Dramatic People


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    How you all been, how you doing? This month went by real quick. I got to meet up with some animators a few weeks back which was a pretty fun experience.
    I also made a proposal on my Instagram post not too long ago. (If you're not following yet, idk what you're doing) I have a HUGE list of ideas for videos, believe me. But I want to share those ideas when its fresh. If you keep waiting and another one comes to mind, those ideas eventually become dull and you miss that opportunity or potential it had before. So I'm gonna cut out some of the movement or animation and go back to my older style. Storytelling triumphs, while visuals are just the aid.

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    1. JUAN

      Ksim read but shift one letter back

    2. JUAN


    3. Mariana Gonzales

      WHAT DID YOU DO TO JAYDEN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


      oh shit


      fuck drama fake drama is where its at

    6. MellohiMia_


    7. Crafting City

      I’m kinda dramatic but it’s because I have 80HD 😅

    8. JustSomeArtist

      4:50 I started dying from laughter from this. Wait wait wait. This actually happens?! Ohhh boy

    9. Omar FoxYT

      wow i'm wearing a glasses and i'm the only one who see this dot in the right corner up 4:46 ??

    10. Dane Johnston

      I just realized this was posted on my bday lol das funny.

    11. Anthony Cretella III


    12. A random girl in Cabin 9

      0:35-- I AM OFFENED! like i get it and all, but like, no need to call phoebe dumb, bro!

    13. funne monki

      every body vibing until Stacy be right behind you saying you talking shit?

    14. Niara Hancock

      *B*TCH YOU GUESSIN* 0:08 u was right

    15. 1maginary.Dragon

      People exaggerate everything for reasons I can never understand

    16. Wi Wi


    17. Zakuro

      4:33 It's kind of normal to not do that if they're braindead. They're just too scared to call the police, since calling the police will just get them killed on sight, but seriously they can just walk away, hide, then call the police. And I did witness something pretty crazy and ran away years ago as a kid, I'm a coward, but some people should just die and burn in hell, calling the police before the shit goes down will cause the client to receive less punishment, so why not let the shit go down and then call the police to ruin the life of the client? They know the rules, but they still commit crimes.

    18. Diane Lopez

      It feels weird hearing your own name in a video-

    19. CHikEn TenDouS

      5:00 That's me in a nutshell when i get left on read lol

    20. Tmm Jac

      “You talk shit you get hit” tabbes20eighteen

    21. Brod1elav94

      3 years ago in my recommended lmao

    22. Fullmetal Maine

      0:58 makes me rather uncomfortable, ngl...

    23. Alex

      She already said "Omaoha" MEANING SHE TALKING BIG ASS BIUSNESS Only anime fans know that meaning

    24. Joshua McKeown

      Is jaiden (hope that’s right) animations dramatic!! If your saying that she is just energetic i get it and love the Ari drawing. CAW CAW!!

    25. Bread

      0:08 *HOOH*

    26. Rose's are red violets are blue

      That 1 dot im the background at 4:45

    27. VicAnimeions

      Getting hoes or plain Jane's

    28. emlabty

      Me: hey if you don't respond in three years ill give ya that 20 After 3 years: ayo where my money at Me: aight u good man

    29. WilsonneThe Phoenix

      0:58 Nani body builder youtubers!?! (Fear)

    30. Wesley Hoskinds

      I Al most peed when she said , about to cut a b1tch up

    31. Max Torres

      I thought females have less strength then males

    32. Danny Cain

      Me seeing the title every girl that has a big red bow on their head

    33. Little_ Miss

      The meme god

    34. Duck

      her: she had to get like 50 stitches Tabbes: isnt that her behind looking perfectly fine you ready to beat your ass you talking shit bout me? TALK SHIT GET HIT

    35. bunchy7s

      Ok I like attention I'm not going to lie but can I change the details a bit? Just a bit?

    36. Bridgham

      I love attention Am i quirky yet?

    37. Fresh CookieUwU

      I have a friend and she gets very angry when we dont reply a lot in our group chat, like if we dont start chattting in the next 5 minutes, she leaves and complains we are very like annoying i guess,but in reality, we just doing our homework,playing games, or being social for once

    38. gamerbrolol gamerbrolol852

      I have been up all night with no sleep watching this new chanel

    39. gamerbrolol gamerbrolol852

      Tabbes: talk shit get hit *pulls out bat

    40. Z Jones


    41. the warlock

      its stupid how students just watch when kid is being bulled and the teachers just walk bye and do nothing and once the kid being bulled fights back they get the kid being bulled in truble :/

    42. Sēanxpai

      This is covid in a nut shell.

    43. snowballz idk

      Talk shi t get hit

    44. Brinn TDS

      You really sound like my sister

    45. 3xotlC

      Omae wa...

