Sibling Rivalry


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    I hope you're all enjoying your summer so far, if it has even started.
    Dedicated to my bro who looks at me just as annoyingly, even though hes probably not watching this.
    Also a correction, artwork at the end is made by @smol_png on Twitter, not Pepiot. Sorry bout that

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    1. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      He flipped a middle finger on you

    2. Cynical Afflictional

      Sounds like my family...

    3. Cynical Afflictional

      Two words, reverse psychology...

    4. RudiPrico -sk-

      We never fought physicaly with my older brother... he psychicaly destroyed me.. but now we are really chill, like REALLY. Not many people are like that.

    5. Amber Skidmore

      i have 3 siblings

    6. Little Big

      Awww your brother is so cute

    7. Sans the Skeleton

      The first time I crossed my brother was when he was a baby and I was a toddler. I dumped a tub of chocolate powder over my poor innocent little brother. (He was looking at me funny)

    8. dallas murray

      i have 3 brothers and 3 sisters

    9. Angela Liu

      I have just realized the smaller the age gap, the more competitive and the larger the age gap, the more friendly

    10. Brandee Goldade

      Yours probably why your brother don't want to put his voice in the video all right number one you know billions and billions of people on this Earth watch BGclip and I think that's it

    11. Grace Cornish

      This is the same with me

    12. Fish Sticks

      Well we can see world war soon

    13. Cooing Dash

      I have three siblings and the most close one to me is my twin sister (for sure) and our talk to the each other ALWAYS being like "I hate you :)" or "shute up :D" or even swears but we still really care about each other cuz we understand that we're just joking and seriously it's fun :)

    14. Lily Hood

      I agree only i can bully my older brother thats wright u am the alpha out of the sibblings when we do not into fixacale fights but when I see my baby brother he is going to be treated as if he is a god.

    15. I _Don't_Know_What_To_Name_Myself

      That ain't no brother thats a..... not gonna say that

    16. Josefine Bustillos

      Tabs: I got in trouble most of the time for being the older sister Me: Same


      3:52 SAME 😭👍

    18. Young Family

      You know the bathroom part yeah like when I don't get to go to the bathroom for like that amount of time I just don't need to use the bathroom anymore and I will f****** chase someone down if they do that I will literally chase them down jump onto them then just jump on their back

    19. Eafv.11

      I am the youngers 8 siblings

    20. Nagasaki the freak

      Your brother is more of a jerk than mine

    21. MC PRO


    22. Blockso Block


    23. Indo Raptor08

      1:25 😂😂😂😂😂 what the heck

    24. Comical768pug

      That’s to tru

    25. A Seraphim

      Man, I can’t remember any moment of rivalry with my older brother.

    26. lilly littes

      If my brother is getting his butt kicked or someone’s talking crap about him, I’m joining in 😀 my parents hate me because of him 😀

    27. Mitsuba Sousuke

      I have five siblings

    28. •Alison•

      Rule number 1 if your the youngest never mess with your older siblings *or else you'll end up with a broken bone like me-*

    29. Sour smut

      Hahahaha, I'm an only child.... Life is sad I want A SIBLING

    30. Gizmo_Gaming

      Thats like me and my sis but im tabbes because she loves scratching

    31. becky nicholls

      I have nine

    32. Orca Tamer

      I got the

    33. RexycowMC

      Nobody: Me and my sisters relationship: 'you are so fucking ugly go die in hell' 'yeah thats the plan' 'yo you good?' 'no' 'oh. whats wrong?' 'I'm depressed?' *us starts laughing*

    34. Miles Boushey

      Why does the door one relate to me and my brother cause he will do this thing where he close it half way and make me exercise to go close it


      when you said that when your brother ask for money you give it to him but me my brother a dancing duck saying no


        misspelled I meant to say but my brother just showed me a video of a dancing duck with the work below it saying no

    36. Reem Al hammadi

      Hi I have 5 siblings and I’m the eldest... Help

    37. •Turtle Cloudz•

      Idk whether if I’m lucky or not that I’m an only child- But yes is does get very lonely at time if u wanna know what it’s like- And I don’t have a dad 9 years, 𝕀 𝕒𝕞 9 𝕪𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕤 𝕠𝕝𝕕- Do it get even lonelier but there are someeee pros to it :>

    38. entityfaker9

      Yes it very much so lonely

    39. X K

      i lost control when i heard the joke

    40. Willa Smith

      Yeah i always have someone run in my room and when i mean someone i mean im frickin dog walks in when the door is close and btw my door has no handle.

