Buying a Forbidden Pet


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    Technically.. I did before anyone pulls the CB card. Everything you ever loved is banned
    ALT LINK (If its not working):

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    1. Hi it your near by Alexa

      those trates go to meh husky or I like to say a wild wolf

    2. 4:14 "Dog"

    3. Cute doggo is cute.

    4. nevig gamer

      is no one gonna talk about the fact that sans was in the skeleton pile?

    5. Russel Geslani

      3:55 look at the bottom right, is it possible to have that part if you're not the right gender?

    6. no

      Where did u get this pup.I need her in my life.

    7. GamerBoi

      YO TO ALL THE DOG LOVERS LETS GIVE A HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. •《Moth boi》•

      Fun fact blob fishes are cute when they are underwater

    9. B4s3m3nt B0yz

      Why is the word brain plural tabbes?

    10. Vxhle

      *FBI* : you guys tracked her down?] Others: Yes..her location is a Cheeto bag with the pets *. _ .*

    11. ugly person hee hee

      I can't 😂😂😂 9:18

    12. Lach Star

      That is my type of dog

    13. Gaming Robloxian

      I was dieing for everything of the text messsage

    14. Yeezy Yankie

      She (crazy one but tabes) is going to start The Cult of polar

    15. SeriouslyDrunk

      "This is America, F U C K THE POLICE" My favorite line.

    16. Chiyo Chan

      i love the part where they name the dog Lmfao!

    17. Deku Hero

      Love her personality

    18. Deku Hero

      1:12 that’s me I think the same thing

    19. its UnoDC10

      Polar kinda looks like a baby japanese spitz here

    20. Je suis Rílo

      7:02 if you want to skip the speech

    21. Liam Flexen

      Sans? Suns? Soons? Sins? Sens? Saws? Sams? sands? (I see sasn 5 seconds in mfg)

    22. Blockso Block

      The fact that the text kept going was hilarious

    23. Sea Serpent

      If i had that dog i would name it Fluff Wuf

    24. Castiple


    25. ondřej havlina

      4:40 SJWs be like

    26. BİLL CİPER s brother

      i got 7 cat i know that scrach they do god i was bleeding on my phone and on my food yesterday i dont care of pain anymore because its nothink now i dont feal pain it just bleed and they screeam and they love to whacth god damn matrix you know how much time i watch matrix so they shut up

    27. The Dizzy Demon

      sO No oNE toLd uS tHat iT wAs goNnA be tHIs WaY *BARK BARK BARK BARK*

    28. Cedrick Manayos

      is Polar a girl or a boy?

    29. Steven Louise Suruiz

      *D O G*

    30. David Reyes

      You one piece! Finally another person know's what one piece is

    31. Cat is disappointed in your recent actions

      *'Scuse you.*

    32. Tabby_cat Meow!

      Thumbnail: New pet Also video: made a YEAR ago

    33. Jfile nineofour

      5:26 the most moving speech ever

    34. Death the Girl

      Honestly naming a pet is so hard. My brother came home with a cat and everything needed for one. Understandably, mother was pissed and said she would do nothing for it (boy did that change). We couldn't decide on her name though, it's officially 'Mini' after the family cat in Asia. But we call her 'Kitty' and 'Cat' and cat but in various languages, depending on the person. We now have a cat who knows more languages than I do. This is why I'm family disappointment.

    35. Death the Girl

      2:26 Arms from 0 --> 100

    36. Bloxian legend

      1:10 Lol I should be searching for one piece too

    37. Amy Alvarado

      1:27 hey uh tabs..... what is ur brother doing 🤔

    38. That_dud

      Oh yea i just got a puppy and the battle scars are real i got a American bully pup

    39. Aime Gonzalez

      He is so cute



    41. Eggz


    42. BundAberG Ginger Beer

      Shop owner rly said “No Capes”

    43. Chloe Guo


    44. Krappy Kaleb


    45. Krappy Kaleb

      0:13 sans on the right of the screen

    46. Fish

      7:08 bottom right 2 .-.

    47. 1maginary.Dragon

      Awesome naming choices

    48. 1maginary.Dragon

      Awesome naming choices

    49. funne monki

      wolfychu spoiled it for me >:(

    50. ୨୧ ഒ my melody ୨୧

      " shit . shit . shit " i lost it ALSO POLAR'S FACE 😭 9:22

    51. C.Q. Cumber

      Hike to area 51-

    52. Z Jones

      I love that dang dog

    53. jnash tugado

      I have a shiba inu and my dog cool he chase all the rats and cats so shiba inus are so coool

    54. JamesonWasHere 13

      I died on the "Shit, Shit, Shit" part. XD

    55. Texting Master

      Shit shit shit

    56. POWDER BOY

      Cute doggo same

    57. wolfie's channel of stuff

      I saw a sans skull........ and it was funny as FU-

    58. The_Queen 156

      I have a ferret (i live in the UK)

    59. Milán Gali

      Polar=cute your freind=WTF

    60. SnowBoy1

      shit down

    61. ScoutingSparrow

      6:21 satan punishes Bad people. You ever notice that he’s homies with Jesus?

