Thanksgiving Rap


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    Highly requested... for some reason. Happy Turkey day. This song is a reference from the "Joining a military program" vid
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    Track: "KING" - Hype Freestyle Type Beat | Free Type Beat | Kay-Z
    Beat provided by Beats Provider.
    Brrrrr skrrrr ratatata hubadadada whatever it is rappers be saying nowadays iunno Highly requested... for some reason. fun anyways. ooh. Ok. LESGO HOOK is coming. ye ye
    Turkey turkey you so fine
    Turkey turkey make you mine
    Eat with gravy eat with ketchup
    Good with anything ye you bcha
    thanksgiving day
    Times were good but hollup- wait
    Suddenly the farmer came thru the gate
    And that turkey went
    (Oh na) I'ma be ate
    Went on the cutting board trying to reason
    like damn- you hungry tis the season
    why you craving turkey get some Jerky or some rye i don't get it i done said it i fr dont wanna die

    But he slashed it decapitated
    Terminated hadda be pragmatic
    Fair enough it's just culture, f -ed up tho
    tradition is tragic
    5 o'clock it's chow time
    Family members all stopped by
    Lil Sammy wouldn't eat his grub tho
    Alternatives in the spotlight
    Cornbread? Iunno man
    Funyuns? Not widdit fam
    We got green beans potatoes tomatoes
    Casseroles pot pies hot dogs and mayo (YOU NAAAAME IT)
    Clams hams chocolate filet o gravy stuffing macarons and kale
    Damn Sam Green eggs and ham? Guac yam not even skewered lamb
    You a slop
    Didn't call the main course Close shop
    Disrespect to the main no shame you sayin that big bird downgrade dassa flop
    And Since there's no tribute Well rn thats what im boutta do
    Turkey turkey you so fine
    Turkey turkey make you mine
    Eat with gravy eat with ketchup
    Good with anything ye you bcha
    Turkey turkey o so sad
    Turkey turkey died a Chad
    Not the popeyes not kentucky
    Todays the day we craving turkey
    Here the feast with the family times
    Fight fo legs
    Cause a hundred crimes
    Savage lot be thankful ay no fighting at the table
    Gobble me swallow me drip down the side of me
    Here we go this is it ending it finally
    Chew that ham
    Bite that corn
    Smack it down u gon get some more
    Say YEEEER we living it up
    Thanksgiving the feud with the family square up
    Black friday right after with fighting and chatter for tvs and ipads that's what still matters
    And that's just it
    Happy Thanksgiving yall


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