Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide


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    This video was for Halloween but you know the drill. Happy new years n may all your resolutions come true
    Special gracias to Ray and Roberto for the A++ stellar voice acting
    ALT LINK (If its not working): discord.gg/tnnnhgJ

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    1. Shit Dang

      You could technically make zombies a real thing. Mix mad cow disease, rabies, and that one fungus that makes ants zombies/ that fucking zombie deer dna

      1. Shit Dang

        also for that miskito shit thing you fucking move to Canada

    2. Sarc

      For real tho, if a zombie apocalypse really does hit, or the world ends and all that, then we’re really going to be looking back at Covid times when all you had to do was stay home and wash your hands whenever an Amazon package or your food came.

    3. Esmine Harris

      Stop you reminded me of a game and I stop playing

    4. MEH

      No joke but if I see a zombie in our front yard I’d commit suicide... and the irony is I am really good at killing zombies... in video games.

    5. Alex Jirkova

      What if biting zombies would heal them? ;O;

    6. hyperboi

      i guess if i was in a real apocalypse i would lay in my room , eat my food since im sure i would have lots of it, and play games till i die

    7. hyperboi


    8. Brayden Gonzalez

      tip shoot for the head not the other body parts or it take longer ☠ and I have 2 real swords and two or three metal bats

    9. olive elaine lancin

      How about silence pistol

    10. Fabiola Iñesta

      Afro is dead noooooooo

    11. Nightmare Fredbear

      This is what to do: Swing a knife and everytime you get a kill play an OOF sound effect

    12. Anselm Gademann

      I personally already have a very good plan for the z wars/z apocalypse, but this definitely adds on to it Except the mattress part

    13. SCOPE_SiFi

      6:13 "Duuuuh"

    14. Dre Sawyer

      Tabbes said we're going to be emo during the zombie face I'm not I'm going to be psychopath mode

    15. T.C.M Studios

      Watch 2:59 to 3:02 with your eyes closed.

    16. Ahtırı Ba

      This was... More like how to get bitten when it started.

    17. Vanja Mirkovic

      just for saying why the fuck did humans made a supressor for a gun so no zombies can hear


      I feel like stan would be taking notes on this 😂👍

    19. Classic

      What to do in a zombie apocalypse: Wait outside your house for zombies and when they come do a noscope

      1. Classic

        Camping irl

    20. Flamin Bugs bunny

      2021 and im living the zombie apocalypse

    21. Aurora Brekker

      LMAo 부산행

    22. HelpfulPip

      pico school music

    23. Rocky_Days XxYay!xX

      Oh come on I thought you'd say fans so we subscribe for nothing?!

    24. Rocky_Days XxYay!xX

      2:10 AMONG US

    25. Luca M

      the best weapon angainst zombies is online school

    26. *{inotdonutz lol}*

      Zombies are here right now Your dead relative and friends Get it Cause ghost are dead ppl

    27. BİLL CİPER s brother

      a easy answer be like me carry 4 knife whit you whit youre HOMEMADE SPECİAL KNİFE BAGGGGGG

    28. Seigheart31

      in america when zombie bites you, you turn zombie in soviet russia you bite zombie, zombie turns human

    29. Blockso Block

      Once the zombie apocalypse happens this video will get a lot of views

    30. Inferno Playz

      *DISCLAIMER* If you live in greenland leave now

    31. Taiah Maxwell

      Me: dying of laughter*

    32. ondřej havlina

      i would be like francis and go out with my bros shoot up some zombies

    33. Nicholas Ariza

      Good idea

    34. Emeywayuemay Onitnatsnoc

      Sakura is useless

    35. Tree Thing


    36. noobsbelikejojo :-O :O

      Uhm u should not eat fod in the super markwt in the apocalypse beacuse that food is exposed to the infecton go to trees instead i know ima smart ass

    37. Riolu Fan

      2:01 Me laughs in next crusade

    38. beepersyt

      I'm waiting for it

    39. World wide

      When u realize all the best animators r Asian

    40. Enriqueta Juan peñaloza

      lmao the Sakura part 😂

    41. Angelica Anton

      Her: and I'ma bring a person who can do caratae and stuff. Me: I do caratae and do other stuff I have 2 katanas and a machete too.

