My Neighbor Tried to Break Down The Door (Roommate Stories)


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    Hey all, I think this is the longest I've gotten through without uploading a video. Thanks for being patient. ALSO it was awesome to see some of you at Vidcon, even though I didn't get the chance to make any announcements this time. I'll make sure to save at least 50 backups next time so no videos are delayed.
    Da artist who made the amazin roommate fanart: LadyIssu
    ALT LINK (If its not working):

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    1. Spencebot Shadow!

      divas like my girlfriend

    2. Ryhan matyuf

      3:56 I laughed so hard

    3. Minecrafter never Fortniter

      Im a guy and I love twerking sometimes don't ask and did it in math class because I don't give 2 shits a girl was looking at me I didn't give a fuck

    4. KevinDrawzStuff

      So I clipped the part 3:56 till 4:55 and I'm literally laughing at this at 1 am also my timeline Sucks!! ;D

    5. Eclipsed Episodes

      This Bubbles the *Jappy Holly-* *-I n h a l e-*

    6. Carolyn Murray

      I love how tabbes uses the Pico's school enemy song

    7. Navy?

      3:57 I love it

    8. Amethyst R.

      3:03 get him and his sokka-lookin haircut outta here

    9. funne monki

      mom: go play with the kid nextdoor the kid next door: 4:53

    10. Diana Rodriguez

      Why do I feel like Megatron

    11. Matt Brown


    12. Haoqian

      If you read this comment make a video where you make hoot alt F4

    13. Awhjillian

      3:57 the best anthem to tell someone to be quiet

    14. ashley williams


    15. Mary leonardi

      The song I was laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    16. Colorfull

      Its 2021

    17. Sheena Rica Joy Sibayan

      ok irs fanny hahahaha

    18. Aiden Campbell

      Hooter kinda looks like soka

    19. Hannah Rosebery

      I just love your videos I watch them all the time they're so funny and I just love them keep up the good work

    20. Minecraft God

      Bruh the part where pico's theme plays

      1. Minecraft God


      2. xlivie


    21. Skylar Ro'meave

      I like the bubbles and diva singing and using the pan and spoon to counter his loudness

    22. vicious bdv


    23. Emmalee Guess

      Megatron is my spirit animal.

    24. Otter Penguin {BL}

      Hooter looks like Sokka

    25. fa hen

      3:56 its my Favorite part :)

    26. LeOn

      2:38 wtf

    27. Cesar Flores

      Bubbles,diva: Shut the fuck up,Shut the fuck up leave us alone man your a fuckin' shmuk Megatron: *Dances*

    28. Kenny Ward

      I did eat a quarter once and went to the hospital to get a x ray

    29. Pyro D. Law

      1:16 pico's skool

    30. Adelaide McMillion

      when they were saying the shut the beep up and Megatron was dancing fell out of my chair

    31. Duck

      1:51 3 year old me trying to find out why the cube won't fit Into the triangle

    32. danni xoxo

      *Knock* Knock *Knock* Woman: Safety Exception open up. Tabbes: Dang we dun-goofed up now. PLS

    33. BG 360

      6:03 That all I'm gonna say

    34. squarecube 52341

      I love her content and how her voice sounds with the humor just btw.

    35. oofers99

      did no one noticed the song fron pico's school? xddd

    36. thebruhdude


    37. Boing doi . — .

      one day its a foot now its a tortilla can you take that off tabes:streaches

    38. Ronny the Pikachu

      How the turn tables

    39. VerVikel Rblx

      Shut the fk up Me: best song

    40. Lil Potato :3

      Hooter be having sokka hair

    41. __hajimaee__ Hii

      the bdsm s test I- all I have to say is im the complete opposite.........a fucking bottom-..........but still kinky

    42. G uCCI WoL F

      Yo is dat Lil Tay outside 😐 *ME laughing really hard* *Boy trting to open the door* Laughing in tears XDDDDDDDD

    43. Blue Fire 765

      Lol 2021 now

    44. Vinda_da_lua

      Heya people that recognized the bdsm test on sight

    45. ChIl MaN

      Tabbes:Talked about memes Me:Nen NEEEEEn AAAAhh sHiIiIIIiiiIUt

    46. Springii_

      Anarchy, my favorite subject.

