Locked in a Cellar


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    S.O.S im trapped in an airport.
    SPECIAL THANKS TO (voice actors)
    GAL/ Barbie Girl: Chilly Panda bgclip.info/vision/1nM46_BMKq4vd4jmd6iMHA
    Afro: Robert the dictator
    Some kid we found on the street: Luvu
    Teacher: Lispie
    ALT LINK (If its not working): discord.gg/tnnnhgJ

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    1. Mr. Spider

      So did you do all the voices or did you have everyone do their own because I hear both

    2. totally NOT me '-'

      Afro is one of my friends named fiona and gal is my other friend Abigail she's super loud fun and demanding lol

    3. Eli Schneider

      My friend group: The expert Lego architect The technology genius The "normal" guy

      1. Eli Schneider

        I know I dont have manty friends

    4. Benjamin Palamara



        My giy

    5. T RPitts

      3:56 he sounds like the best who says WHO TOUCH IF MY SPAGHETTI When he says closes

    6. Juju Spark

      my friend group: The mum of the group (me) The one I need ti keep an eye on the whole time The only mental stable one The one that's always horny The one that pisses everyone off but is lovable at the same time The one that will protect us all from any bad people C':

    7. Aze Yant

      Scuiside squad

    8. irl nobodie

      hey just letting you know that the word ret@rd3d is a slur used against disabled ppl and you shouldn’t say it unless you have a disability ( mental or physical ) thx, but i love ur vids sm

    9. Pro Robert

      My gang Me (the quiet shade thrower) Demitri (the joker) Jalen (the cool cat) Tj (the dumbass) Trent (the angry boy) Maddie (the flower with thorns)

    10. Ele bel

      "Those are they gardening tools" What about the sledgehammer

    11. Roblox Drama

      3:17 true

      1. Roblox Drama

        WATCHA SAY TO M-

    12. Ding Chang Huang


    13. Buttercup PowerPuff

      I love how your brother is just laying on the floor, face first lol

    14. Rainbow Cake

      You still friends with them? If so what are they/ you up to with them now?

    15. Ivanna Something

      Hip hip horary we made it out! Tabbes: settle down Dora XD DKDMKD

    16. Izzy the toxic demon wolf


    17. Mad Max

      4:02 lmao


      The random kid off the streets XD

    19. cookie sqirrel

      Did your brother actually use his voice for the video

    20. Tree Thing

      My gang: The plucky one The depressed one The other depressed one The bipolar one The best friend The stupid one Me

    21. mikyla smith


    22. Official.Gatchamation

      My group: The crackhead-Me The mum The smart ass we use to get 100 or an A+ on our homework The one who loves to start school fights/food fights The diva The anime watcher-me and some other gal That one boy who is a best friend to us(no we don’t have a crush on him and he doesn’t either,he has another crush on another teenager that’s no in our group) The love match maker (That’s all😀)

    23. Logan Jakus

      Not going to lie “ jaws” and “ reebok” explain me perfectly

    24. Mystical CactusTwT

      My gang: The aggressive one The star wars addict The one that can't talk properly

    25. Mae Grace

      The subtitles 😂

    26. Kenneth Aranda

      lol sharingan

    27. Kenneth Aranda

      maybe it was a sharingan maybe it was itachi and sasuke


      What's that song 6:14

    29. Yaoyorozu Momo

      My friend group The one who's just there for the fun and doesn't know what's going on (zayn) The artsy weeb who's the mature one and the groups mom (me) Kpop 24/7 and really smart (Hailey) Emotional support and really athletic (Bill) The one with the amazing voice (hunter) I am outta here and Who has more bubblegum and did you watch that netflix show girl (Riley)

    30. jack humphreys

      4:38 i m a b a r b i e g i r l

    31. Miles Boushey

      My gang The singing one Me The one that always forgets money but pays you back later The one who always knows what’s going on with the internet

    32. CrypticBirb

      I mean a great way to ✨Quarantine✨

    33. Denki Kaminari

      My gang Me:( im alone)

    34. Thoat Nyak

      On shot time for stupid

    35. kiria aune-andersen

      Hol up- is that a Norwegian accent I’m hearing from afro?