    42. drawing_stuff_iguess

      4:03 when Joe get legs?

    43. KnightGamesYT

      Yes, finally I know how to survive an apocalypse! The problem is I would be quarantined as much and right now in my base ment.

    44. Hafelord


    45. peachmacarxn

      “slide trip do a flip” tabbes 2020-2020

    46. L .Lawliet

      Nah you should take a Sakura just for bait

    47. Among Us videos

      She means

    48. Among Us videos

      Is silenced pistol

    49. Redstar Cat

      I got some random tips for living in a zombie apocalypse: - If you're sick of killin, maybe living in the mountains is a good idea. - I think the main energy source of a zombie is in the head, so, better obliterate it, I guess. Bats are AMAZING for that (although, you may already know that😅). - Canned food lasts longer, so, I'd say get as many as ya fridging can. Have fun👍 (Ik zombie apocalypses are insane😨)

    50. Darkly Boi

      Zombie humor: What do you call a human? Meat and bones

    51. Dave Ford

      All I would need is my bat my determination and toilet paper

    52. Bloxian legend

      Tips if the outbreak actually happen but chances are 1 in 100000 million Anyways get a axe like this axe that one at the left then take a normal sized one and add some attachments I like mine bigger cuz I wanna hit from far and never never never use a gun brave people fight with hands or melee weapon and always run when theres a horde of zombies aka a bunch of zombies and cut a rubber sandle cut the soft rubber sandle and put it under a boot

      1. Bloxian legend

        And if you are a kid like me and your parents don't believe on the news or didn't see the news then get some log very thick logs and sharpen the edge the log needs to be thick so it doesn't break but not those giant tree logs just normal small kinda tree and cut it then sharpen it and armor is the most important umm and don't go with joggers and tank tops go with geans pants and full dress and make neck protection and use booths not normal shoes and another thing if you find a strong club like stick or you have a really strong club then put nails on it or if you have a iron club then that's strong enough you don't need nails if you have iron club so that's it

      2. Bloxian legend

        Ok sorry I couldn't write more in that comment you need to do because of a myth that I even saw it is true but I still don't know they say it makes it a bit more silence and I even say it works and attack one by one and sadly this isn't a game so you can't back attack you would need to make a way you would think you would have a way to escape and also be ready to attack and don't stress always concentrate and if you stay in Australia well my friend if the virus starts from America and somehow a infected doesn't get on the plane from America to Australia then we'll you are the one of the safest people but don't think that people will not try to kill you to get resources they will and the other 1 thing good about living in Australia is even if the virus starts at Australia even then you are safe but you gotta do a bit of work ok my plan is get a boat or just steal but before doing that get a fishing rope and a spear not normal spear those fishing spears and get a normal hammer and some attachments you would like in your hammer and find very strong fabric clothes you gotta research on fabric I am not a expert on that then do this get a bag actually get 2 bags and get another small bag like behind your pants you gotta add it so you can quickly put or pull out of the bag and bring 2 really big bags in one of the bags that will be filled with paper because you need fire to burn the fish and use the paper wisely so you don't always have the risk to go to town and bring some more paper and another bag is for when you hunt And btw hunt at the morning and make plans get out of the island at 10 am and come back at 5 pm because there is a myth zombies can't handle the sun and you will be in a big risk fighting at night because you wouldn't be able to see clearly and if you ever find a person please just be a jerk and kill him I am telling this from a deep experience of trusting someone that guy was my friend but he betrayed me but I saved him people bullied him then I was the one who saved him that's why I know never trust anyone but always tell your best friends to come and your family members and the people you trust and always remember the way to your camp and always keep your boat to travel from places to places and always keep it clean and fix it and try to make it better and stronger and most important thing remember to sharpen your axe and clean it after every battle and make a good strong base so that's it for now please feel free talk if you wanna talk to me ask my discord in the comments if you wanna talk to me I can give alot more tips anyways I am actually a kid who is just 12 years old but I have alot of experience about the zombie apocalypse from movies comics series and games if you think I am talking non sense then I understand I have been researching about zombies for 6 years I am not a Frick but I always try to get more information about zombies and etc just comment what's your discord if you wanna talk to me I will always reply and give you my discord

