Food Atrocities


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    Happy middle-of-summer! Hope you've all been enjoying your vacations.. or summer school.
    If this video seems rushed, (nolie it is) because I have another outofstate trip to visit in bout 5 minutes.
    Yes it's another first world problems type of complaint video, all for entertainment purposes.
    Email for inquiries:

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    1. JustMyCase

      1:31 mokey d. The guy who eats his cereal in a bowl then puts the milk in his bowl and drinks it (clap back to to Monkey D the guy who doesn't poor milk before cereal)

    2. Ellathewolf628

      i lived in delware and i swear i never ate the pickle cereal alien ass looking shit

    3. Izuku Midoriya

      Barack Yomama

    4. [Za Doggo]

      This is what Gordon Ramsey sees in sleep paralysis

    5. Summer Fire cat

      When i seen the thumbnail i was like: Yea they eat noodles with those what's wro- Also me: WAIT THEY ARE CEREAL HOLY SHIRT

    6. Creepy Artist

      People in here Venezuela is starving as heck and there you got people messing up food so bad as if there's no hunger in the world, I'm fucking sick

    7. Bridget Gaffney

      Rice in ketchup I really like it i’m a weirdo please don’t common bad things

    8. Dylan K Rivera

      POV: you got a Gordon ramsay ad

    9. Rosiex0915

      0:15 bootiful

    10. Tommy Nguyen

      1:03 screw that nothing is getting in the way of my bacon consumption

    11. Kobe TheGuy

      is banana with ketchup actually a thing? yes, yes it is in my country. Do I love it? its decent. But that's just my opinion edit: its a sauce btw

    12. Zee Dumpling

      picles and MILKKKK

    13. deepest

      4:36 is literally charlie from it's always sunny in philadelphia's creation. Milksteak with jelly beans

    14. Super STV

      As someone with a big appetite, and one that lingers, seeing these on my phone isn’t nauseating. But if I saw that in real life, then there’s a problem.

    15. Timothy Woodlock

      i dont like pikls

    16. Yasuhiro

      This kid I knew in grade school used ketchup packets on yoghurt. Not out of starvation, just casually, during our daily snack time.

    17. Kleever DeLeon Guzman

      I don’t get the last one

    18. Zanvis shipper For life

      How to make me littaly vomit eat this in front of me i promis it will work

    19. Zanvis shipper For life

      Ewwwwww the title pic-

    20. サシャ・ブラウス

      God, I need some divine guidance right now.

    21. Sean Mason

      4:14 whatever unholy bs that is burn it with fire and then burn the fire with fire to put it out

    22. Sean Mason

      I like peanut butter on chicky nugs

    23. Xyzzy C

      Who ever made that, That thing with cereal in cucumber they are a spawn of Satan.

    24. Shark

      Mac and eggs and corn actually sounds good 😃

      1. Shark

        And the soup thing with a few billion eggs. That looks good.

    25. Riolu Fan

      4:53 honestly the best out of all of these

    26. Frech frie UwU


    27. Strawberry_c0okie

      Tbh the last one isn’t the bad 🌝 *yes I know I’m weird*

    28. kyurama 64

      2:12 I know how to keep my man (Burning) me: burning in hell?

    29. TheTalentlessCult

      Eat your cereal

    30. Kian C. Galera

      I'm a 12 year old tiny cook who looks at crap like this and looks at this with disgust.

    31. Kinda Fir

      I live in Delaware and I never had that

    32. Yeamin Rahman

      i puked after watching the first picture

    33. Rainy Neko

      What in the world was that meaty thing I’m damn right ready to go vegetarian if I ever see the person who made that shit

    34. Derek Brown

      You know most of this is a joke right ehehe right?

    35. beepersyt

      The demon of Denmark

    36. Alex Forsell

      Your the momentum of happiness and and coolness

    37. Soviet Comrade

      The banana fog looks fine ( only if the bun is banana bread)

    38. Alex Jirkova

      I saw my brother eating *Blueberrys with water and milk*

      1. vicby puppycouch

        👁👄👁 jesus

    39. Marimar Cardenas

      Tabbs could like please I love you friend s

    40. Eric Long

      The pickle milk cereal thing is fake i live around and hav relatives that liv in Delaware

      1. vicby puppycouch


    41. Lisobel Csk

      i ate while watching this. the entire time.

