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    Once again thank you for being patient. Part 2 will be coming out shortly. Also good luck to anyone who has finals atm, STUDY HARD.
    ALT LINK (If its not working):

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    1. Tabbes

      THANKS for the positive feedback, really appreciate all your comments (though I don't respond a lot, I try to read most of them) Many of you seem to relate with Megatron in this video and Ima let her know that lol. I also finished writing the script for the next roommates video and it seems like as of now, there's gonna be a part three for this. One more thing. Some of you have been saying the discord link is broken (server code is "tabbes"). Can you all confirm that here?

      1. Slippy


      2. Unus Anus shall live Unus Anus shall live

        You sound like a good room mate if I’m honest.

      3. Shoto Todoroki


      4. Shoto Todoroki


      5. Shoto Todoroki

        : D

    2. Rich S

      Ha Hah stick arm

    3. thelegendaryblox

      I like the part with the foot

    4. Roblox Drama

      3:46 Tabbed:foot.

    5. saturnya

      new life goal: in college, be someone's roommate and end up in their animated youtube video



    7. Willie Dalton

      -5 brain cells per tap

    8. Zanvis shipper For life

      4:10 would that help you sleep tho-

    9. really tate


    10. Mya Fernandez

      I’m those people who act like there in a music video then whenever my sister comes in I tell her not to bother me bc he judges me that I look at the wall

    11. Franchesca S. Mishka Gacha

      Megatron: _kitkat genius_

    12. Jocelyn Ramos

      Da Dorm

    13. ? Exøtîc_Wøłfię ¿

      4:05 what’s that song-

      1. ? Exøtîc_Wøłfię ¿

        @sushi_ files thanks

      2. sushi_ files

        yellow by Coldplay

    14. • C I N N A M O N •

      Megaton just doesn’t give 2 shits about anything- Can we be friends ;-;

    15. Daniel Boone

      Was that actually her singing in the window?

    16. stream everlore or else


    17. Olivia Atkinson

      trup's leg be smol

    18. SnowBoy1

      2 bowls 1 plate.

    19. Eggie_Pie_Studios_


    20. Softmochatea

      Diva:popular gurl Bubbles:happy gurl Megachron: sarcastic

    21. Teneka Baptiste

      I love your friend bubbles 😇💗she's just like me💀💀

    22. Scarkage A.K.A ScratchedScar

      3:42 best parts

    23. Sherry Billings

      I jumped of my 1 inch roof AND I SURVIVED 👁👅👁 invincible meh 👁👄👁

    24. Edric Acero

      @Tabbes because I use swear like D word because of JesseToons won’t stop bothering me for my opinion of anime well CozmiToons was right, D word who might kill someone during the subscribe war

    25. kari perez

      Tabbes, question you like trump or Biden ?

      1. Ivy Marimonte

        Chicken little

    26. Orangetastique français

      lol trumps arm and leg

    27. Give me Da chipilin

      Does any off your roommates have a BGclip or TikTok

    28. Sophia Rodriguez

      Bruh at least she not in 2021 we got snow in texas

    29. CHikEn TenDouS

      7:20 ayo Tabbes where that video been at? lol

    30. Kirra Jones

      Megatron is my favorite out of all of them

    31. Duck

      3:47 2 year old me after eating a lemon thinking it would taste good

    32. Holy Hand grenade of antioc

      Megatron is a name I'm gonna go to the adoption company

    33. Andrea Bacon

      ok cool this my first time whatching her and she is cool and i sub

    34. •Not So Flower•

      3:33 - 3:50 I DIED 😂

    35. Nicky Da Pan Blob

      Am I the only one who is wondering what song she was singing like I wanna know it sounds good

    36. TopaxAnimatez

      What are the nicknames? 👌

    37. __hajimaee__ Hii

      me remembering two girls one cup..............

    38. Star Fragment

      takis are good

    39. anime weeb

      3:19 so true and related

    40. ChIl MaN


    41. Arianna Manmadhan

      I am like a mix of Tabbes and megatron

    42. XxAlex Xx

      The sound I let out when I saw 3:50 😂😂

    43. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      3:48 me when my sister yells at me not to touch her stuff but I still do XD

    44. LlamaStew

      When Mom asks why I play video games with 18 year olds when I was 9: 0:03

    45. DragonSlayergGamer

      I KNOW THE NICKNAMES:diva= diva Kardashian, Megatron=sarcastic b*tch, bubbles=clean freak

    46. DragonWulfKid

      Because of how messed up your videos are I would think that when you looked out the window and your video you were going to think of all the ways to say Dakota gone wrong

    47. Max Torres

      That's so raven is literally my mom every night and raven's home

    48. Gonetosoon ?

      tabbes: *starts singing yellow me: i need a full version now 👏fucking 👏beautiful

    49. Lynel_Plays !

      3:33 that actually looked really nice!