    62. Sheena Rica Joy Sibayan

      ahhh cutee .....doggo

    63. Sheena Rica Joy Sibayan

      ah cute dog

    64. Giselle Flores

      I got the puppy blues :( My dog is a littery a battle dog she brings destruction...

    65. Night Messana Chan UwU

      Forbidden doggo

    66. Adii


    67. Mitchell Brafford

      I own two shiba inus this is 9999999999 percent accurate

    68. Mr. Spider

      Do you mind if I use that “you damn fossil” on my friends

    69. Dārk Phøenix

      "Bonquiqui?" *"SHES NOT FROM THE HOOD"*

    70. Ketty Seratski

      Yes polar❤️❤️😇😇

    71. This_pointless_channel

      Nice friends singing lol

    72. Nathanael Fenta

      umm ok so we just not gon tAlk about 7:07 in the bottom right :/

    73. Josh White

      ok your dog is to cute to be left alive

    74. Luci H.


    75. Luci H.

      You should see my dog my mom have to stay up all night for “training” and he bites us like crazy bruh if you get happy he just starts biting you and chasing you TwT and that’s why I hate him :] and I have only had him for 1 month and hate him :]

    76. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      "Dog" -tabbes dad 2020

    77. Miku Is queen

      Tabbes pup 2021👏👏👏 POLAR 2021❕❗️❕❗️

    78. kari perez

      I think Yima, would me a good name.

    79. Ronnie Nedab


    80. lil jumpyboi

      Tabbes: " paps?" Paps: " Dog"

    81. The hamster guru

      Me hates dogs

    82. Aubrey Webster

      aw i want a ferret but its illegal

    83. the sticknodes animator


    84. the sticknodes animator


    85. Sankdom

      If and the homeless become billionaires then their would be a problem because their would be an insane influx of cash

    86. kafu loko

      9:16 my dad 247

    87. Creepygirl 3000

      Oh and I didn’t know that this dog 🐶 was so important

    88. Creepygirl 3000

      Awwww what a cute little doggo

    89. bo wilson

      Did u know that dogs are protecting u when they watch u poop becuse u are vornable

    90. Polynomial Wants a Cracker

      I also have two parakeets named blue and rainbow! By the way, they are called budgies

    91. Chloe Guo


    92. Roblox and toys !

      I was screaming polarrrrrr and you guys were like pepper po te I was like 😒😞😞😒😞😒😒

    93. Lea Best

      I had a bump in my nose but it just burst in the middle of me watch the video!

    94. Blue Guppy

      "I will DIE for POLAR!" "I am sending T.H.E Angels right now, to send blessings for Polar." "She is appointed ambassador to HEAVEN!" "Polar. . .Polar! POLARR!!!!!" "I'm blessed, I wanna cry so much.!" "I luv doges." :> "OMG!" "This is like the equivalent to the virgin Mary, holding Jesus." "Oh mah gawd.!" "I'm tearing up." "He's alive..." "My depression is cured." "My anxiety is gone." "I have seen him for one second." "But, I will kill everyone, and then myself, FOR HIM!" "I will go to your damn house, and pet him." :3 "I will godamn- He's going to CURE! My depression, "He's going to cure AIDS, he's going to bring PEACE to the Middle East, Pupper 2020!" "I'm so touched." "I want to GO TO HEAVEN, AND bring back Jesus Christ, I I WILL GO TO HEAVEN, and bring back GOD, SO HE CAN see WHAT HE created and cancel Judgement Day." "I will go to Hell, and bring back SATAN back to Earth, to meet PUPPER, and then he will go back to Heaven." "This Pupper IS SO precious!" "He will make the Fallen Angels and get them BACK to Angels." "All the Soldiers stop shooting each other and become Civilians." "All the Homeless Men and Women become BILLIONAIRES!" "This dog solves all our problems." "I LIVE in the same era as this Puppy, this Puppy and I live at the same time, this dog and I are BREATHING at the same time." "We are alive at the same time." "This is so, wow. . ." :o

    95. Jonluke West


    96. Samuel S

      Just a cloud shibe

    97. VanillaCupnilla

      nobody: Tabbes brother: Bonqueque Me: LMAAAAAAAAO

    98. The Hawk 808

      Pls name it poly

    99. Baleus Bluebarry

      4:02 yiff master XDDDDDDDDDD you sneak those furry jokes really well , you can't hide from me :P

    100. lazy bones

      Yall see the sans skull