Lunatics during Quarantine


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    Once a hermit, always a hermit

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    1. mysterious coyote • 19 years ago


    2. Dami Sule

      Gpapi, congrats on graduating.

    3. Margo Ihrke

      why the teacher look like donald trump am i the only one who sees it

    4. Shit Dang

      Survival of the fittest.

    5. D. Bleger

      Can I buy your washing hand song for hmmmmm 100$

    6. Cɪɴɴᴀᴍᴏɴ Tᴏᴀsᴛ Gɪʀʟ uwu

      is it bad that im in a colt, in school, in 4th grade, at 11:09 am

    7. Persephone

      I never liked being touched, so this is working out for me. Except for the fear of death 💀.

    8. Persephone

      I will wear a mask for the rest of my life.

    9. Elizabeth Ninde

      All these other BGcliprs are being the nice fresh and shiny substitute and tabbes is the tough sub who scare the shit outta all of us during Covid

    10. yolozwek gaming

      6feet apart or 6 feet deep eh?

    11. Ookla Mintaspa

      Man, 2021 and we're still stuck with this stupid virus. God damn this sucks ass

    12. Nightmare Fredbear

      Remember when the grocery stores sold out?

    13. Rose dean

      Hola Dora-tabbes 2020

    14. Luna Eirene

      This was an amazing video 😂

    15. Derp Howard

      Time to go do it tonight with my hundred dollars

    16. Vxhle

      *4:37* *Me when I see my sister sneaking out just to scare her:*

    17. Matheus

      My God Tabbes is a King Crimson fan, that made my day

    18. Sofia Dias

      POV: it’s 2021 and you’re two seconds away from a mental breakdown

    19. JINAchilless

      extrovert in quarantine: hahdjekkqksjdjdjsndnndn introvert in quarantine: ok...

    20. Lornon

      It's ironic that it's 2021 and I watching this and Flordia is open with the same number of cases percentage-wise as Cali that is locked down. And NY is under investigation for its quarantine practices which killed thousands of more people that wouldn't have died if they hadn't been so stupid. So yes trust your government to keep you safe. That being said wear a mask and if you feel sick stay home. Other than that enjoy life.

    21. Lord Shrek

      5:18 I laughed so hard that my dad looked at me and i had to pretend to cough because I should be in school

    22. almondlust

      i remember this one kid at stop and shop was buying lunchables and had a gas mask with 3 feet gloves on

    23. Crafting City

      Tabbes:Is tomorrow Sunday or July Me:XD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Luca M

      i chose to be useless

    25. Abyss Shriek

      Wanna know how long I've been in my house? Over 8 months. Yup I'm anti-social

    26. Sarah

      I lived.

    27. The Grand Idiot

      Nice L85A2

    28. dawsonmac1021 ツ

      I'm love this vid

    29. secrets

      2:29 so she is saying that a slave isnt a human oh how society has evolved

    30. TwinStudios

      Never thought I'd see the day Tabbes voices a goat

    31. JBear Diaz

      Na bitch we still alive

    32. killua

      8:35 you still alive because i am i think im dead inside i lied TwT

    33. Londyn Lawrence

      My grandchild in the future: hey grandma do you want a corona? Me: *has a flashback to everything that happened in 2020* My grandchild: grandma?

    34. Meyli and Aitana

      Mom: You used to be more social and wouldn’t be on your phone all the time Me: Mom just let me have it it’s Corona What do you expect we can’t even go back to school my grade the drop in for a reason and you don’t even notice and if you did… Do you want to scold me instead of help me makes me mad 😡

    35. funne monki

      who tryna jumpscare?! not me bitch!

    36. Scarlett Gu

      This is really random but can somebody tell me the name of the track Tabbes used here? 2:24

    37. Ro boss thinking

      2:50 Hah

    38. Botang Maserumeule

      The sad thing is everything you said was true

    39. Lol

      Dam...WWE Animator in da house!

    40. Lia Sayuti

      The onion ring 2:48 66 apart or 66 deep

    41. Jewl Pagente

      Woah that rlly looked like koro sensei 7:44

    42. Nub Kills


    43. Allen


    44. Pico

      and this is why we have this virus rollin along cuz ppl just go to public bathrooms and eat the soap

    45. OurWonderfulWorld

      Tabbes just wakes up every day and chooses chaos xD

    46. Branson Woosley

      If you’re a robot invented they take over the world right now because all of us humans got the weakest immune system’s ever!!!

    47. BEAN

      Damn im about to rip the mirror out my wall so I can wash my hand 8379 times a day without panicking because im scared of mirror

    48. XxNaomi_ ChanxX

      To be honest, my legit nickname is my house is Hermit. Everybody calls me the Hermit because I stay in my room all day sketching and watching anime.. I guess you could say I am a weeb.. Lol.

