My Gangsta Relatives


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    South Korea was one hell of an experience..

    TY to the crying kid voice:
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    1. Mathew Isla

      Lol i cant imagine if i have that kind of grandma

    2. Neftali Nieves

      Damn you know not to mess with her grandmother she got luffys straw hat

    3. Minecrafter never Fortniter

      Me has at least 100 or 50 videos watched a day

    4. Minecrafter never Fortniter

      everyone's gangster until the grandma comes

    5. sans sans

      BTS is my worse nightmare

    6. Julian Vizcaino

      Was popin

    7. Pro Robert

      13 hours pfft amateur numbers

    8. jordan is gey

      The rhetorical select considerably hug because sing immediately rot following a questionable swim. dry, chilly cellar

    9. SuRpRiSeD PiKaChU

      Me who has russian grandparents that own 13 huskies, 16 bottles of vodka and a lot of guns " YES"

    10. Alisa Watts

      No sleep squad😝😝😝

    11. Ayana Townsend

      stay up at 3 am ya sleep at 8 nah

    12. really tate

      :+ l

    13. Gacha Noah

      I love how she walks 😂

    14. ondřej havlina

      I don't care about bts

    15. Taska

      My grandparent survived by a fall of 20 mtrs when he was 20 by shitting himself. The shit muffled the fall.

    16. Jewelry Bonney

      I feel like tabbe likes anime

    17. YangBang 928

      3:25 bruh this would be a great gif if you remove the head!😂 I laugh every time I see it!

    18. Toasted Stranger

      yall take one 13 hours? I normally try to do it daily fam.

    19. salvation 777

      Korean old people I'm pretty sure they don't drink coffee mostly tea

    20. salvation 777

      13 hours of watching BGclip straight yeah I don't think that's normal and I'm from the US from the South Texas

      1. salvation 777

        Maybe one or two hours straight but not 13

    21. JustSomeArtist

      What does a 10 year old and a dentist have in common? They both aggressively floss

    22. Edgelord

      I love you're videos!!

    23. Zakuro

      I can watch anime for 13 hours straight, no big deal, easily done. B) edit: as long as it's good

    24. Belen Bueno

      6:47 BTS Never Walk Alone Album pic thing

    25. MikeTooShifty

      buh its jake paul and his alien

    26. Some guy on YouTube

      I mean my longest time on waching is 17 hours

    27. Kimm Barber

      I’m a fetus and I’m watching this

      1. Spider Animations

        I’m a cell

    28. Abraham Cereceres

      For what I had seen here... That's a badass female part of the family if I've ever seen one

    29. 1maginary.Dragon

      Really enjoyed it

    30. alpha cyclops

      Was this all in korean?

    31. lizzie is cute mimi is cute

      Tabbes is the real inventor of the word sus

    32. Denki Kaminari

      1:45 Original gas mask lul

    33. David Ruiz

      3:07 oh I sia

    34. Eli Wear

      You too have a line coming almost not cute 🙂🙂😉😉😉

    35. Spectatertots

      My grandma is such a gangster that she both Branded my aunt and FUCKING YEETED A KNIFE INTO THE BACK OF MY UNCLE'S LEG

    36. Imaperson

      4:36 atleast its not the galaxy bom

    37. SnowBoy1

      Only 13 hours of youtube? Those are rookie numbers

      1. Spider Animations


    38. Pizza Cat

      BTS on everything, which could be a dream come true or a living nightmare Me: how’s that? What’s their name? Who’s that again? Their names jake right? They drink cola? Puma...

    39. Mary Grace Tabares

      When you have a frickin old mom who go to a boxing place your grandma be so protective

    40. Momtaz Begum

      BTS= my worst nightmare (No joke I rather have nightmarion and nightmare kill me rather than K-pop everywhere)

    41. Machete Hitter

      I hope she doesn’t see this...

    42. Machete Hitter

      *includes paid promotion*

    43. G H O S T

      I feel like Tabbes and TechnoBlade would get along really well. I just have a feeling.

    44. Perkaholic Zombies76

      7:59 what's the song here?

    45. Sarah Whatley

      NOOO I hate bts no hate hate if you like it

    46. Fluffy Koala

      And there allowed to spread your what as long as u want 😳😳😳

    47. Bella Young

      6:36 You didn’t well then..... What why because you have better things to do yeah same but me lazy ass punk staying in bed

    48. dallas murray

      i can stay up for three days with no sleep

    49. dude in the background

      4:22 illuminati?

