talhah Unais ameen


      2. Talhah Unais ameen


      3. Talhah Unais ameen


      4. Talhah Unais ameen


    40. lil valley wolf

      The eyes of bubbles 2:46

    41. Friedchicken7282

      When I was playing ps4 a tv fell on me

    42. AA Agent

      My friend said he got psd/pst from the recorder playing in non harmony

    43. Reem Al hammadi

      Hi I just found your channel and I’m bing watching you I probably watch 10 videos already all I can say is Sarcasm

    44. Amanda Hopkins

      there might be a c4 in there

    45. xxqusels

      Not me watching Tabbes while my genshin impact is downloading

    46. Ruby857

      Don't mind me, just marking my favourite part of the video. 0:37

    47. Snow White

      I remember getting a chance of buying aluminum disson because well because I never get the buy one and so why haven't you made new video yet

    48. Donovan Teague

      6:17 P E R F E C T L Y F I N E


      make a face reveal

    50. eliyev ramal eliyev ramal

      When is she gonna post

    51. AFallingTree

      respecc for not using chrome in the intro 0:02

    52. Kit Makarit Vlogs

      5:59 set it to 0.25x : *nightmares*

    53. Duck

      2:54 anime intros be like

    54. Sweaty Fist fighter

      Do more paper crown comics

    55. Hghbrurjnrnfhru Hruyururjrrhurrjdjndueiej

      4:15 I deadass thought she had a 12 gauge

    56. Ruby Draws


    57. VanZy YYY


    58. Random Artist

      Tabbes should become a private investigator, she would be amazing at it.

    59. Generic Jojo

      I wish I could hang out with this group because it would make my life more than sitting and playing games

    60. kurt christian santos

      the roomate saga

    61. toy chica is not gay but plz sud

      Are me

    62. DJKuen

      what happened to the video where she was announcing the little tabbes toy thing and got kidnapped

    63. BugThatIsEpic

      6:40 one punch man moon

    64. Odd Stadler

      3:02 wtf is that face

    65. Galaxy

      Thank you I love your vids they gave me lesson everyday

    66. Brecken Punzel

      :2:58 if you want to see katara

    67. Goldie the gold fish

      eng: no Swed:Nej

    68. 側ツ


    69. Lazel Sales

      yes i want it

    70. ChIl MaN

      I just imagine tabbes just frikin smashing the keyboard like YOUTOOZ.COK

    71. Kaden Taylor



      What’s a whipper snapper

    73. saber tooth riddet stories

      I'm so gonna rule 34 that. Lolz

    74. ꧁Dream Bean꧂

      **Sprays the cockroach on the stove with silver paint spray** OH SH*T I GAVE IT ARMOR. I THOUGHT THAT WAS RAID-

    75. Ana Liza Concepcion

      Hi tbbes

    76. Michelle Ricketts

      Crabs this is The 5th time I'm trying to saying this Have you ever heard of a turtle that has an extremely long neck cause it's a real thing Yes

    77. Xloa_boa roblox!


    78. Xloa_boa roblox!


    79. Ân Trần


    80. Chuck Mattson

      Wot flavor is bubbles? Grape + cough cough + soap😭

    81. Melo

      The YouTooz is pretty good I give a 10/10 all because the crown.

    82. Ronaldo Shamoon

      Fingers reveal 😳😈🥶🥵🥶😳🥵😈🥶😳😈🥵🥶😳😈🥵🥶😳🥵😈😳🥶😈🥵🥶😳🥵😳🥶😈🥶🥵😳😈🥵😳🥶😈🥵😳🥶😈🥵😳🥶😈🥵😳🥶😈🥵😈🥶😳🥵😈😳🥵😈🥶😳😈🥵😳🥶😈🥵😳🥶😈😳🥵😈🥶😳

    83. William Metts

      Your the inposter

    84. EricbAdLy

      Is this a jojo reference?

    85. alicia thomas

      I'm here trying to eat my chili and watch at the same time, I keep laughing and blowing the chili off my spoon and it splattering on my clothes I have learned my lesson to not watch you while eating hot chili

    86. Na

      OMG a new video!

      1. SVT

        I mean technically yes, but actually no

    87. Mia Hayes


    88. The lost nerf dart

      Finger nail reveal?

    89. Alice the teddy Bear

      You are a psychopath

    90. Zk Alpha


    91. •Softkyutie•

      I love bubbles, I love hot Korean guys too😭😂👌🏼

    92. Players x

      I bought that and I saw the Bath stuck and his head

    93. numberoneappgames

      Rock, Paper, Scissors. Respond with an answer first then look at what I chose. . . . . . . Rock!

    94. Silvana Chiujdea


    95. bruh .A

      i got banned from the discord srever >:(

    96. Raied Benjamin

      Theirs alot of middle finger in this

    97. David Acosta

      So is bubbles the joy and the laughter?

    98. Legatus_


    99. derp

      ya got hit by rule 34 -_______________________________________________________________________-

    100. bartek kinda sus

      Just why did the first vid was 2 years ago