Failing New Years Resolutions


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    Hope your resolutions are going well so far, one of my resolutions is to upload more often.. And to fix that, I gotta stop being a perfectionist. And don't worry.. I won't be doing sponsorships often.
    Thank you to Luvu and Ray for voice acting parts in this video.
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    1. Gon Freecss

      *Ahem who is Resolutions? Never met them now imma go back to sleeping for 2 hours and waking up for work at 7am*

    2. ondřej havlina

      I never did new years resolutions because my family never did them. Tbh if I want to lose weight or something like that I start now not wait till new year

    3. Zanvis shipper For life

      4:43 *looks around suspisesly*

    4. Mr Jack

      Lol I’m a skinny as bitch that can eat as much as I want and not get weight seriously

    5. itz_ally here

      I'm the person who just thinks of random "resolutions" for a school assignment, but never does it

    6. DidThink

      I literally have a problem with not being able to buy things XD I have to force myself to get new things

    7. DidThink

      yeah I literally cannot gain weight XD

    8. Cap Boi

      3:40 My enemy is gona kill me.

    9. SnowBoy1

      I wanna gain weight.

    10. Rebecca Webb

      I was just on amino 😂

    11. POWDER BOY

      Tip for 2021 years when you wake up you be like draw play a game on you phone Punch your figures or plushes

    12. Z Jones

      No pain no pain

    13. Z Jones

      In the pantry there was wine

    14. Itz_Ninja_Playz UwU

      I don't do a New Year Resolution not cuz I know I'll fail (though I will) but I rather not be stuck with something I don't want to do :/

    15. Lm mL

      I love how artists promote arts and ocs as active and friendly amino but when you get there, it's NOTHING like that

    16. Mister Peeebody

      4:42 yeah that’s me I’m actualy pretty scared I’m 20 pound below the average weight for my age and I cant eat enough so every day I live in constant fear of blacking out in the middle of know where so uh yeah that’s my life

    17. crossmare shiper viper

      It is now 2021

    18. Watery * Oasis


    19. wayne curle

      You really love tho blobby Fish

    20. Renae Cassidy


    21. Mr. Spider

      Tabbes I don’t like graphic novels

    22. Chuck Mattson

      🖕 whoops I meant 🖐 I failed my resilosions 😔

    23. Guytheoreo

      i fail my resolution before i think of it

    24. ren yamad

      who else still 2021 veterans? LONG LIVE TABBES

    25. Jdog25__2003

      I have kept my new years resolution. To not cut my hair and let it grow

    26. fram famer

      Dang tabs when did you become the Kool-Aid Man

    27. luv REEEEE kid.

      am i the one who just spends all money on food? no one here? ok i get it

    28. mattesch

      4:42 well i want get chunky but but my body said no Wow even my own body hates me

    29. Audrey Aaaa

      "I’ll start next week"

    30. ITS NATE

      know that this is 2 years late, but I dont really do new years resoulution, and so I decided like, on the of febuary 15 that I would exercise (Meaning 5 to 14 minutes of exercise a day, and im still going strong) also, I already read alot, around 10-2 books a month, depending on how I feel.

    31. Barnie

      4:43 that’s me same weight for years on end after I turned 20 same when I was a kid only grew once in weight a few times when I got older my stomach can take a beating

    32. OOF hello there

      My resolution for 2021 was: - Learn to animate - Avoid slamming face into desk because of COVID (Ive done it like 5 times before)

    33. Trevor Trivette

      Me who can eat 22,500 calories without a single issue: diet is die

    34. ItbugzzMe

      Im the person who eats a lot but still does not gain any weight-

    35. Georgia Crisafulli

      well i sit on my ass all day and i get my work done XD

    36. X _ 702 _ ᗴᖇᖇOᖇ _ 702 _ X

      This is why I choose something easy and that I can do everyday super easily. So far for the past 2-3 years my resolution has been to “get better at drawing”

    37. Valentín

      I dont gain weight bc the tumor in my back

      1. Valentín


    38. 4925FOARD

      boring my new year thing is being lazy

    39. Milk_

      Oof Im a chopStick person I guess

    40. Your daily dose of cringey

      "No More Memes" Excuse me? Bitch wha?

    41. Mr. Cherri Da Berry

      Tabbes goal: get a Blob fish

    42. Trickz Revert

      Q&A Question: What is your Relation between the Blobfish?

    43. nitro


    44. Xred 09

      I was gonna try to be happier, failed day 2.

      1. Xred 09

        I kept going.

    45. naruto fan

      slifer the sky dragon be like

    46. Shiny_Rogue

      At 3:18 who else thought the crunch was her bones?

    47. Latoya Wilson

      why are there 1k dislikes

    48. Baruch Triestman


    49. Sûry_ Stûdiø

      "Who does like comic books? That's right. No one do." Girl, I like comic books-

    50. Lillian Lawin

      4:40 actually we gain wight but it'll go away by the next morning 😅 and I have no clue how we do it so don't ask me :I

      1. Lillian Lawin

        @Brooklyn N. you don't pee out food though one of the things that makes you gain weight

      2. Brooklyn N.

        @Lillian Lawin, you pee out the liquids from yesterday.