    42. tomi golan

      Saw a lost that said: "You not from Mississippi if you never had fried horse pussy" And it provided an image, to this day this thing haunts me

    43. Arnella Scarlett

      Is that a dead dog 🤮☠️

    44. Arnella Scarlett


      1. vicby puppycouch


    45. 《Bakugo & / x Toga Himiko 》

      I don't have a fucking week stomach but I don't lie when I say this shit made me gag a bit

      1. vicby puppycouch

        Me too

    46. Van Gilbert

      Kinda surprised no one has really said anything about Charlie’s milk steak with jelly beans

    47. Markus Smith

      Wow I grew up in Delaware and I never seen someone eat that

    48. Zero Two


    49. Larrytheblobfish .p

      2:58 (read my name) :O

    50. Al

      If someone served me pickle cereal I would fucking deck them.

    51. Mary leonardi

      What the fuck that's nasty yuck

    52. Cap Boi

      3:54 that is a fricking dog what is wrong with him.

    53. Apeportle

      1:50 i lost a tooth to this

    54. CaptPlasma

      4:00 This looks good. Idk what it called cause I am not a chef but this is a normal cooking technique.

    55. Bobby Playz

      Rice and ketchup actually taste delicious.

    56. Scarkage A.K.A ScratchedScar

      bro 3:49 it had teeth . . sorry 4 ur eyes

    57. Z Jones

      I was eating when I watched this

    58. NovaStorm

      They all got it wrong The right way is to put the bowl first 🙃

    59. Rosa

      your the adam but the female one lol

    60. Hailey Anderson

      Ok but like you don’t need a weak stomach for this you just need a stomach

    61. Animestuffz :v

      As a person from Delaware I just wanna say I-

    62. Nate The Great

      I pore my cereal before my bowl

    63. Andrew Randolph

      not me still watching while eating and have a bad stomach

    64. Talhah Unais ameen

      @MamaMax don’t swear

    65. Elle I think

      Me who does milk before cereal 👁💧👄💧👁

    66. c hawktheboss

      So in my family if you pour catch up on steak you best be ready to get thrown out of the house we don’t deal with that stuff

    67. CyanCoffee

      Damn I thought the thumbnail was ramen and I was like that ain’t half bad then I saw it in bid

    68. CyanCoffee

      Milk and pickles taste pretty good

    69. Wolvaria Studios

      As someone who used to make food combinations when I was younger...the stuff I made is 10000000x better then these

    70. george jounior

      nobody me:relaizing that tomatoes is a fruit and by doing combo banana x tomatoes make sense because banana is too fruit...

    71. Allysha Laythm


    72. Bella Chavez

      I love the scream yo bc it's funny

    73. Nico Di Angelo

      1:52 as a Delawarian I can confirm I, my family do not do this thank you for your time

    74. Ryan H YT

      these foods look good

    75. Š ä m

      ... tabs I’ll come back to this video just let me finish my food first-

    76. Sophia Bosma

      The last one looks good

    77. tloikj

      2:47 ''artist making art'' ''autist making.. art''

    78. tloikj

      3:07 you would understand that if you've seen life of boris's video

    79. froosty sowman

      The last one makes me laugh cause it reminds me of a time where some kid mixed the peanut m&ms with the regular m&ms to mess with the peanut allergy kid

    80. Sophia Rodriguez

      When she said you can’t look at this thing for more then a second Me 👁👄👁 I can

    81. Dane Johnston

      3:47 What in the actual fuck is that like seriously it looks like a dog they found in an alley the straight up skinned that bitch

    82. bull shit

      3:49 bat

    83. Phil Johnson


    84. __________________________________________________

      3:50 this feels familiar...

    85. Sarabeth Schwartz

      Ngl tables I don't like steak sauce so I use ketchup sometimes and plus it makes my mom happy because I don't eat a lot of steak.

    86. I_draw_ Whatever14

      RIP Gordon Ramsay when he watches this

    87. Nourah Awwadh Al Mutairi


    88. is me sue

      banana ketchup tastes like normal ketchup

      1. is me sue

        banana WITH ketchup is different

    89. No name

      İs it wierd that i like banana and ketchup together?

      1. is me sue


      2. grooviestglobe4


    90. SkeppyFan14

      I love sugar on steak.

    91. Lily Chang

      Tbh I do open my fridge and close it if there’s “nothing” to eat then a few seconds later I open it again

    92. Moon Dust

      I’m in Delaware (I have a lovely neighbor hood and a view of the golf course) and I don’t eat that, I love pickles and cereal but I don’t eat them together

    93. kisho dax

      If they did put jam on the banana. They should of put it on the bread

    94. Fegsm007

      i personalie put the bowl first

    95. arthur camara

      3:03 lol

    96. D Lynn Brewer H

      First image and of course I'm eating a pickel

    97. capochloe

      grapes and mayo

    98. rowan cutlip

      I don't care if people pour there milk before cereal

    99. Sklydney

      I'm gonna do the last one. Looks good.

    100. chase young

      BLOBFISH is my fav animal