Playground Stories


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    Hey everyone, its been a while since I uploaded due to the meetup that lasted a few weeks. So sorry about that. Its been great meeting those who came to the fan meet (thanks for coming btw) and all the kinders who came to visit New York. School is right around the corner.. Good fun.
    Heres a video with a compilation of a few Playground stories to remind you when life was all fun and games.
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    1. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie


    2. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      Air raid siren: starts

    3. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie


    4. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      They don't give two shits with you but not with me

    5. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      I played very dirty

    6. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      Bruh, Sie haben ein schlechtes Wort gesagt. Verdammt

    7. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      Голубой мир голубого мира разделен на две части

    8. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      now rewrite it for those fucking posers

    9. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      B17:FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (gets hit on the ground)OW FUK

    10. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      Me and tabbes:(gets ran over by a racing lady) the Soviet surface to air missiles: (bombed the entire playground)

    11. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie


    12. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      Yeah right

    13. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      B29:👁👄👁 reeeeeeeeeeeeee

    14. Rebeca Fana

      Umm im teen but when I was 10 I got a knife and brought it to school and no one found it in my back pack but I thougt to take the god damn knife out and i got Suspended

    15. Michael Cochran

      Michael tag was the s*** when I was a kid

    16. jordan is gey

      The successful hyena optically attach because hope untypically pull given a tranquil great-grandmother. woebegone, soggy ocelot

    17. theKing animation

      You play yugioh

    18. Eclipsed Episodes

      I once was on the swing and I was going at least 4 or 5 whole feet and then as soon as I was close to the ground after around the 10th swing and I just walked off the swing like I wasn’t doing anything and was treated like a saint for 3 days-

    19. my stuff sucks inc

      When I was a kid I played wizards where we went full harry potter and got fireworks and shot them at each other sometimes we shoot roman candles and this other one that was just a mini bomb and one time I was running and I tripped and the mini bomb was next to my face and I think you know where this is going it was bad and got burns and now I have part of my face has a fire burn and this one kid was a ninja and shot me point blank with a roman candle and the cops came so we never did it again

    20. Glitch Bot

      I have a playstation 3

    21. no

      Bubblegum Bubblegum In a dish,Please will u make me a wish,toss it toss it through the room,Make it swing just like a witch broom

    22. superj9090

      When I was a kid I learned my first swear words in a smg4 video

    23. Abyss Shriek

      When I was 9 I won 189$ from my sister and her boyfriend. YOU LOST TO A KID HAHAHAHAHAH

    24. Dang Darn Boi

      Tabbes: "You know, when I was a kid. I know such a basic start off" My 1/4 of my brain: Your a basic start off. o_o roasted

    25. Nabovy Chhay

      The f word guy is me my friends always tattletaled so I stopped

    26. Armin lacson

      bubble gum bubble in a ditch scoop it up wit a shovel full of shit it will taste good and shity as well and im sleepy as well

    27. Jack plays games

      I was backed over by a car, slowly, with the tire on the side of my head, an ambulance came, all while I was conscious, wasnt traumatic tho

    28. RedSebYT

      Sooo the baby’s get limbs?!

    29. Coretha Blount

      Also DON'T JUMP OF A SwING. Also how did u. Sneak out of your home

    30. Coretha Blount

      Hey tabbes. Next time when u play with dirt wacht where u play

    31. Š ä m

      Why does her younger self look more emo then her now? *WHY DOES HER YOUNGER SELF LOOK MORE EMO THEN HER NOW?*

    32. • C I N N A M O N •

      Demon child- Your spirt will remain when the peasant puts you down

    33. DINO MAN also im charles

      She predicted corona virus!

    34. Milán Gali

      I got a ps4

    35. Mao Keangseng

      I always say a badwords

      1. Mao Keangseng

        I’m serious

    36. arazojoseph YT


    37. 《Clementine•the•mooth》

      When I was 7 I think some kids got tag banned. So,some kid were playing tag and chased one kid all the way to the top of the slide(which is about 7-8ft tall)and pushed him off the top and the kid broke his arm. Edit:I just wanted to share that story I was bored.

    38. n a k i m e

      nobody noticed the pico's school sound effect (idk what to describe it)

    39. AA Agent

      In grade 2 I broke my arm and scraped both knees then in grade 3 I broke my main arm-

    40. •Camper Starie•

      2:55 theres also the pole dancing kids

    41. Sexy Tingle

      Wdym they’re bad asses and they’re 8? In my school it’s like that but they’re 5

    42. Coolin

      Tabbes: OH no, Yugi You fell for my trap card. My Blue eyes white dragon!