    36. gian markus taguibao

      My group The home group That one kid that swears and hurts me His brother The fat spoiled kid My bestfriend(sometimes were called siblings lol) Me a screaming crackhead A tall guy The school group

    37. LekT548

      My gang: The one that's obsessed with something different every year The roblox weeb The roblox weeb's freind The drawer and kind of a gamer(me)

    38. Y N

      5:23 lol

    39. ᕼOᑎEY.ᗷEᗩᖇ

      tabbes: swing mtfs swing swing that weird kid: ooooooo u said a baddd worddd me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA *gets sent to hospital*

    40. chibishii

      is no one going to talk about tabbes sitting there with a barbie in her mouth

    41. chibishii

      i have the same psp from 3:01 yes i know old asf

    42. cherry blossom

      Our group The Barbie The mothers THE PEPS WHO GET INTO FIGHTS The newbie

    43. Josh White

      you posted this on my birthday

    44. I need a bad bleep

      My gang: - the one with most mental problems / me - the smelly one (not literally they just fart a lot) - the one who’s house we stay at (oldest) - the weeb - the one who can never hang out - the one who has dated most the people in our group - the one everyone has a crush on

    45. Evany Polanco

      I really want to be friends with y’all though😭🤚

    46. Alex ;-;

      My friend gang - the crackhead -the oldest -the sleep deprived person - the gamer -the athletic person -the “uwu” person -the weeb

    47. Subarnarekha Debnath

      My friends The self declared leader who a rs like he knows everything The talkative one who worries a lot and is annoying The quit one who we keep bothering The one with medium participation Me, who is a bit awkward but confident, and loves inturupting

    48. Gavin Concepcion

      i like how tabbes is just eating one of the toys go to 4:42

    49. A Random Emo Child

      My gang - The shy bts kid - -The other bts kid but not shy and looks like she’s in college already- - the hyper one - - *g* *u* *y* the only boy in the group- - Me - the weeb -

    50. Andrea Williams

      Im new and dannnnnnnnng this vids are fire i sub for life also sub this is the vids

    51. ChanlixTrash

      Since everyone is doing their gang imma do mine The sarcastic gay The dramatic het The dramatic gay The gay shitposter The gay artist The gay artist pt 2 The one friend that appears once a month That one kid that's defo gay but still closeted

    52. Potato Krew

      My gang was… The weeb The goth one the one that threw rubber ducks at people (aka me)

    53. Deminalla

      you give me sally face vibes

    54. kyoka Jiro

      My gang : 1:A very childish person 2: A "the time u like took a breath that was like really offensive" 3: The gurl who is very sporty 4: The horny guy 5: the irritating guy 6: the "i love makeup" 7: the army gal 8: the "I dont give a fuck" guy 9: the talkative guy 10: the "imma say something really offensive" 11: the guy who is just *there* 12: the I dont ever come down lawl 13: C R I N G E 14: the "well fuck u" 15:the imma lie 24/7 16: the "I got hit a 69 trucks of puberty" 17: the "shipper" and the weeb (me)

    55. Woo Joo Kim

      🎶I Barbie girl in a tragic world not fantastic you cut my hair and kill me anywhere🎶 (I copy the song)

    56. Awesomeferret10

      Low key though when you said sledgehammer my first thought was totally that someone should have used that to get out.

    57. MellohiMia_

      My gang -the tiktok dancer basic white girl -the gamer and dream smp obsessed (me) -the Harry Potter obsessed and kinda tiktok basic girl -the one that lets u grab her stuff and makes pet rocks

    58. Sabrina Byrne

      That kid lol is going by jigsaw

    59. Robert Miller

      is your real name tabbes

    60. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      I can relate me and my friend got locked in a classroom and threw things out the window turns out a dictionary hit a teacher on the head but they never found out soo oh well

    61. Laura Dubach

      I had chocolate milk in my mouth and almost spat it out when afro said he was already dropped on his head when he was a baby

    62. The Holy._. Potato

      My friends My bf 😌👌💖 The bish I hate The weeb The one who is good at drawing Mah child UuU The Softie who has a bat with her (me)

    63. Persøn Zerø

      That “kiss, kiss, kiss” was so funny-

    64. Odd Stadler

      Did you not Ask why a sledgehammer was a gardening tool? Idiot

    65. wyatttv3 playz

      Why the fuck do they need a sledgehammer for gardening

    66. Elaine Ariesta

      My Gang : - The Psychopath - The Dramatic One - The "I Dont Care" One - The Weeb - The Sonic - The Silent One

    67. SmallSinger 5901

      my group: the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one (me) the gay one the straight one

    68. Tadeo Herrera

      My gang The geek The basketball player The always go to the restroom The one who always hides when caught The spy on girls The inspector The inspirational one

    69. Max Torres

      I think your dealing with a enhanced necromorph and jaws look like my uncle his name is Jay Jay

    70. Max Torres

      Y'all look like you can be a dlc characters from dead space

    71. Juana Alnatsheh

      my gang: the one who had to many juice boxs the airhead and the the one who has to cram some sense into them [me]

    72. just_got_ butter

      0:00 this was sus at first and some of you know why

    73. Kiibo?

      My squad is literally - feral mf - mom friend and deals with all the bullshit - smart kid who usually hangs out with the mom friend - cursed weeb - a cringy asshole with manners [me] - annoying/cringy yet fun asf We used to have a pervet in there 💔💔

    74. Kyouka Jirou

      My gang: The quiet one: always quiet, forever quiet, unless with me The "imma take the none serious stuff seriously and the serious stuff not": litterally just that... most of the times shes chill though The quiet one pt 2: quiet around everyone except friends, so better than the first one. The I fr have no fucking idea how to describe myself: me.