    46. Abby Scott

      Kill Bill fightseen 😆

    47. 1 panda

      2:50 SHE LOOKS LIKE AZULA ❗❗❗

    48. Ananda Nery Carvalho

      So im a bit of a drama Queen,but im just training to be an actres

    49. jawwad mercado

      Why isn't ari like a little big

    50. x love x

      intro: i hate brama!

    51. FuntimeFoxy Lover

      4:45 random dot in the corner

    52. Dawn Swartz

      New fave quote “Talk sh-t, get hit”:)

    53. DocMagma

      oh who cares

    54. 06Parrotboyy

      love you!!

    55. Salted Jawa Jam

      i am blowin my ramen, and i swear Tabbes is helping me blow my ramen by making me do little fufufufu's

    56. Tache_ Weirdo101

      I bet this whole video is about her little brother 😂

    57. Krispy boi

      cough cough COUGH COUGH Jake Paul

    58. Uraraka Ochaco

      im dyying of laughter. it 12 am i aint got tim fo this

    59. Pablo Yediel

      Humanity is fuuuuuuuuuucked up

    60. audrey's 24th hair strand

      3:41 my name is layla ;-;

    61. Shadowie Paws


    62. * ßobî *

      When I was little I would always hurt my self and then cry because it hurted and my friends would say “sToP bEInG DrAmAtIc” in my head I was like my scars are dramatic to you?

    63. JaDon Willis

      tabbs:HOOOO dang it’s cold

    64. Speedy Boi

      I can completely agree with tabbes here I really dont like people like this

    65. vava. am


    66. Suicidalbubble The Copy Ninja

      Ow tabbes that hurt

    67. Zinski Gaming

      4:45 da random dot

    68. Chop Lamars Dog

      When I was a lil kid I remember I always pretended to get extra hurt, so the bad kids got extra whatever it's called, I'm norwegian

    69. Slippery Snowball


    70. Samaya Giselle

      Have the end of the video you were being dramatic and which means you're one of the dramatic people and besides your brother is also dramatic with me and you're pretty much related so yeah deal with it also don't come with a with a bate

    71. Jason Bandera

      no more swearing

    72. four m7th5

      Lol i saw jayden

    73. Cute Mono

      The only drama I care about is korean drama

    74. LoopDiLoop


    75. Jaylee Moran

      Talk shit get hit.

    76. Halyn Neely

      hi im halyn and have caner

    77. roblox arsenal kid

      exaggerated so muchhh

    78. Aunica Kuld

      Lol I can’t stay away, she is my family.

    79. GreenBeetle

      my friend accused me to steal his boyfriend.But I didn't do nothing about he was another friend. I need to tell she isn't my friend anymore.

    80. Ethan ##*#*##*

      “Talk shit, get hit.” That will be my motto as well as, “normal people are weird.”

    81. KiNG DeMSeR

      Dam XD

    82. D E S P A I R P H R O G

      Cheesy fries

    83. Hxkzkzj Gzuzjzj


    84. Hxkzkzj Gzuzjzj

      My 5 years old 🙄😑

    85. Jaxson Yanez

      first of all why is there a jaden in this vid? and why is ari borking?

    86. KKiara_ 089

      Funny but not that funny fact: one time in my class groupchat a girl was being dramatic so I told her to shut up and that no one cares about her getting 10 dollars from her parents, so we started arguing and at the end I just wrote the dumbest thing that I could ever think about: "Lick your feets dumbass". Long story short she got offended and left the group, Then it just became a meme in 3 or 4 classes in my school. That was kinda cool but I got in trouble for that shit.

    87. weekid

      Omae wa mou shindeiru

    88. Sabrina Lee


    89. madeline andrew

      that is my modo in life "talk shit get hit" and i stand by it anytime i walk past somebody and that say like "oh janie's shirt looked so ugly today" i punch then and run away

    90. MiloOfficial x

      Please, if you’re THIS dramatic, sit down drink some tea, maybe grab your favorite snack, put away your phone and chill the fuck out

    91. Big McLargehuge

      0:58 "AWAKEN, MY MASTERS!"


      Title: dramatic people Me: *flicks my sisters foreheads My sister: MOM SHE/THEY HIT ME MOM!!! | | What she calls me.what I prefer to be called

      1. Cornelius The Ant

        aye that’s epic

    93. the kitchy zebra

      I am only dramatic in drama class lol

    94. Rodrigo Bedolla

      Me watching this in 2020 .-_.- -._.-

    95. Marks' TV

      0:59 lmao famous girl animators with steroid

    96. YourUnfinishedCake

      tabbes: "don't think i forgot about you" *points at the screen* me while eating chips: "wgaht didnfe ij do"

    97. Enzo

      "Talk shit get hit" Tabbes 2018

    98. Daniel Rodriguez Zumbado

      3:48 Historians when Hollywood butchers a real life event with romance and overly exaggerated action:

    99. Blushy cloud Bunny

      “And her bones went SSSKKKKAAAABB”