Dealing with Kids


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    Hi all, sorry this video took awhile. Ima be honest, the video process has been a lot more tedious than in the past few months. The outcome isn't something I'm proud of but I already held this video up longer than it should've been. I'll figure out a way to shorten the time so that I can focus on personal life as well as family. Cuz right now, I'm a hermit.

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    1. Kat VonDu

      And the chancla for wearing. Power: 999999999

    2. Mr. Spider

      Baby mudkip Baby gingerpale Baby chillypanda Baby Ivan animated Baby curtrichy

    3. GamerBoi

      at 4:04 its mangekyou sharingan

    4. Carmel Pancake

      I can relate to being bad with children cause I just held him in a corner and scared him saying there were spiders were in the corner :> to make him behave but then his mother was like “he’s fiiiiinnneee he’s just insulting everyone and telling them to die”

    5. John Doe


    6. Acid_SnakeYT Snake

      I’ll just bribe them I mean I work though 🤫

    7. Solomon Oldfield

      Fbi open up

    8. no


    9. Cameron Juniper

      Me see’s title: ew children 😂

    10. SeriouslyDrunk

      why did i realize that the part where Tabbes says: 5 babies IS WHERE THEY ALL HAVE DREAM STYLED FACEEE

    11. Im A Giraffe

      My mum hit me with a belt and oh my god i thought i died but when she listed of the power 90 golf club i was like *’h m m m m’*

    12. Aԃα-cԋαɳ

      You forgot the Power:99 FlipFlop

    13. 616

      Me in my mind when i see a baby : " ohh i need to drop kick that bitch OHHH I NEED TO KILL THAT THING"

    14. Funblox

      you was a kid too and maybe was that annoying too

    15. B4s3m3nt B0yz


    16. Role Bub

      4:02 mangekyo sharingan

    17. bri bri

      I didn’t get spanked, I got beat. Go get me a switch off the tree! Make sure it’s alive!

    18. The Twat Waffle

      Tabbes: Tell them you ain't playin' games. Loud Mouth: *I am four thousand miles ahead of you .*

    19. Sushi Moshi

      You forgot le flip flops

    20. Cap Boi

      5:22 Hey that is my all childhood games.

    21. Kenneth Aranda

      umm fish dont drown

    22. igor and fred

      I know all videogames make children occupyed

    23. Moeah - مويه

      *tabes in a job interview The guy:so why would we hire you Tabes:I dropped the phone instead of the baby considering the dark humor in this channel The guy:you are FREKING HIRED

    24. Ignatius Livingston Student

      I actually live with 4 siblings

    25. Talhah Unais ameen

      My mum hads to deal with me (mr dumb) and 4 more kids so in total 5 kids

    26. Ethan Sanchez

      My moms weapons Belt: 50 Damage Hanger: 40 Damage Throwing my Toys: 100 Damage Time Out: 0 Damage (i fell alseep) Master Slap: 80 Damage (after a while I got immune) Folding Chair:`♧●》¤♤ Damage Sending Me To The Room: 20 Damage Confiscating Devices: 500 Damage Calling me stupid: -infinity (Tat wot wok if I cal mi stopid)

    27. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      I have a feeling if tabbes took care of a child 👶🏻 it would not end well

    28. Siam Tei

      Can you yeet a baby if your mad why the fuck you can’t bich?

    29. The life of Zack The man

      I have 10 brothers tabbes wold die watching them

    30. Mela Wa

      Wee Wee Wee Wii Sports

    31. {Incert Name Here}

      Did you say the P in Ptaridacal?????

    32. PandaGaming

      Sweet animation.

    33. spiper playz10

      Anybody got 8 siblings

    34. wayne curle

      I have six brothers and only brothers

    35. Goku Playz


    36. Caleb Parsons

      I am almost a preteen

    37. Alex

      Ok tabbes angry birds 2nd idk 3rd one candy crush last one plants vs zombies DUH

    38. Jayden

      I thought it was like drug dealing with kids

    39. Colton Peters

      4:22 GingerDream?

    40. dream spy

      it's all right I don't like dealing with kids either 😑

    41. Marwan Ahmed

      The broom stick really depends on how you use it you will not get much from hitting take the egypt route hit them they fall on the floor then wwe brome stick on back go break

    42. Ja5on

      You missed my favorite the crowbar

    43. Kageki _1665

      I only dab when I did something cool, like hitting a 360 no scope or when I punch the Jesus out of my racist Christian bully

    44. Anushka S

      Yeah, the Sharingan or Mangekyo Sharingan would be REAL useful with children. Or just genjutsus in general. Just put them to under a nice and peaceful genjutsu and you'll be good to go! Forgive my Naruto speak.

    45. Adamskybloxroblox

      tabbes: has the word "tab" in it children: *closes tab*

    46. ꧁Naza MoonWolf꧂

      I feel you :)

    47. 1s_ Oraki

      Me who has to baby sit my 2 year old sister: wow, that's relateable

    48. akil chauhan

      im a kid!!!

