Living with Rats


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    Merry new year, don't get into any bar fights with your gma or youll get a good ol wrinkly sucker punch
    If you hear some chirping in the background, I got me some birds.
    Hamachi (helped draw some frames):
    Rushlight Invader (helped with youtube rewind):
    ALT LINK (If its not working):

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    1. Hi it your near by Alexa

      I bUrN dOwN tHe HoUsE My mom: takes out the chancleta Meh: Mother- they are dang immortal they can't die

    2. little stupid` Buttercup¡¿

      I have a rat as a pet tho-

    3. Your Boi

      6:32 that dam rat

    4. Your Boi

      I have such horrible wifi that even the ad is blocky

    5. A Happy Dino


    6. Tomatoes Celyn

      One time years ago when i was in church camp, a cricket appeared during worship i heard so many screams that day SO MANY that i thought someone died??? and then they all run and i saw this black tiny thing then a leader grabbed it and took it out so that was a nice experience

    7. Tommy Nguyen

      3:37 this literally happened I was taking a nap for an hour before an online afterschool class, and i hear some rustling in the bin. I wake up and i see the bags of snacks in there moving by themselves, five seconds later i see a mr. mouse zoom in past the door and my mind goes *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

    8. Arva Skylar

      I agree, brother = pest

    9. Wendel Brito

      Watch it with subtitles... Thank me later

    10. Spikey Mice


    11. Slimey_Plays

      nice captions

    12. My bootiful face : D

      Omfg- whenever there is a rat- my dad literally takes his rifle and shoots that rat like never before-.

    13. Akane Dragon

      Hm, anyone else down to use dad's technique on mice?

    14. Zuri Salazar

      Love your vids

    15. Jay Pontino

      Tj toons is tabbes you mom ???

    16. OurWonderfulWorld

      That big "nope" at the start? That's a Tree Roach. That is a cockroach to us Texans... they are horrible and as terrifying as you can imagine D:

    17. Chava

      What in the heck are toilet snakes

    18. Zaya Sonner

      i have rats chewing on my walls all night. i be like _. i hear claping in the middle of the night too. FULL ON CLAPPINGGGG

    19. Mew and yam plays Roblox among us minecraft


    20. notsena

      *Me saw the title* YOOOO LETS GOO ROOMATES SERİEEE

    21. Matias Velez

      Raty balboa

    22. Cap Boi

      5:59 mice part.

    23. Machete Hitter

      I like your dads idea on how he smashed that rat

    24. • C I N N A M O N •

      6:42 The screeech

    25. Kaya Wiya

      What my family do they drowned the rat

    26. alexa hernandez

      not the tom and jerry movie coming up ;-;

    27. dum bum dam

      hehehe......we do not have 70% of those pests ;)

    28. chibishii

      4:51 i-

    29. jan marvin naquila

      This is so fcking funny

    30. Loffi Niffi

      Radioactive nope verified

    31. Yano Redrick

      Did anyone notice the Sonic movie poster

    32. ꧁sleepy_angel ꧂

      People who wishes she used a mouse instead of a lemon

    33. Shreya Chauhan

      I..I have a huge brother in my house who is 2 years older than me.

    34. Josh White

      all you gotta do is tape a mouse to your door

    35. Travisss

      I love how when I was watching this video I saw a mouse exterminator ad

    36. ᑭIᘔᘔᗩ ᖇOᒪᒪᔕ

      There is a new stink bug in my house like every month and it’s become a tradition to name them every time we see one. Such as, Gerald, herald, Tina, avocado, Henry, Harry, Patricia, bob ross.. We even had a funeral for one that died, and used an old earrings case thingy as a casket, and buried it in my backyard.

    37. Zenitsu

      If I see a cockroach in my house imma send it to the forever box

    38. ?pixel•BuGs?

      Watch with captions on

    39. The hamster guru

      Rats are cute

    40. Edwin Perlera

      0:32 she look like an old lady

    41. Michael 0

      You mess with the crown then you should expect the bat in your face in 0.00001 seconds

    42. Duck

      I have been in quarantine for 1 year not a single pest has entered my house cause my mom keeps spraying air refreshener in the damn house

    43. fun mario bros

      At 6:21 my Alexa went on and said it couldn’t find music for focus

    44. In a banana suit

      crazy cat lady? pshhhh *crazy rat lady is more like it.*

    45. Lynne Sheppard

      Oh heck no

      1. Lynne Sheppard

        Your dad is a savage

    46. Beanys FNAF Channel

      Can we all take the time to appreciate the hilarious subtitles

    47. Alex

      Brother belike: AaAaAaAaAaAaAah

    48. Melchor Valero Rivas

      "I will not be surprised if this girl secertly went to a ariana grande thank you next video" i laphed so hard in my life

    49. Itz_ MøchiPxnda

      One time I deadass found a rat just chilling on my sofa like it lived in my house or some shit 😂

    50. Jelena Visic

      6:42 Turn on the text at this one

    51. Conix316

      rat IQ:99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Human IQ:110

    52. Mushroom :D

      Me watching this with my pet rats:

    53. Christy Gerringer

      U the new rat queen-

    54. dallas murray

      i have rats in my house

    55. xX_Casper&Michael_Xx

      “We’re family friendly.” You said the word “Fuck” five** times, Tabbes.

