Meeting an Asylum Escapee


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    Breaks almost here, hope everyone's excited for it.
    This video took about 3 weeks to finish, longer than my usual ones. But it was one I wanted to share with you guys.
    But how did I know this was gonna get the most votes by far than my other video choices... Major Concern.
    To everyone who bought merch, special thank you from me. I want to come out with better designs and not be so limited as I was
    the last term so expect great things later on! Ima also have to start making short vids so I can upload more frequently for you guys.
    Other than that, study for finals, do your best. Stay safe out there.
    Special thanks to my mod Luvu, for voicing the Uber driver in this video.

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    1. Tabbes

      Some of you find this story hard to believe. Honestly, I would too. Except I'm not that fucked in the head to fake my own near- raped experience. I may have shared this story in my fairly lighthearted manner for the range of audience and to minimize instillment of fear, but that's far from what it is. There ARE people out there like this and these incidents are more common than you'd expect. Some of you are very young, maybe you haven't come across these people yet and I'm glad you haven't. But this isn't taboo enough for me to keep my mouth shut. I've shared my experience and this was just the way I handled it. Pure instinct. Not every victim has to be fearful or traumatized in the aftermath, though I completely understand why they would be. Many of them don't want to share their stories with similar events, especially with other strangers because it's tough to even recollect. Imagine how they would feel if their experiences of sexual assault were automatically dubbed it as "fake" because you've only seen that happening in the news, but not much elsewhere. We're all used to seeing those countless "The time I almost got killed" videos on BGclip to click on it and see that its just some guy tripping over a sidewalk crack. Even if that's whats common, it isn't always the case. I would hope none- or the smallest number of you ever come across a situation like this. Personally from me to you, giving another reason to stay wary.

      1. AeroDynamics Gaming

        I Respect You

      2. AeroDynamics Gaming


      3. AeroDynamics Gaming

        I Believe You

      4. AeroDynamics Gaming

        Good You Defend Urself

      5. Angelic Demon

        I feel bad for you O-O It’s too crazy to be false, I believe you ;-;

    2. BİLL CİPER s brother

      this is why i always carry a knife in a knife bag i maked myself just scare him carry a knife

    3. Naoh Perkins

      I'm advising you to not watch this at night it feels like a creepypasta

    4. child inmeh basement

      It tools me over 10 times watching this to realize what/why he was beating I'm a dumbass

    5. Maskofthecrow

      I got freaked out with just the look of his face

    6. aquatic animations


    7. Yeet Banana

      I have a video request “how to play 9000IQ among us”

    8. 《Berleym.Emortal》

      Disclaimer: time to go to bed kids It’s 3AM and I just heard a door creek....I’m not sleeping 😃

    9. Aidan Drew

      Just.... hahahahahaha

    10. Max Torres

      You fighting that old man is like that scene in dead space 2 where stross tried to stab a ice pick in Isaac's head but if you want to press A reverse happens isaac stabs the ice pick in strosses head and knees him

    11. Max Torres

      Old guy: touches tabbes tabbes: body slam

    12. kaneki caneca

      This is why tou should carrie your bat with more often

    13. Emanouche

      I had someone in the public transit, one inch from my face, threatening to rip my eyes off because I dared look in his general direction. I managed to calm his stupid ass down, but I had a foot between his legs ready to swing at any seconds. Heard a few people chuckled when he sat back down... I hate people. Yeah, public transit at night sucks... sometimes you don't have a choice, but damn...

    14. pinoyperson

      im gonna be real here this guy had nerve to jerk in public

    15. Dogoo11 AJ

      I ain't old enough to take subways yet but thanks for telling me to bring a friend (Advise) bring an enimie as sacrifice

    16. AA Fort

      Is it just me or did I see killua NEA NEA KILUAAAA

    17. A normal Eevee

      "Get cho pener away from me" had me dead XD

    18. Isaac Armin

      Did you see that let me explain studious easter egg

    19. Baneen UwU


    20. bakugou

      I'm 9 bro and uh idk this if good

    21. Dexter Lim

      *Thank god you acted in self defense!* *asylum person or not that's still so fxcking messed up.*

    22. DarkHorse

      If anyone touched me ohhhh FUCKKK NAHHHH

    23. Francine Salazar

      me: watches stranger almost following me me:hey you! stranger:yes? me:you- me:wow do you watch tabbes!? stranger:ye- me:YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    24. The Purple Sloth

      I always have mechanical pincles in my pockets reason a knife can't fit too :D *JUST A JOKE* in a situation like this my filter goes off words come out.

