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    THANK YOU for 300k, glad that each and every one of you are part of it.
    SHELLY: Blaiserms
    RAW: Rawnoid1
    DONNY: Rexamajinx
    Also Inktober is here and if you don't know what that is, I just copied and pasted what my mod wrote on discord for newcomers.
    -what is inktober?
    Inktober is 31 days of October spent making drawings in ink! Each day has its own special theme! (I.E. Day 1: Rap Legends, Day 2 Video Games Galore!) Inktober has been celebrated by artists for a while now! The whole idea came from Jake Parker! Thanks, Jake!
    -how do you participate?
    Participate by simply following the theme given from the prompt list provided and submitting your end-product here! No WIP's please!!
    -Remember! Ink should be of the upmost importance to you! (it is called Inktober after all!), but you can use other mediums! Such as, but not limited to: Ballpoint pen, Markers, etc.
    -Not Into The Traditional way of drawing? Well no problem!
    Time to say "The future is now old man!!" because Tabbes will allow you to use Digital art as well! Just remember, it's all about the ink, baby!
    -Jake's Official Inktober website!
    -So... What's the end-game here? What's in it for you?
    I'm glad that you asked! At the end of the 31 days of complete ink all over your canvas and possible major clean up, Tabbes will pick and choose her favorite pieces and showcase them at the end of her next video!! Cool deal amirite?
    -"Why are we doing this again?"
    The whole point of this event isn't meant to be a competition... But it is instead meant as a way to help improve your art as well as discover what other's can do! Bring you out of your typical comfort zone and even perhaps discover a new way you enjoy to do art!

    Email for inquiries:

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      1. Cøn


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      1. Anna


    45. Michael B.

      Tabbes: “we gonna jump” Shelly: “the fuck kind of command is that!? We got swords and shit” Me: *interopts* “and me. We also got me who’s not scared of anything anymore because I’m a psychopath that literally doesn’t care what happens to me anymore” Shelly: *ignores me* “and why do you have a bat if your just gonna tell us to jump!?” Tabbes: “don’t question the bat it looks nice” Me: “she’s got a point about the bat but I wanna stab people and rip there dead bodies apart and make giant mutants to scare the enemy” You if you were there and heard that: *whisper* “oh shit why the fuck is this guy here?”

    46. Michael B.

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      I LOVE ART, I'm just VERY bad at it.

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    54. mona faris244 11lr


    55. mona faris244 11lr


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