    49. 06 Rourke Bailey A. Baylon


    50. Jack Fitzpatrick

      8:43 aint that the jobby the hong royalty free jazz

    51. PalikkaLapsi

      whats the song at 1:40

    52. mariangel

      1:36 hidden lEAF

    53. That_dud

      My shadow is hunting me help

    54. FATE Nekros

      4:36 nah fuck no im out i aint and i WONT

    55. 1maginary.Dragon

      " 6 feet apart or 6 feet deep" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    56. Ninja_Playz

      1:51 boi thats lumber tycoon from roblox volcano music probably noone knows what that is but that music is DOPE

    57. • C I N N A M O N •

      I only have one life during the week- School did this to me

    58. Coretha Blount

      Qurantine sucks. Hey u. The one who sling shot. Your mask. Yea u SHUT up

    59. UNK Jabz


    60. xxqusels

      what shit is there to wipe if you dont buy food to eat

    61. T_ flip

      Tabs tell us who the boyfriend is😂😤😋 lol 😭

    62. Timmy Hua

      tabbes: we're all going to be dead after 2020 me: so its 2021 and I'm still alive well time to get rid of my grave for nothing

    63. THE BOI

      The only fun thing here is the guy saying “aha!”

    64. Peanut Butter

      me watching this in 2021:haha we survived to 2021 but probs not to the end of it

    65. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      1:35 people who was the Naurto symbol

    66. cake thecaterpillar

      I like the have a fist fight with your shadow one I will be doing that XD

    67. Natalee Alexander

      i didnt know one of the symptoms of coronaviruse was shitting yourself but hey ya learn somethin new everyday

    68. RiesenCrisp

      _Polar Pushies_ 🙈🤪

    69. July 11 2000

      kid: hey papa want some corona? papa: ...

    70. This account is Dumb

      Wear a mask or else the words you respond with will be your last >:(

    71. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      2:29 Racist B[...] Oh come on family friendly am i right

    72. Shoto Torodorki

      I've watched and rewatched and rewatched and rewatched and rewatched put that in repeat 1000000000 times. Tabbes listen tabbes listen listen I need a new vid aight imma carry on rewatching

    73. Pokémonfan _2009

      1:41 MEEEHEE

    74. Dead Duck

      I already I just beat the shit out of my shadow prob 10

    75. Hayden Tashian

      why??? 7:44

    76. Rockingsnow 9595

      I like how in the cult scene 1:39 it isn’t a pentagram it’s the hidden leaf symbol


      the zoom bombing is from luke lol

    78. Carol John Sipat


    79. Maskofthecrow

      Is it just me or Tabbes a pretty good singer especially with the Arthur theme

    80. Soviet Union

      𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝐨𝐟 𝐚 𝙛𝙚𝙢𝙖𝙡𝙚 𝔻𝕆𝔾 -

    81. Soviet Union


    82. xXFroggyInnitXx

      I survived 2020 and it wasnt fun..

    83. Rageboyer

      are you sure that we all dead in 2021

    84. Angel Princess

      I found about her and know she helping

    85. Schwarze Katze

      Well it would be nice to have a skin friendly mask because I got pimples all over my face because it seems like I'm allergic to all kinds of masks (if I wear them for more than 5 minutes)... And if someone says something like "maybe that's because of puberty or u dont wash it enough or too much....." , let me tell u... I used to have much less skin problems back in the NORMAL days. Nowadays I have to wash my face with the most skin friendly soap or just water because these masks are just destroying my skin... I mean, it protects u from other bacteria (well most of it), but this also means that ur bacteria just keeps on being under the mask and ur skin can't get some good fresh air. I take walks alone (for eg. In a forest) just to get some fresh air because then I dont have to wear a mask, but it's not helping.... Doctors are fully booked and I dont know what to do anymore :( If someone has the same problem, please help ;-;

    86. Renae Cassidy


    87. Scappley

      south korea? here in switzerland we have less population but more cases iirc

    88. Nur Nadhirah Akmal

      i honestly dont mind living in my home for months n not meeting friends n when i went outside i feel like mask is a must n i felt uncomfortable if i didnt wear just feels like i didnt wear my clothes

    89. Subarnarekha Debnath

      Well, in the virus, how often do you eat instant noodles?

    90. wayne curle

      You should be fighting your shadow any way

    91. Donovan Teague

      1:39 dis cult just got destroyed by the god of goats

    92. Jose Toral

      She was not wrong about how fucking fast we would get up there

    93. Adalaide Raniowski

      Fuke clubs

    94. a_noob

      2020:among us electrical

    95. Samuel S

      Ok thats a good amount of BGclip for today I will not stop watching tho

    96. Shibbi-bun

      At 1:34 wait is that the hidden leaf village symbol from naruto :D

    97. rrjrjejj ekejen

      2021 she isn't wrong about america 2:10


      Omg you listen to joji ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

    99. Meowgical Savannha yt

      Me when i an told i have to wear freaking mask for the entire 3 hours of school 5:54

    100. Ronny the Pikachu

      0:44 are you a bloons tow er defense because exploding pineapple