    25. Roman Calvino

      a VERY similar thing happened to me. but the difference is that I'm a boy. there was still a guy doing pretty weird shit. its so fucking scary

    26. Ben Masters

      I would beat there ass

    27. Rusu Alin

      In Romania this is a daily thing

    28. its your boi skinny penis

      She just trying to listen to slip knot damn insane people

    29. Avery Skipper

      Me after watching this be like “dad can you sign me up for some self defense classes?”

    30. zurab tabatadze

      old guy:*touches Tabbes* Tabbes:OH SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH DON'T YOU OLD CREEPY GUY?

    31. Miagirl119

      Wtf I would have done that too

    32. Obama spy

      My second time seeing this at night

    33. Funnimations


    34. King Mac


    35. Nathan Boodry

      Mr.beast video she said longest uber drive

    36. 【 BlankGalaxyGamer 】

      i- should have gone to bed ; - ;

    37. nolimits bruh

      god damn

    38. Mason Crabb

      She aint in america alot of asylems are not open here is the usa

    39. Dawson Beveridge

      7:57 her face: what the actual fu-

    40. Eve Fender

      I'm not joking but these things are why i carry a steel bat


      Cleveland public trains are much nicer than those in bigger cities. They have rows of seats, not lined across the wall. Fabric everywhere. Security cameras. And the neighborhoods are nice.

    42. Nameless Soul

      I wonder how old is this person? I mean I really like her voice and her sense of humour and I guess I am kinda curious lol

      1. Drizzile


    43. cheese doodles

      Ok I dont know about you people but I would be heated I would be so mad bro I'm literally going to punch you back to where you were sitting

    44. auroraqx

      *Get yer peener away from me* Wow I love that sentence

    45. Aurora Bassani

      Oh wow-

    46. hurze

      You can’t spell mental asylum escapee without pee

    47. Nathan's World

      im impressed you where a strong lady

    48. Jomba the SiameseKat

      When I was an itty bitty kid there were woods outside my house. The one time I ever went into them ALONE was when there was a man who looked almost exactly like what tabbe’s drawing of the man looks like, in the woods... alone. He ended up asking me who I was and where I was coming from, I ran. When I looked back at him I watched him take a step forward. There was a lot of trees and twigs in that area so I was able to leave without worrying that he would be able to come get me. At that point I had never experienced anything like that, so I never knew how I would react. I was surprisingly kinda chill... I didn’t scream, just stood there in shock for a few seconds, thinking. He could’ve been a normal dude, but seeing an old guy in the woods isn’t trustworthy

      1. Jomba the SiameseKat

        People are gonna think this is fake. Sorry it doesn’t sound very real..

    49. miraculous boy

      Hi my tiktok username is miraculousumbreon4ndalfa and i wasted ure time

    50. Game ReaperX

      Beef whistle 😂

    51. Gotrose Gamer

      where was your bat in all of this? -break his skull-

    52. Qhamka Rolo

      OH snap!

    53. Evelyn Dreamer

      If I were you, when he stared to get closer I would lose it and kick his ass

    54. JadeTheAngel

      Its America girl the country of egzotic mishaps (my grammar sucks btw)

    55. shenanigans

      so he was bea-

    56. Dose Of Randomness

      I'm surprised she didn't had her bat with her.

    57. Brick Mario Bros

      Moral of the story: if your ever in danger, just call up a Tabbes

    58. Worker Doggo

      this is the 3 year anniversary of this video lol

    59. Joseph Potstar

      *so anyway I started punching*

    60. Lana Alem

      Yoo i had an experience last month. So I met a dude online who went to my old school. He was a year younger than me and wanted to be friends so I was like sure. The last time we talked, he asked me if I would do anything for him. I started getting nervous but I ignored it because I thought that I was overthinking. So I responded with depends. Then he asked if I would do something inappropriate. That raised more red flags for me but even then I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Then he asked for a nude. I told him no. He apologized. I blocked him and talked to the guidance councillor of my old school. His parents were told of the incident and that he had to write a letter to himself to reflect on what he had done.

    61. Silver Shadow781

      Guy: Puts hands on Tabbes Also him: *Why do I hear boss music*

    62. ToucanO


    63. Greninja YT and Twitch

      Yeah u go girl beat the crap out that sucker

    64. Patricia Osborne

      Ive met one before too he got arrested and put back huh whats that noise oh no! He's ba-

    65. Mars Rover

      You know shift getting real when she shows that clip of killua getting mad

    66. Rayna McKillip

      Any one waching in 2021

    67. M Wolf


    68. Nub Kills

      I think that be my dad but I’m not like him

    69. : P

      you should have had you bat i would pay to see that happen

    70. Panic At the everywhere

      Who's ready to go hunt down that guy for touching tabbes like that ? 😌🤚

    71. Pexel IHL

      Fucking disgusting, you did well defending urself

    72. Mariah Spann


      1. pall

        Alright. Post the link

    73. -0M3RCY0 -

      At first I though the title said: “Meeting a Mental Asylum” Lmfao, I was so confused

    74. Manuel Rico

      Its kinda weird off the bat but how are you doing in the covid

    75. ScArY

      5:48 so we’re gonna pretend we never heard that

    76. Fandom_ Freak

      Lol I’d love some of the kids at my school that act like they own the world to go against Tabbes I’d be dying on the mother fluffing floor 🤣😂

    77. INQ PIECE

      This popped up on thanksgiving like 👍

    78. Wesley Rolison

      I love ur vids!!