    41. Sarah Death

      *My brother who dosent even talk to me and gets all the attention even though his older* ;-;

    42. Pastelcolor Playz

      I feel u

    43. Give me Da chipilin

      This me and my sis

    44. kyurama 64

      "how many babys you need to paint a wall? It depends on how hard you trow them" Man who actually do this: Ahhh, what a beautiful red wall....Kids! Kids! Wake up and clean yourself. You have red paint on your bodies.

    45. Sherry Billings

      It is VERY lonely 😩


      My bother is not nice

    47. edwin lopez


    48. lolbit 5

      i hate my to brothers but i love my sister

    49. Lenny Lols

      kinda looks like morty from rick and morty

    50. 20 21

      Gurl I got 7 sisters and 1 brother not counting my step siblings

    51. YES

      1:23 okey thats kinda deep lmao

      1. edwin lopez


    52. Got any grapes?

      siblings whose nice to each other? bro the fuck is that and how do i buy it

    53. jaber alahbabi

      close the lights bruhhhhhhhh

    54. Robot Klinton

      I have a sibling who is 7 years older than me... it’s basically like being a only child except the yelling every once in a while and having hand me downs.

    55. DarkHorse

      If that kid can defend himself with his hands against a bat than he is fucking Tough

    56. CocoBear

      this reminds me of my dad and uncle/ they dont get along what so everXD. my sister and i get along perfectly fine tho.

    57. ᑭIᘔᘔᗩ ᖇOᒪᒪᔕ

      2:55 “”it turns out he sits in there for an extra 10 minutes to PISS me off” haha get it? Sorry I’ll stop now

      1. edwin lopez


    58. Joshua McKeown

      I.Hate.My.Sister she’s left scars on my plenty of times. But i love this video cause it describes my family’s relationship

    59. Itz_ weirdo

      Oh u think ones bad I have 5! 5iiiiiiiive!!

    60. Boba Boi

      my older brother uses me as a punching bag. i also can't complain because he calls me a crybaby and keeps doing it because of my reaction. i just have to stand there and wait it out. he also thinks he has way more power over me than he does. life of a younger sibling.

    61. Viktor Bleb

      You are correct at the end... only i can be m e a n to my sibling...

    62. the boss mon gars

      It's totally the opposite with my sister and me that's funny

    63. Christy Gerringer

      0:49 ... ;-; I’m always lonely 😔 (no siblings)

      1. edwin lopez

        LUCKY but ok

    64. Aubrina Scianna

      oh my- you are literally describing my brother

    65. GachaUnicorn Studios

      I relate to this video because me and my sister do this sometimes (my sister only comes over to my house on weekends)

    66. Fighter Kill

      I have three

    67. everyone

      Your brother is soo cute

    68. pabi xiao

      Omo i missed tabbes too much binge watching her vedios

    69. Ella Animates

      bullying siblings is a privilege not a right.

    70. Laura Dubach

      I feel you I have a brother and a sister ....Plus I'm actually a boy this is my mom's old phone

    71. xXMaddy_GamesXx

      Rule 1 of being the youngest: lock the goddamn door when your sibling keeps barging in on you in the bathroom or in your room shitting or getting dressed

    72. Daniel Rosset

      That is exactly how my sister is

    73. Jaireu Paolo Francisco


    74. Angelic Demon

      Me being the youngest: I have both brothers and sisters. I have the pain in both worlds

    75. Doglite64

      2:07 my siblings always leave it open I go close it 2 sec later dis nga opens it again

    76. Kate Rose

      I'm the youngest (2 older siblings)

    77. Pikachu

      rules of only child _ //BE LONLY// //MAKE THIS FACE _//

    78. Rando Artist

      as someone with a sister i can say.. THEY ARE LITERALLY YOUR BROTHER BUT THEY'RE OLDER THAN ME WTFFFF

    79. Coolyoself

      Tabbes: Hey you wanna record some lines? Tabbro: 🖕🙂🖕

    80. Harley Quinn

      What's makes this better is the batman vs superman ad I got before this video played 👌 support from the middle child of five

    81. Nancy Baker

      Being a one child is very very lonely.