    50. NillaWaafers

      Megatron and Tabbes shoved together like a fusion is my personality

    51. pinoyperson

      "This girl deadass just sat down and pulled out a calculator" lmao that shit was good

    52. Dylan Cai

      Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure reaction diva please

    53. Dylan Cai

      Wait a second one of your friends is nicknamed diva right I wanna do a reaction video I wanna see you watch in one part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part two and part three I wanna see her reaction to the glue stars because you don’t be shocked please do it on a was reacting to the JoJo guys

    54. Raied Benjamin

      Boop adoop to da dorm i goo

    55. kokichi oma

      3:40 to 3:50 just made me die of laughter

    56. SugarCubes XD

      *DA DOOR*

      1. SugarCubes XD


    57. Anthony Martinez

      7:25 dem cheeks tho XD

    58. zile davidsone

      i love tha girls fase vhen you lisend to the music nex to the vindow.

    59. zurab tabatadze

      Megatron: put you'r hand down I can see hand prints on window Tabbes: WELL YOU WILL SEE LEG PRINTS NOW BISH

    60. nightfoxy cat

      Why can't I have your roomates?

    61. Katherine _Queen

      I can’t be the only one who thought her sleeping on a rooftop like it was nothing sounded like some modern Disney princess type shit

    62. mrbeasty

      I love those songs 🙋

    63. 《 Chesmani 》

      Yo you have mad taste in music...respect 👊

    64. tonsils the cat

      Nobody: Asian kid when shopping: 5:54

    65. Kyojuro Rengoku

      When your sister says she's making a potion but she is just mixing the shampoo and it looks like dog $hit Me : 3:50 😂

    66. Glitchy_ ErrorAlex

      3:47 I was dying.

    67. shinuly

      why is this literally my friend group me being megatron what im scared

    68. Levian Poca

      U know... It really seems like she didn't liked them, but it also seems like she admires them? Like..kinda forcing to make nice situations rage? I like that Pretty cute

      1. Levian Poca

        @Lainey Jensen what?

      2. Lainey Jensen


    69. Gladiator

      I like the egg and you wis the window

    70. Svitlana Dub

      7:22 Uhh... I don't think you ever came back to that story. ... Unless I missed something

    71. Angel

      Tabbes:” I came a week later from my roommates.” Me: “Sounds like main character material.”

    72. Ali

      222k likes and 2.2k dislikes

    73. Angel Dust at this hotel Around a corner

      Best scene 3:33

    74. dr monkey

      wat the fuck tabes

    75. DeathFlowerGacha ༒

      Lol I wish I had the balls to pull this shit

    76. Serge Bergeron

      Thats sad lol

    77. manglegame

      I have I a discord server it's for all youtubers uhh join if you want

    78. boiz

      me: playing video games roommate: going down too see what was that sound 6:33

    79. Maya W

      Bubbles: I WANNA MARRY A KOREAN HOT GUY Me: u know bts? Cuz tabbed does

      1. Maya W

        You know what I meant

      2. Fear L

        It s Tabbes not tabbed

    80. Ghastly

      Tabbes, weird question; r u a BTS fan?

    81. wmaiah2223

      She said wrong not right?

    82. Khushi Sharma

      Eden fans make some noiseeeeeeeeeee

    83. XD Maliya

      I remember "Fetch" 😂

    84. Unknown2

      Anyone else smell a transformers reference?

    85. Kenny Eight

      I love the series love that raven

    86. Clara Taube

      The girl bubbles is literally my best friend but with the cleaning nothing else like the positive thing it’s only the cleaning

    87. alias

      "so you know what i would do almost every night - THAT'S WRONG"

    88. -anime For life-

      Your dirtying the window *proceeds to put foot on window* 👁👄👁 wtf

    89. Cheese-and-rice, Moony

      This video reminds me a little bit of Heathers or Mean Girls and also Zoe 101 or any TV Show/musical etc.

    90. Haleigh Brown

      Tabbes *puts hand on window* Other girl "get your hand off the window Tabbes *puts feet on window* other girl * has face scrunched up* Me:😂😂😂😂

    91. Keeping Up With Noah

      3:19 Maddie Zeigler!!

    92. -oki doki-

      Bubbles : ultimate maid (ik there’s already one just wanted to make this comment)

    93. vava. am


    94. Spade Apparently

      My breakdown songs literally include Wake up by Eden so when I heard it, I SCREECHED

    95. Paula Cattell


    96. Aylin Akman

      I keep thinking Im having a conversation with her so I keep saying "mhm...........ya.................yup..........................mmmmmmmmhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm

    97. Bunhead San

      I'm glad I'll only have to go to an academy for 2 years of school, since I'm going to start a program that's like college during high school

    98. Ryzen. Tanki

      3:46 is funny as hell

    99. TheBry

      Tabbes: *Not going to flip an egg with her hand* Mexican moms: p a t he t i c