    49. Zisan

      Tabbes will be the perfect baby sitter for brats

    50. Vaughn Prince

      The ultimate punishment make them either watch the Emoji movie or a Disney rip off

    51. Yar MAagok

      My dad would make us put lemon in our cuts if we were bad😭🤚🏿🍋

    52. Lauren Black

      She is so funny.

    53. Ginger_ Trix

      0:20 0:21 0:22 Work it baby💕💅


      40 same

    55. TheCommieWeeb

      Mango gecko 😂

    56. Luci. 1

      The clothes hanger gave me a bruise for a month they level 1000000000 power ngl

    57. littletimmy gta 5 and other fire content

      weeee wee weee *DOOM* WEEee

    58. Raied Benjamin

      Me at start: YEE DEE DE DE DE DEEEE

    59. Camila Rodriguez

      0:23 who else thought she dropped the baby-

    60. so I changed my channel name again

      Honestly I don't understand why babies are fussed over, they scream, eat your food and spend your money. But, if you think babies are alright, dont attack me. Please. I respect your opinion, so you should respect mine. My rant is over

    61. Jackson Tito

      U cant say that bout urself

    62. ejn master

      Mingeko sharigan

    63. Nedra Thomason

      How i deal with kids. I watch them do shit that is crazy, and i just- play raid, uh huh, this is a self sponsor-

    64. BTEP

      6:00 its just normal they do it some lifeless children still do it when they beat you in chess

    65. ꧁Michael Afton꧂

      Oh no this reminds me of my 6 year old sister if your confused and your like Awww what's so bad about a 6 year old Then lemme tell you something she always screams on purpose and when ever she's at school she's a beautiful little angel but when she's at home she's a evil little devil ;-; once I got a cut bc she was playing with a knife and it fell on my foot but good my foot moved a bit but still my foot started bleeding and my sisters reaction was oopsies

    66. hema trivedi

      You say it like this maaaaan gek yo Sharingan the n is silent

    67. Izzy Wyche

      "Mango gecko" good refrence

    68. Lilianna Moore

      When it said up you go I thought it was gonna put the camra down a bit and show her stuffing the child up a chimney

    69. Jeremy Thompson

      Face reveal

      1. Teyla Swift

        She did it in a q and a once

    70. Sharkhero 456


    71. Luis Rodriguez

      It " mangekyou"

    72. Anker Bandmann

      I want memes

    73. SOVA 123

      im in middle school and i study field of preschool and extracurricular pedagogy (if you say it like this,i used google translator) ,i hate it,i dont even like kids but my mom said that i WILL go to that school no matter what,and thats why im having trouble to learn new stuff because its hard for me to remember what i had for breakfast a week ago,and so many new things to study,and also learning to play on instruments,those teachers hate me and because of corona im more lazy than i was

    74. B.P.B.A CinnamonBunny Channel

      When tabbes have kids in future be like: Her children are half the demons who would scream & kick all night without ur peacful sleep

    75. DarkHorse

      Me a depressed 13 year old with a deep as hell voice I am the quietest kid ever probably

    76. gamerfights tonight

      Dab on the hatters dab on the hatters dab on the hatters dab on the hatters got me so good I literally pass out bc it was so hard to breathe from laughing at that

    77. 〜。【Sara】。〜


    78. The_IceWolfRight

      *when the kid gives u that look there gonna ruin your life so I yeet them and Never see another baby again*

    79. FIRSfang YT

      I have never gotten slanted or whipped

    80. htin sai

      I remember i draw on my wall XD when i watch this video

    81. Austin Lusk

      I'm nine do I still count as a kid and also my favorite phone game is Sonic 2 remake

    82. RandomStuffs

      I was a mature kid and had more adult humor, knew what sex and suicide and that kinda shit was at like 6 (nobody even told me lmfao i just.. knew?? but apparently that's a thing with ADHD which i have, so... 🤷‍♀️) so yea. Just imagine a 7 year old child making sex and suicide jokes.

    83. RandomStuffs

      Just buy naptime idiots

    84. Ville Sainio

      Kids aren't as powerful as tornadoes... There's the answer, just throw them in a tornado

    85. Meghan Lemon :/

      Don't worry not all kids are not treated the old fashion way today I'm treated the old fashion way :3

    86. trippie f


    87. trippie f



      i have 5 siblings + me =6 sooo yea my mom going crazy

    89. Madison Coffeeuwo

      Put caption on at the end it's funny

    90. nova /_\cat

      I'm the second child that will kill my brother without second thought

    91. Speedy Boi

      Im gonna be honest I hate kids (´·-`·) They freak me out

    92. Orange Isn't sus


    93. Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick

      Just tell your child “no iPad” Edit: oh to me make my self clear THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET IT BACK BOIIIIIIIIII

    94. Just a Person -_-

      Go to the nap time video and read the description

    95. Sukii PlaysYT

      Poor tabbes... She gets hit with a bat :(

    96. lonk hoolrule

      1 of my friend friends got grounded 2 - 3 time a week and has to pay for unfinished food

    97. Adrian Gonzalez

      Im a child and even I agree with this. she saying facts.

    98. The one and only BOB

      Fish can drown...

    99. Nathaniel Matthews

      Kids aren’t terrible please shut your mouth about that stuff

    100. ariana carrillo

      Are you ok