    47. pumpshotgungamer yeet

      2:39 wow we got some long ass neck shit

    48. pinoyperson

      "Someone just threw tortilla at my balls!" that was holy

    49. JordanBell bell

      I already swallowed a penny when I was younger

    50. Newt

      Salmonella Sam O’nella gasp this video is sponsored by Skillshare

    51. Jackson Youngblood

      Best song ever

    52. William Metts

      I come from the year 2021

    53. Max Torres

      I think you need the bat packed with you just in case you need to wack your self a neighbor

    54. Max Torres

      You be like yaaa it's reverse time

    55. Blue Rose Videos

      Any chance we could see the other stories at some point?

    56. draco malfoy is my boyfriend

      hooter looks like a jake

    57. Hunter Lovejoy

      I like how she used crayola for makeup

    58. Raied Benjamin


    59. Raied Benjamin

      Me: **hears crack and slowely looks back** Also me:**sees tabbes** OH GOD DONT HURT ME PLEASE

    60. Sus Totinos

      hooter is sokka

    61. Death trooper guy named Joe


    62. Harleywastaken_Al

      Coronavirus:I'm kill all of y'all Tabbes and her friends:Shut the fu*k up

    63. spoike dainja leslay

      Is it a coincidence that hooter looks like sokka?

    64. Izan Molina

      Another time seeing this and I swear the Diva explanation made me remember about a boy in my class nearly in that definition (Mainly the twerk part) L0L

    65. Petya Vatseva

      hooter seems high all the time lol im totally hooter

    66. ramcurequeeny

      Hey tabbes imaginative your roommates talk about animated movies because you’re an animation BGclipr

    67. Morgan Van Meter

      Is that a bdsm survey at 1:57??😳🤣🤣

    68. Space_Gun :3

      Guys she said she misses us!?

    69. Sanz Lady

      Megatron is a relatable mood

    70. Gabes

      Swag moments: Da Da Da Da Da is the motherf*cking D-O-double G

    71. Maduxx

      i uh maybe when i was 7 swallowed 2 quarters so i am worth 50c

    72. Alfredo Romero Aldana

      3:58 I Fucking Died Whit Megane rolling and then doing a Dab

    73. The gaming dragon

      Table should've had a airsoft gun back then

      1. The gaming dragon


    74. Gf crying


    75. The smol furret :3


    76. James Gaming

      Ur vids the best

    77. J Papas

      You talk Spanish wow me to wooooooooooooooooooooooow

    78. Knilolas lynn

      Sam O' Nella accademy? What a twist!

    79. Dawn Swartz

      Bro I love this :) this stuff makes Me laugh

    80. htin sai

      Her:this is bubble Me be like: *thinks of power puff girls*

    81. puppy being

      1:34 bubbles and tabbes gate keepers of hell

    82. Gladiator

      TORTILLA MON 😆😏 then on a face 😢. I olso like the the gerls maik nois laouther then hin and (sorry for my english 😅)

    83. Woke.

      1:35 me and mah bro realize that we are in deep shit/trouble

    84. N luna

      sht the fc up

    85. Siena Lopez

      Please- I'm literally megatron in every way Lmao-

    86. Akio Akagi


    87. Chelsea Labban

      Hi iam in 2012 good....

      1. Chelsea Labban


    88. ʙʀʏɴᴇʀ

      1:16 you are,,,,, TECHNOBLADE????????

    89. Lunzyi Clumzyi

      I accidentally ate a quarter once... _let’s not talk about that_

    90. Katherine Banda


    91. Annahir S.

      2:38 sorry but-

    92. Eva Alvarez

      Nah it’s just a fricking drunk dude

    93. mrinedit

      " unsubscrib button "

    94. Julian Lyons

      You should have thru it harder to break his balls but then you be in ttubel

    95. Adeiana Patterson

      This video is so funny 😂😂😂

    96. flaetsbnort

      "I know it sounds like we're all terrible people, but in fact, we indeed are"

    97. Thereisnothinfmore Uglier then you

      Wait what 2018- I am watching this in 2021

    98. Cheese-and-rice, Moony

      My God this is the most chaotic group ever. I LOVE IT! I am literally dying of laughter.

      1. Edward Munoz

        Lol I know right?

    99. Temmis Mom


    100. Temmis Mom

      Anybody watching this in 2020 or 2021