    53. Detective Yoshi

      philippines is freaking me out wtf is wrong with em

    54. random spacedude

      or be bill murry

    55. random spacedude

      i got a sword does that count

    56. Owen Aubart

      He got bit on his right arm. Only if he was left handed he would be fine with it. "The virus slowly spreads through your body" is a lie, if the virus gets in your blood it circulates around in your body, removing the limb would not help. There is also a theory that every one has the virus and zombies biting you kills you.

    57. YourLocal _Friend

      I have a random idea- If you hollow out the matress, you could try to make it into a mini base. Dont question my logic but it might work-

    58. ColdLegends55

      My dad has 3 katonas and 4 BB guns

    59. Moss Feet

      ive watched and read twd countless times.... Ive been waiting for this my whole life

    60. RexycowMC

      'why do you have that junk?' 'bc its cool' Yeah thats the same thing I told my parents as I bought 3 katana's at the age of 11

    61. Baby Blu

      3:39 glad we can agree

    62. switch

      One year later it's still amazing

    63. POPCORN115

      Video: starts Music: pico school

    64. Kenny Ng

      The stingy celery contextually consist because bakery ordinarily guess vice a annoyed hemp. loving, tough robin

    65. Mr. Blue Animations

      Hey buddy, I'm a survival expert. That means I solve problems. Not problems like, *what is beauty?* I solve practical problems. For instance? How am I gonna stop some big undead mutherhubbard from tearing me some nice human flesh? The answer? Use a gun... and if that don't work, use more gun. Like this heavy caliber, tripod mounted, little ol' number designed by me... Built by me... And you best hope? Not pointed at you.

    66. Lily Chang

      2020 be like: I am the apocalypse...

    67. doomgummy

      and this is when i subbed

    68. frostphoniexgacha


    69. Tsuki n Yams

      The Walking Dead watchers and Gamers be here like: "My time has come"

    70. naruto uzumaki

      That sakura one hit different 😂😂😂

    71. Spencer Hicken

      8:12 "this was an AXE-ident"

    72. Kindalikeafox

      chainsaws? no. LAWNMOWER.

    73. Black Tulip

      she sounds black

    74. Corbin Plante

      So when the mosquitos see the zombies they will suck their blood and their is a good chance that they will become a zombie so we are screwed to begin with if they turn into zombie mosquitos

    75. Corbin Plante

      The mosquitos drink blood

    76. Eevee Girl

      2:04 “what most of us have Sykunno: ...

    77. milk kid

      Forgot silenced guns

    78. James Baas

      Dick's sporting goods sells machetes. Do what you want with this information

    79. Zephaniah Dejene

      How to survive in a zombie Apocalypse. Go watch damn zombie land or some world war Z if you're a pessimist

    80. Ethan CLARKE

      2020: are you happy now

    81. Jonathan Gomez

      🤣🤣 after you have ended the zombie apocalypse I do hope you still have an SD Card with a working radio and play some Call Of Duty theme songs

    82. gman gaming

      Realistically steel toe boots suck for winter

    83. Nur Amalina Binti Azmi

      There is a chance that zombie doesn't eat human flesh. Maybe they're just corpse that stands around doing nothing but being stinky. Anyways, zombie are basically just corpse walking and that makes it easy for you to unmobilize it. Just cut they're legs and arms so they can't do any shit, then burry them back. You can't kill them because they are already dead. If you want to prevent a zombie apocalypse, just put tall cages around a graveyard and they'll be stuck in the cage forever. I ain't stupid like the people in sweet home.