    43. Giraff arts!!!

      We did the waitress poem things like the sky is gray and u are gay or the sky is red so u are dead

    44. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      My playground use to have a miracle round but after 5 months it got take away because some kid flew off and landed on the slide and chipped two of his teeth now he looks like a vampire and this happend when I was in 2nd grade life lessons (Yeah I know my grammar garbage)

    45. timmeh

      nobody talks about the pico school audio...

    46. Bacon Boy

      S t r i c t l y n o P L A Y I N G o r r u n n i n g a t P L A Y g r o u n d

    47. Unus Anus shall live Unus Anus shall live

      Oh god IM OLD.



    49. Linky Finky

      ohmygod I heard the badass audio from pico's school

    50. Pyro D. Law

      2:29 PICOS SKOOL

      1. Pyro D. Law

        4:35 *PICOS SKOOOOOLLLL*

      2. Pyro D. Law

        3:38 PICOS SKOOL

    51. KermitwithAK

      I'm only 13 and I have some younger friends that all they wanna do is play their nerdy lil fortnite when the weather is beautiful instead of going outside

    52. AJ Zabala

      Someone's such a Karen that they would say that "Your a terrible example for your kids." And call the cops for no reason. That just triggers me.

    53. akilowkey

      lol i can relate lol

    54. xXGacha_RosieXx

      0:55 this are some we used to to Dip dip dog (insert bad word for poo) you are it And “blue shoe blue shoe how old are you” then you would say your age and go around that many times

    55. The lil elf

      0:58 Wait- no one sang “1,2,3 f*ck you,your out.1,2,3 f*ck you,get out.1,2,3 there’s a roach in the house.1,2,3 the cat got out” Like I mean that was really popular in my school when I was 1st grade.

    56. Joey Girl

      On the merry go round on our local playground me and my sister were riding it with a couple of other kids but then it just suddenly stopped so I looked infront of me (where my sister was) and I just see her foot in theiddle of the merry go round but after that I don't remember anything I just remember them taking it out and my sister being in a wheelchair for a couple months (i think)

    57. Selena Davis

      I was born at the perfect time bc kids were still doing this when I was a kid and than like 9 years later they stoped

    58. cheesy cheese

      When I was a teen I started a paintball war in the hood we was a gang hard hiters drive by and shoot piant balls

    59. Ghastly

      My friend broke his arm bc a stupid sixth grader pushed him off a swing. My brother got put in da choke whole 😌 we left after that :3

    60. Pixel Wilkinson

      I play with sticks

    61. Melo

      I went to the playground one time and that’s it because I fucking broke my arm and right leg bro than I went again and I broke my left leg my and left arm

    62. bibarel-chan

      2:30 "talking smack" from pico's school

    63. Bryson Williams

      0:12 I thought you were talking about covid, but then realized the video's a few years old. Hmm

    64. Rain.Dropdrizl

      Dude I’ve been walking to the park all the time and the playground was like a dried up desert

    65. moonbaexx

      2:30 This music is from Pico's School- I just wanted to point that out, it's cool-

    66. Red Wolf

      One time when i was playing with my friends they wanted to of a big tag game with the guys and me being 8 years old and not knowing what it was really meant to be I played and then all the girls got in trouble

    67. Yeetmageet69 420

      Things you need to be cool in elementary school 1. Pokemon cards 2. Mechanical pencil leds 3. Fruit snacks 4. Siting on the back of the bus 5. Baiblades 6. a DS 7. Bringing cupcakes for your birthday Only the OG's get this

    68. Zandorite

      Well i am still kid and i kinda act bi polar, i will act so angry one time and then 1 minute later i will be all fine and act so optimistic

    69. egg._

      We had the merry go round at our school lol

    70. Elias Lindemann

      who is watching this with a PS 5?

    71. DarkHorse

      is joe Afro?