    79. A.K night✔️


    80. Spxkler Night dat gaming panther

      I'll always bring a lucky base ball bat with me to protect me

    81. Sara Calleja Madrazo

      This was one of the first videos I watch from her😐

    82. deso RK

      Wow this really happened I'm sorry

    83. Just a random no one xD

      Curiosity got the better of me, and I watched this right before bed. I had a really difficult time falling asleep until I put on classical music on my echodot...

      1. Just a random no one xD

        Oh yeah I remember a line: “You think it will never happen to you until it really does happen”

    84. Sawyer Morison

      OK MORGS

    85. Jameca Magee

      Am I the only one that think that the security guards see the tape of this happening through the cameras after and laugh at it like its a comedy show ,but also with disgust am I the only one?

    86. Isaki Tadashi

      *These dangerous things seem to happen a concerning amount of times in my life* Tabbes, Honey you live in New York

    87. N D

      This is why every decent human being should carry a knife... That way if you're attacked, you don't need a lot of training or to be ripped, you can defend yourself with a sharp objects. Anyway, I tip my imaginary hat to ya. You kicked him off, I'm glad it didn't go on any longer... I'd have not only contacted police, but the asylum AND whoever ran those trains... Because they need security... O_o Regularly patrolling the cars... Constantly... Also, an option I would have taken, even though I'm a dude, I'd have punched the shit out of his nuts... Then kicked them... And again... I"d have kept it up until the psycho bastard started crying. Then I'd get off and call police and tell them they'll find a crazy nutcase on the train crying because he had his nuts destroyed... And if I myself had a knife in that situation? I'd have removed his junk... All of it... -_- In a matter of self defense, sometimes you have to think of the potential future... That wacko wouldn't try that again if he had nothing down there, you know? I'm not just saying I'd cut his nuts off, I'd cut it ALL off... 1. Knives are legal without any license and cheaper than tasers. 2. Just stay within the legal blade length for your state/city and you'll be fine. 3. Maze us another good option, but it can run out depending on how often you have to use it... But they come in colored spray versions for marking your attacker... So yeah... Just some ideas for everyone. Stay legal, but stay agressive in your self defense. Tasers cost money, same with maze, both have a limitation before needing to be reloaded. A knife doesn't. Just some pointers... Keep in mind the area you're in, both where all you go during the day and where you live and prepare. Anyway, I went off on what I'd like to have done in that situation, it was rather violent in terms of what I'd do... But that's because I'm no pushover... I've had shit in my life that's made me a very agressive person in self defense... Nothing major, nothing serious, just stuff that generally makes me hate all strangers... So yeah... Anyway, I"m out.

    88. annahoJ Backwards

      Escapee: *Puts nasty hand on Tabbe's shoulder* Tabbes: Omae wa ya mo shindiru

    89. cv123iluvgaming

      I be carrying a strap everywhere i go man ain't trying be caught lacking

    90. My crown is The Dunce hat

      The fact that people are not believing this is just.... Wow

    91. predator exe

      Its fucking movie let's go

    92. lil birthday guy

      Just don't meet "The Dolphin man"

    93. annahoJ Backwards

      GURL, YOU CAN MAKE A MEAN BRUISE!! 😳 I need to take self defense lessons or I could just go crazy and attack with moves I saw in movies and shows...

    94. LemonzM3RK

      3:26 was that him with his, m e a t

    95. Just Joy

      Why is this my favorite Tabbes videos😂

    96. fexiz :p

      Why didn't you warn us it would be scary lol jk

    97. Monki Mimi

      I think everyone should defend themselves i don't understand why ppl scream and are scared just beat the shit outa him ._.

      1. Kitten Pinkamations

        Not everyone’s a good fighter, and screaming for help is a good way to let people know you’re in trouble.

    98. WisK

      If this ever happens to me I can finally use my long hair for a situation like this: “im a dude”

    99. Whitney Yang

      Cute girl on the train obviously an easy target He deeply regretted it

    100. Gacha Life Rainbow Cat

      Escapee: urinates in the train Me: hmm I wonder why they are called escaPEE