    84. R K M EXE

      “Why dont we go To ikea?” W h a t a b o u t -3008

    85. batdeer 33

      New zombies can run old zombies are slow as blood clots at their ankles hit them in the head and they will die again zombies would walk on the bottom of tge ocean so safe ish


      5:20 she became a beyblade

    87. Pastelcolor Playz

      Zombie does exist but not the way u expect it de real ones are fungus Idk if it can infect us but I do know is it can infect ants making it multiple and multiple this is not a lie

    88. I need a bad bleep

      3:39 dont ✍️ bring ✍️ trash ✍️ along ✍️ a zombie ✍️ apocalypse ✍️

    89. Mr. Context

      An Axeident? How long did it take you to “chop”to it, and get that pun?

    90. Unus Anus shall live Unus Anus shall live

      I am balanced, can joke around, and get stuff done. But when poop hits the fan you know that katana, and throwing stars are coming out.

    91. Arabella O'Halloran

      Not burst any Bubbles but if there was a zombie apocalypse we would only need live for about a week or a month

    92. MTC Yael

      We dead we need a cook

    93. Yensi Maduro

      If you had to bite zombies to get them back to humans

    94. ari ben

      Nag bruh just give them a potion of weakness and a golden apple

    95. Pines' Hazel Animations

      You ready for me to take this unnecessarily seriously? If you're gonna have a gun, you gotta have a silencer. That's the #1 rule of the zombie apocalypse. I'd say bats impaled with nails to bash their heads in would be the best option. #2; Get as much canned food as possible and make sure you have a can opener. Also get a portable gas stove for trips outside and find a house that has a gas or electric stove you can use so you can heat up the canned stuff. Canned food takes way longer to expire when it hasn't been opened. Do not eat expired food, getting sick is one of the terrible things that could happen in an apocalypse. However, those run out because of other survivors quickly, so your best bet is to learn how to hunt. Travel somewhere close to the woods or river for that. #3; if you get bitten on the arm and the infection spreads slowly, then you have no other choice than to tie off the blood flow on the limb and cut it off with an ax if you want to live. You can cut off your leg if that leg gets bitten, but it'll put you at a major handicap and risk. If you cut off your leg, then try and find some sort of prosthetic as quickly as you can after it heals. You walk slowly on crutches otherwise. #4; Its possible the zombies can freeze in cold areas, though its just a theory. Try to travel to places like Canada or Greenland. #5; AVOID. INFECTED. ANIMALS. ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE FAST OR A BIG ANIMAL LIKE A DEER, BEAR OR MOOSE. #6; Don't keep pets. They'll make too much noise, attract zombies and they run risk of getting bitten if they fight mobs. #7; Wear lots of clothes and try to wear padded stuff on your arms or legs. This'll avoid bites getting to skin. *#8; First aid kits. Raid pharmacies, hospitals, anywhere with bandages and medical supplies. This is EXTREMELY important.* #9; It sounds silly, but the internet is your friend in the apocalypse. Survivors can post information and tips in social medias, and you can look up how to treat wounds or how to cook certain things. #10; Facemasks. Just in case. You dont know if the virus is spreadable through the air. #11; Do not go to a deserted island if you don't know how to plant stuff. Otherwise, you're screwed. #12; Underground bunkers are super important and your friend. *#13; DO NOT TEAM UP WITH ANYBODY UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU CAN TRUST THEM.* If you are thinking of teaming up with someone, check if tthey're infected first. Make sure they're somebody you can absolutely trust. Make sure they dont have weapons on them when they ask to team up. You can get betrayed very easy. #14; Learn how to pick locks. #15; Block all windows.

    96. Minecraft God

      I cant with the sakura

    97. Nic Ken

      What if there's an apocalypse on mars

    98. Dr. Phil's Forehead

      I do not understand the fear of a zombie apocalypses. ''Oh no, these hobbling rotting bodies that are moving at about 0.1km/ph are chasing me what will i ever doooooooo''

    99. Natalie Weldon

      what if vegan ppl turn into zombies...

    100. •ChimChim Tacos•

      Minecraft players have been dealing with zombies since forever 🧟‍♂️