    82. UnSqushi makedurt

      Tabbes: don't call my brother cute. me: hehehehe also me: *sarcastically* aww your swyrs bruther is so cute

    83. Kinza Nadeem


    84. Natasja Muusmann

      As the middle child, no one sees me. I Can litterly snatch some candy on a monday without them finding out😏 but then, yet again, the only reason for why im the middle child, is because my mom broke up with my dad, and got another boyfriend- (her boyfriend have two daughters)

    85. Abdulhamid Babajide

      I have 2 more siblings in the house

    86. santino carpesano

      Your not the only one

    87. evan mayo

      people yongest child is spoiled blabla bla boi i am the yongest its the uno re thing me hey mom can i have a grain of rice mom hold on barge this little mistake is talking nooo any way the oldest gets every thing and anying she want

    88. Allie Gray

      Me: *walking down a random hall minding my own business * Some random QUACK: *bullies my brother * Me: I see you have chosen to go to hell early. Heh heh. Wrong choice 👿

    89. Chuntas _Mints

      Older brother: slams door on my hand while smiling at me also him: i didn't see you there.

    90. Iszu Hu

      glad i'm the youngest.

    91. Y/N

      I fucking hate being an only child

    92. Le Penguin

      Younger siblings are difficult

    93. Joseph Shan

      I have 5 siblings

    94. egg._

      Im the youngest, i can become the disappointment real quick by A: coming out as nonbinary B: coming out as asexual/lesbian C: asking for cosplays And finally D: just keep talking about danganronpa or assassination classroom cuz death

    95. ren yamad

      im a lil bit late but i watch the vids til this day LONG LIVE TABBES!

    96. Glade Gaming

      I can relate accept I try to be nice a lot more then all 3 of you combined

    97. mark hoffman

      Yeah now I sort of regret reading my sister's head and I am a bit lonely

    98. thebruhdude

      this is me and my sister

    99. Sasuke x Naruto

      Im the youngest my sister is the middle one and my brother is the oldest my bro likes aliens, tornados, spiders, snakes, bats and tripods...but tripods are aliens anyway he also draws comics and draws a lot pretty good at it as well he likes horror and horror movies that kinda everyone we know dont know them for example: Lily C.A.T, Twister, Bats, The blob, Christine, The cube The cube 2 The cube zero (third cube movie) and im gonna stop there he likes to play Project spark and Minecraft a lot. My sister and I like to play JUMP FORCE and watch Naruto and anime (I told her to start HxH and AOT) she gets mad at me for the smallest things "can you not eat so loud???" "WHY CANT YOU PUT MY THINGS BACK TO WHERE THEY WERE!! F****** SPOILED B****" she means back on the table where I moved her things because I couldnt see the T.V. she also got mad at me because I moved the T.V. to my side of the table so I could play JUMP FORCE on my side of the room and not have to sit on a chair and I could sit on my bed because thats what she does she moved everything I moved back to its original spot and always got mad for no reason at anything. Sometimes the room wouldnt be that messy and she gets mad at me for it and when my mom tells us to clean the room she goes "only (my nickname) has to do it I didnt make the messes" which is not very true shes not lying nor saying the truth she makes messes but not a lot and says i did all of the messes in the room. I remember this one time "she choose her cousin over me like dude" I forgot the rest of what she said but what happened is that her friend lets call her Tree and her other friend who is Trees cousin lets call him...Orochimaru since his pfp is Orochimaru they got in a fight (T and O vs my sister) they both left the party oh btw we have 3 Xboxs the first one we had (2016) started to not work anymore (survived 2 spills and the disc thing didnt work anymore) 2 Christmases a go my dad bought another Xbox my brother mostly used it (now its his Xbox) my sisters birthday my Uncles Gf gave my sister her old Xbox a while later and I mean a while later like a few days ago (her birthday was some months ago) my sister took out her Xbox out of the room idk why when I wanted on the Xbox i grabbed my Xbox tried to hook it up to the T.V. and it didnt work a little later i gave up grabbed my sisters Xbox and hooked it up to the T.V. and yEaH. Her games she plays are GTA 5, JUMP FORCE, FORTNITE, Minecraft and games on the Wii. My fav games to play are Roblox, JUMP FORCE, Minecraft, FORTNITE and thats kinda it. I like to draw but I dont draw a lot. My fav movies that I seen with my bro I dont really remember the names but there was a lot of spider movies and alien movies lol. im 10 turning 11 soon, my sister is 14 and my brother turned 15 yesterday but his birthday is on the 14th we celebrated it yesterday because my mom dont work that day. no one gonna read this lol-

    100. Joe Hollins

      Your brother was born from hell