    75. pinoyperson

      i had gta vice city on my psp

    76. Eenara Ali

      my group: -the weeb _me -the Other weeb -the chaotic - the mcyt fan -the bitch -the tiktoker -the child heh I'm chill the rest a bitch

    77. Cosmic Void

      MY GANG: -Maturey (This name could also be turned into an inside joke, lol. They're very mature.) -"Gelatin" (Named after an inside joke- guy's very chill. Also happens to be my best friend) -The screaming maniac (They spammed SO MUCH ON OUR MESSAGE BOARDS) -The screaming maniac's sidekick (THEY HELPED WITH THE SPAM) -Artist (She's Very Cool and also a better artist than me) -The "Adult" (He runs all our message boards, along with "Gelatin", however me and Maturey own the discord servers. Artist also has a server called oc treehouse.) -Regular Mans (Doesn't have any unique titles. He made some fucky wuckys in the past but it's not much) -Lit Mans ( Like mans, but cooler) -Me (A mix of everyone)

    78. Elliete Makes

      He’s colorblind as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....

    79. Gwen Felzer

      My gang: The quiet kid The evil genius The kid who goes along with everything The redditor The meme lord

    80. Adri

      My gang: The smart one(me) The athletic one The fangirl The chill one The funny one

    81. • Jess •

      0:46 *THE ASS IS DEAD* *B E T*

    82. Solitaire

      Yes a sledgehammer for gardening

    83. Metalic EN

      4:08 bro did tabbes just yell in lower case?

    84. ` ` Princess Of Hallownest ` `

      2:30 Reebok is literally every shipper

    85. Darth Vaughn

      What do you use the sledge hammer for when using it for plants😅😱

    86. Zack io

      2:48 At that scene, im sorry but that looks so wrong

    87. Spooky Spoon

      2:23 uhhh... yall gonna pretend she didn’t say that or..?

    88. iuiu547

      Madera comes out of the door like NANI

    89. Zed Zeo

      My gang before we got broken up -The gentle giant -The nerd who acts mentally unstable when really there's nothing wrong with him and it pisses me off -the ACTUALLY mentally unstable one -the living panic attack -the "fight me, bitch" -the three normal nerds -the ticking timebomb -crybaby goth who bodyslammed a cop (me)

    90. Sēanxpai

      My gang : Me : The weeb/Deppressed/ sad because of the fakes A friend : Fake Another friend : Fake Another friend : Kind Another friend : Kinda sad / happy Another friend : Sad kinda because of the fakers

    91. Eclipse the Phoenix

      Welp here's my gang: -The insane one who wants to commit arson -The mother friend who would also murder for us -That one kid who said owo after every sentence -The sweet, worried one -The adorable, amazing artist -The mentally unstable shipper -The crazy lovesick kitten who acts tough -Then me, the neutral, quiet peacemaker

    92. f r ø g

      Sally face 2.0?

    93. kool kat

      I love how tabbes is eating a doll when reebook finds a barbie

    94. Kai Tam

      4:07 had me dying

    95. Lara Schroeder

      I don’t have friends so imma describe my dnd group - The quiet, vegetarian, buff kid who looks really intimidating but is actually quite shy - the one with the super edgy backstory that she pushes down through self deprecating jokes - The rogue who does the funky chicken as their walking down a hallway - The only reasonable one who keeps us from being a chaotic neutral party and is basically our mom - the really annoying one trying to ruin the other players fun by trying to sabotage the bards show that was going really well and was really fun. - The chaotic stupid who would rather eat zombies and literally die then eat berries and who skins creatures for body parts for profit so he’s always covered in blood and who got hickys from Slenderman that one time Guess which ones me

    96. Moon

      I don't care about doors, *Use the sledgehammer to break the door open*

    97. UnknownUser

      Nuclear Warheads

    98. Samurai

      they could've used the fucking sledgehammer to break open the door lmao

    99. Calogerro Bastien

      I miss my PSP...

    100. Sklydney

      My group as of now: -total gen z girl -murderer -suicidal murderer