    50. Finnyboop the MASTER WHALE


    51. GoLuXerious TDM

      My grandpa who owns a cigarette store and guns: Hmm yes very yes much correct

    52. Alfonso Barahona

      Paradise or worst nightmare mmmmmm??? both for me😂

    53. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      Bts the posters scare me

    54. Donovan Teague

      Tabbes fam is very energetic and all them live the thug life, and the 3 sum eat like tabbes when she was a teen, and has the energy of party teens who partied for 3 days straight, dis fam is da best fam you can get, so if u have a problem with em tabbes, stop complaining u got the best fam, and if u don't belive me suck it up and deal with it


      B.T.S is my worst nightmare plz dont come to U.S.A

    56. Beanys FNAF Channel

      0:01 she do be sus tho

    57. Valeria Torres Rodriguez

      Tabbes: Who the heck is this women- Me: :,) they felt my pain...

    58. Sherry Billings

      I watched Utube for the HOLE entire night OnO I have a addicted to 👁👄👁. 🥔

    59. Josue Eric Wong

      Wait your half Asian

    60. scp 482

      I start at 2.00 am to 1.00 am on youtube

    61. Mariah Beachy

      Tables: why was I born Me: same if you were a mistake (you are not btw) I was a mistake to lol :>

    62. Lord ZILLA

      1:35 me when people talk shit about my youtube and drawings

    63. Timothy Woodlock

      i like chikin

    64. LazarXDoggo


    65. PandaGaming

      When she said shut the fuck up I said before her “please tell him to shut the fuck up!”

    66. Tea hyung Taehyung

      That bus stop is from bts you'll never walk alone/wings album

    67. wayne curle

      Sia looks like dora

    68. super_ doge9999

      Yo i got the s7 shit to

    69. Samuel Sharp V

      wuts her running speed

    70. Cesar Flores


    71. Darkpaw1

      Your grandma sounds awesome. Bring her in as a guest appearance or something.

    72. Lily Porter

      Trust me it’s not a US thing

    73. LlamaBird

      ha i watch yt for at least 17 hours a day and thats just with the least sleep i get

    74. Adi Wałaszek

      I have an Samsung S7 edge

    75. Dumbo Dum dum

      Lmao my aunt is a drug addicted my dad owns over 20 guns and my other aunt has 4 katakana’s

    76. Christy Gerringer

      6:44 sleep gang 🕶😎🕶

    77. Chuck Mattson

      Three rats- I meaan rugrats 😑🙃

    78. DeerBlob

      Its 3 in the fucking morning rn and im from the philipines so ye its normal

    79. Mr Cheeseburger

      Only 13 hours of BGclip watching Pathetic

    80. Tyson Ray

      her grandma is just Undyne from Undertale

    81. Vaughn Prince

      Also I love the small detail of Logan Paul you put there

    82. Vaughn Prince

      I want to know what your parenting style is gonna be like

    83. Arena Closer Gaming

      I have a galaxy s7 too! and I LOVE it pros of old phones: sturdy, can survive 100s of falls cheaper pros of new phones: space and performance cons of old phones: newer games might not work well and you can't get tons of games cons of newer phones: you drop it, it cracks SEVERELY and you drop it 10 times (pathetic compared to my phones 100s of falls with NO performance issues because IT IS PATHETIC DURABILITY) it is broken and you have to buy a very expensive phone AGAIN compared to a sturdier cheaper phone. more expensive

    84. Odd Stadler

      Just join the friendly neighborhood group i only need my bat to join so i Can smack some asses of

    85. ben's stuff

      I think we need to yeetis the fetus the kid that won’t stop YELLING!

    86. DIO


    87. Hugh Derks

      yea its just us in the us

    88. Abigail Grady

      4:41 was so funny. Lol



    90. niko

      1:57 now that is better then skinny limbs

    91. The Emotion Mixer

      I have a feeling y'all gonna cancel Tabbes for naming her cousin Sia

    92. Kevyn Gonzalez

      6:39/10:40 girl I see BGclip for all a day and night if I'm lucky enough to steal my phone or my mom's phone

    93. Wyatt Baertsch

      13 hours how the hell do you do that I played Sims for that long but wow

    94. Molly Bing

      you're korean?

    95. Don’t Demonize me

      13 hours that’s insulting low

    96. dadsocooler ;p

      youtube for 13 hours i do 24

    97. J.J. Mcnabb

      Your family is literally a DBZ show

    98. 。•Broken• 。

      Ngl I think she dead again

    99. ashfnaf fam

      Same bud my whole family but my family in south korean

    100. S.U.N.A

      Only 13 hours? Bruh 58 hours straight bitch