      3. Lillian Lawin

        @Brooklyn I mean you wake up and it's gone

      4. Brooklyn N.

        It’s because you pee in the morning

    51. Bella Burn

      I made a New Years resolution to draw everyday to get better at posing, I can do that and still do close to nothing

    52. Halyn Neely

      i sleep a lot so ya no im not ganna stop


      4:31 me- Do you?😢😢😢

    54. rekt digit

      people who said next year first second:🤣🤣😂😂

    55. arixiella :]

      3:41 IM WHEEZING-

    56. Sleepyhead

      my new year resolution this year was to breath atleast once a day

    57. Nothing to see here

      My new years resolution was to walk more. Simple, right? Wrong. I broke my pelvis and might never walk again.

    58. Elena - Gaming

      *raises hands*

    59. iSamYT Backup

      Guys i replace my phone when it doesn't turn on at all Even if it gas a touchscreen issue or the microphone doesn't work or the loudspeaker not the earpiece i use headphones Or the camera is broken i barely use the camera on my phone Cracked screen oh no i don't care broken sim card slot i call people on messenger

    60. s o f i a g r i m e s

      Tabbes: don’t expect to get anything done by sitting on your ass all day Me: *finally get’s up to grab the remote*

    61. Virulent

      me being a fast metabolism stick figure: hahaaaahahahahaaa. I can eat 6 meals a day. Big meals.

    62. Opal Purple シ

      When she showed the 2nd example of what the neighbors would do if they saw the food in the trash I choked on my juice XD

    63. Illika Kuldkepp


    64. 1k WIthOut A VidiO


    65. Honey Bear

      My resolution last year was to learn to ride a bike I learned that this year is to lear to swim and guess what I learned already so yah!

    66. hello people

      My brother gain weight and he still look skinny but I don't

    67. MarshyBoy

      I'm actually one of those people who eat a mountain worth of food and don't gain any wait 😅

    68. BL4CK FL4ME

      Mine was to not have a New Years revolution

    69. Mad Machanicest

      I hate when people say your just bad with money. MF what money you can spend what you don't have.

    70. Haley Goodwin

      I love Tabbes. She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    71. UndertaleAU Geno

      I don’t have anything

    72. Nox

      Why can't you do the stuff when you want it to do

    73. Sofia Garcia


    74. RobloxPlayer2187

      do it for a month stop being fat (not joking do the stuff that will make you lose weight for like a month) and if you do that keep going

    75. moshe

      i said i would lose wait and then lost motivation and couldn't regain it hi, im moshe, and i have all the symptoms of depression

    76. Zero.Hainoki

      bruh my new years resolution is to stay alive and has been for 3 years... ugh I've come so close to failing so many times lol

    77. Hol up

      My news revolution = Dont die of the no no virus

    78. Adelaide Cohrs

      "Unless you are one of those high metabolism people you can eat massive amounts without gaining weight" *awkward silence from a high metabolism 60 pound 13 year old*

    79. Amber Neo


    80. Joseph Zulu

      jokes on you i dont even start one

    81. chuntung lo

      Dude I'm those people won't fat and you fuck me? Really? That really rude

    82. Caomhan Clerkin

      woohooo i’m still going

    83. •Sleep Ok•

      I think my friends friends made that idk

    84. Sivie

      I like it how Stranger Things was the first on trending.

    85. invincible cathoard

      you like blob fish don't you

    86. Alpha Wolf

      4:41 that's me

    87. Sophia Bartolomeo


    88. Nathan Martin

      3:30 I thought they lost their neck right there

    89. Amber Awesomeness

      As a high metabolism person, I’d rather be fat then thin. SO many people call me stick and I hate it. Like- YES IM EATING THIS WHOLE PIZZA BY MYSELF LEAVE ME ALONE

    90. Liesl Robbin

      Theeereee fook

    91. Liesl Robbin

      Hooo Africa

    92. The Golden Slayer

      I'm a chopstick person.

    93. Levi Kohrs

      I am freakishly skinny. People who are NORMAL weight, How?

    94. Zoey Conatser

      My resolution for 2021 was to be more positive. I already failed

    95. SpitefulSoda

      I'm starting to think about doing my first new years resolutions

    96. bonbon scp

      Me to

    97. SleepySans the Nerd

      my english teacher hated graphic novels also as a nerd that has read over 1000 books in my lifetime you are pathetic i'm 12

    98. Kaomoji U.U

      i guess im those freaky thin people who dont gain weight... my six year old brother is 20.2kg and when i was 9 i was 20.1kg...

    99. Kaomoji U.U

      oh myj lsdkafjsldkj fakl;scjklsd jnv klenjlfkjsdlkjaslkdj a funny animator who also reads weird novels like me.

    100. tugrul omer

      I have a new resalution for u start swearing less