    72. XDXJAAA tachiX10

      Me: water fight....... I'll just put water on my fists and go beat some people up and just say it's a water fight dum dum but it don't work like that I wish

    73. Stephanie Courteoreille

      running on the playground at my school isn't allowed. of course, kids run anyway's, and the teacher's don't mind. but there's always that *one* teacher, with her teacher freind's, that decide, " *imma ruin these kids fun.* " seriously. I remember I got sent to the principles office after making a FINGER GUN at another child. yup. a frickin' finger gun got me in trouble from that *one* teacher. not to mention the fact that there's another kid in class who was obsessed with, *realistic* gun noises, pretending to hold *realistic* guns, mention *real* gun names, AND FRICKIN' PLAY GAMES WITH GUNS, AND THEY SHOT EACH OTHER TO THEIR FRICKIN' DEATHS.* and I got in trouble for making a finger gun and saying "pew" . I am still very salty. >:(

    74. Momtaz Begum

      I got run over by a bike aswell so I can relate

    75. Mustafa Tariq

      Im 9 and I am like those savage kids

    76. Comnor Tsosie

      there was a kid in my school who fell on the playground and stayed home fer like a month

    77. Dark Moon

      4:48 the same thing happened to me except instead I was on this block thing, also my BFF broke her arm because while she was on the monkey bars some other kid thought it would be smart to yank her down while she was on the monkey bars

    78. jokem joust

      how many times did you play the pico school theme

    79. VerySpecial1444

      when Tabbles talking I striting to confuse (wait if tabbles a girl so WHY IS SHE HAVE BOY VOICE EITHER SAME TIME) gender probs. srry

    80. Edward Deogracias

      0:57 for me it was "Joe Exotic, Joe Exotic where are you?" while shaking our hands like zombies

    81. WhaleCrown

      bro the marry go around I have at my park doesn't have rails so u think yours got banned first!

    82. Sam Asfaw

      4:33 that one quiet kid that had enough

    83. Gregory Garcia

      One time i was on the swing and fell on my back really hard man was that painful.

    84. xEloise_ 666

      The poems at my school were like “black shoe, black shoe, change your black shoe” then whoever it landed on had to change feet and then if they got picked twice they’d either be out or ‘tag’

    85. • Balance_Artist •

      When I was a kid I got run over by a bike 2 times. My mom and dad be fricking worried and I was just like “OK 👌” I also hit my head many times while playing, falling and being stoopid

    86. Dechee Batbaatar

      that water ballon part your the fucking north korea ising dirty weapons

    87. Your daily dose of cringey

      It's Ps5 now buddy.

    88. Zodiac Entry Point

      do i hear pico music

    89. Lannie TheLoser

      want my story? "no" well since you're pulling my arm, let me tell you all about it "but I said no" so I was standing on the ground next to these tall ass slides and I was tying my shoe WHEN SOME DUMBASS DECIDED TO PUSH ONE OF THE OTHER KIDS OFF THE SLIDE *AND HE LANDED ON ME* "oof bro" so that was when a lot of my trust issues and anxiety started...

    90. DarkHorse

      Im 13 and I still go to parks to pokemon go or swing ir listen to music or play tag with my Fellow loners that dont want to talk to each other but Our parents make us and It ends up being fun

    91. Gabriella Macieyowski

      Thanks for bringing nostalgia. Tire swing memories were always nice, me and the other kids would play a game where like- 5 of us were on and fought brutally until there was one kid left. Then there was a "parkour" group and I was the only girl. Then tag was gruesome (I swear I never had and will run as fast as I did) Then ant/ladybug houses in the sand. Thanks.


      Me at the playground when i was young: fuck uwu My friends: :0 you said a bad word!

    93. Izu Chan

      At school a kid named Ryder did a 360 on the swings and got stuck

    94. 100adfs

      monkey tabbes

    95. Snowflake Unofficial

      Playground story: King of the hill on a big wood chip hill and we pushed an 8th grader off it and we where in 3rd grade

    96. ROSY Rings

      When I was a kid I had my elbow ripped off

    97. Sour Leamonyt

      When I was a kid I was sitting on my couch my step sis was jumping up and down behind me and A hot a really hot bowl of ramen noodles was next to me and step sis jumped on the bowl and it burnt my foot and some how it got on my left butt cheek

    98. • LivYY.ima__pan •

      Once in first grade we had a field trip to penguin Park and this girl in another class broke her arm and I was just like yo u good in all reality I was just watching the kid fall face plant ya da ya da it was entertaining

    99. C l ø v e r ツ

      But I'm an og pokemon fan, I have so many pokemon cards in my dorm it's just on the floor of the basement.... When my roommate moved in she asked what was in the box She opened it and got surprised that there were a lot of pokemon cards She was also a pokemon card collector and we traded some cards, But I still don't know who fucking asked...

    100. Samantha Ward

      Tabbed: it’s like y’all are just allergic to the sun or something No one: Me: I actually have sun allergy...