    56. Mirage FAFNIR Official


    57. Saliva Baby


    58. • {ït Bûñ b̥ͦûñ l⃤u⃤r⃤ø}•ツ

      Me spots a spider Me: grabs 50 jugs of water almost burns the house down he dead?

    59. Ol33_ 2k9

      Poor lemon

    60. Roman Rock

      If they touch the bed they get the bat (it rhymes )

    61. pabi xiao

      06:24 mouse being suspicious

    62. tkshea06

      Omg your bro is a pest wait oh that makes sense now

    63. Lucy Thomas

      My pet rats steel things from me. Dam when they want something they take it.

    64. Ramya Ramesh

      bruhh my alexa responded to you. tf . it doesnt give a shit when i call

    65. A person Animation

      The lemons 🍋!!!!!!!!

    66. Jessy R.

      Well I know eLL likes it.

    67. Gacha Kitty

      Actually, mosquitos aren't entirely useless. Male mosquitos polinate flowers, only females drink blood.

    68. Withered Fnaf Gacha :3

      Wait, there are FOUR of these?

    69. feuerpfote 123

      Yes I have one and its my brother

    70. nyathens

      Fun fact:Male mosquitoes are pollinators,and female mosquitoes drink blood to lay eggs.

    71. Anthony McFarland

      They are helpful they keep the people from cutting down the rainforest

    72. Awmeration -Animations and art


    73. Pratap kumar sahu Roll no.24

      How do you get money don't you get demonitised

    74. Saidscoot


    75. alpha master MR OFFLINE

      Part 2 plz

    76. Let your NERD OUT!

      Alt title: Living with 69

    77. Sheila Ring

      This reminds me of the time I left my mini marshmellows with me when I slept and when I woke up my gosh darn marshmellows were *invaded* with ants, I was sad but I had to let my marshmellows go as there was no saving my precious.

      1. -Kenma's Cat-

        R. I. P Marshmallows

    78. king gamer

      Thanks now i am feeling like a mice on me and this won’t probably go until next hour good video btw

    79. king gamer

      6;41 this is my reaction to mice

    80. C J B B ryan T

      1:03 If you can hear closely you can hear the music from pico school

    81. doge like banana :3

      6:24 I got a Spotify add

    82. 밀카말라

      My dad takes a hammer and you now the rest.

    83. The Fnaf_Foxy

      Didn’t realize I wasn’t subbed onthis phone

    84. pitbike ryan

      3:18 drumstick hand

    85. Eli

      My friend has a rat issue in her house.... one morning she caught 8 mice in less than an hour so that’s fun

    86. Lan Pham

      Me when I see a coach roach:*smash it with my feet* My sister when she sees an ant”If I see a ant or bigger I am burning the house down,rebuild it,nuke it,rebuild it,get my car,go to India*We live in Texas*,get euros,or if there is COVID19 Ima go to the moon and live there.

    87. so I changed my channel name again

      I have a 2 pet rats, they are f*cking loud

    88. Denki Kaminari

      Tabbes: I stepped onsomething warm, and furry The captions: (like james) It's actually there look in the video with captoins

    89. Gianna Valencis

      The pest in my house is my brother

    90. Mustafa Tariq

      How the hell can a snake get into your toilet

    91. Mustafa Tariq

      I live with flies,cockroaches,wood worms and caterpillars and also one spider that sneaked through the pipes I killed him im not joking

    92. RAWNIV

      Oh my Gaaaaoooooooooowd

    93. Ghastly

      I got fuccin water spiders and spiders. And a hampsters

    94. Sarah Well

      0:55 nice bug joking

    95. Sēanxpai

      I’ve heard of so many spiders and some can poison you, so I’m terrified of them

    96. mrbeasty

      i hate rats if see one i burning my house they can keep it you dead rat

    97. Zachary Poon

      I have rat’s in my house and I am only a kid and they scare me because they can kill me

    98. not here

      i love your voice so much hahaha

    99. Cyrilla King

      When you set Alexa play Focus music My Alexa responded