Here's a quick FAQ.

-What do programs do you use to make videos?

Adobe animate for animation, Adobe Premiere for aftermath editing, Adobe Photoshop/ Paint Tool Sai to make thumbnails and Audacity for audio editing.

-What tablet/ audio equipment do you use?

A Wacom Cintiq 22HD touch. I use the Shure SM7B to record my voice.


I advise it but never promote it

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  1. The Psycho Girl On YouTube

    I could never do a diss track I’m mostly the one getting dissed just like whenever there is a party like elementary school graduation party’s I’m always invisible! but i’m used to it

  2. GenoBeano

    Best voice I’ve heard

  3. Esperanza Tejada

    hahaha i have been muted for 6 years (laughing turns into crying)

  4. GenoBeano

    I would be the same

  5. iiiusions_baddie

    *Monokuma* 🤫

  6. T3CHN0-BAB3 T

    Being mute by choice is extremely dumb especially when that lady could of fucking died

  7. D e m o n i


  8. Mahdi Habibi

    I might or might not already had trust issues but thx anyway

  9. Erinie Casera

    my worse nightsmare

  10. DeMoNiZemEmEr ?

    We finna become dust before she uploads again

  11. Aesthetic

    Tabbes is dead-

  12. Blakeblaze 65

    I know

  13. Dark Chaos

    This happens to me a lot my brother sucks and I hope he gets locked in a prison

  14. Blakeblaze 65


  15. Cat Mask

    Is it actually your voice

  16. Ahegao Ayany Girl


  17. Pakou Vang

    I thought you were ranboo

  18. the blox s

    3:46 Me when my dad says get ur hand of the car window

  19. Amar Rama

    Well 8 months

  20. Daniel

    The Geodude with an afro got me XD

  21. Vuk Perovic

    i kin megatron lmao

  22. Another guy who can't think of a name

    I lost interest in this channel about a year ago and I definitely expected more new uploads lol

  23. Fan Art Fandom

    Tabbes,you good ? I just need some clarification you weren't taken by the Japanese mathia so I can rest easy

  24. nicholas bird

    my biggest challenge would be that i couldn't talk as in i didn't say my endings and s's

  25. NickMan

    Ok, so I'm here to sum up everything for the commenters. All of her accounts, except for BGclip and Discord got hacked. And no, the Thanksgiving Rap vid didn't get deleted. It got unlisted. Likely by Tabbes herself. My guess is that she's taken a long break due to the mental strain from getting hacked. And I certainly can't blame her if that's the case. And no, I don't think she's dead or in serious danger. Cause if she was, I bet that other animators would be talking about her in a concerning manner. Which they aren't. Hopefully I'm right with my POV. As for when Tabbes will come back, I can't say. It sucks and we all miss her, but I really don't know. Waiting 8 months for one of my favorite BGcliprs to upload is pain, but given what she's gone through, I'm willing to wait.

  26. Pancake Persom

    she ded

  27. Tibe Vanhove

    yeah she dead

  28. Grunt Gaming

    Tabbes: I don't like furrys Me: *subscribed imeadietly and liked every video*

  29. Your daily dose of dumb

    Is she dead

  30. bat

    Yes everything is fine (tabbes):odious


    yea it kinda sucks

  32. Seiju Narahashi

    she died from corona? i hope it isn't...

  33. Andrew Swanson

    It frustrates me that your teachers treated you that way. Your band teacher especially, that was messed up. I used to teach third grade, and one year I had a kid who was selective mute. I had been encouraged to try to communicate with her in other ways but also to try to get her to talk, and I really didn't know any better. Years later I learned from a friend, who was still selective mute as an adult, that it's not always controllable and trying to force someone to speak can exacerbate the problem. Fast forward another few years when I was a swim teacher, I had a kid I swam regularly who didn't speak to me once, and I just adapted to it rather than trying to force him to talk, and it really wasn't difficult. It would be nice if educators were taught more about these sorts of things in our thousands of hours of required meetings and professional development.

  34. TheEpic_JBoi

    They used the word sus in 2019 ahhhhhhhh

  35. Black Tk

    OG’s only

  36. TeddyBearsRule


  37. emmy

    I have three siblings

  38. TeddyBearsRule


  39. Stan Gaga

    Tabbes did adobe animate crash again?

  40. Cody-Chan

    I am going through the same thing. I can talk just fine online but if you came up to me in real life I would only just stare at you with a blank expression. Thankfully almost all of the teachers I have had so far were very understanding and we came up with other ways for me to do things like presentations (most of the time I just took a test instead). My teachers and I mainly communicate through email when I need to talk to them about something. I get As and Bs and I’m in mostly all honors classes so a lot of people come up to me trying to get me to talk by saying things like “I know you’re a smart girl you just need to talk more”. HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HELP ME?! I don’t see why they can’t understand that I’ll talk when I’m ready. If anyone cares I’m in therapy to try to talk and this year I’m going to try to say at least something. But it’s really hard to get out of the habit. But if you read this whole thing then just know that people like me and Tabbes are out there and to just be respectful of that. I hope that you are all ok and not to give up if you are struggling with something too. We can do it! 👍

  41. Minty Blood

    So like you okay or...

  42. Jaime Villaflor

    How long is it going to take

  43. Jaime Villaflor

    How do i download it

  44. Jaime Villaflor

    Nobody likes butterflies

  45. Dragon Wolfie Fox

    "Isn't it like 1am right now?" Me watching at 1am: perhaps

  46. sweetkapua54

    That thing you made a meme of is probably a Hawaiian dish called ulu curry it’s a combination of curry potatoes and bread fruit or ulu as it’s called here in islands

  47. billy apostoles

    I’m a go down to the museum grab some armor and ain’t nobody gonna touch me I might even start a clan of street samurai

  48. Gaming Videos

    I’m really worried Tabbes…You there?

  49. StolenSweetRoll

    Someone who took JROTC for 4 years and now in the army, can say the pain doesn't go away lmao

  50. Umbris the umbreon

    Fun fact:nobody Cares if your angry so don’t waste your time

  51. Fastuni

    4:23 amogus reference 😳😳😳

  52. vroooooom

    come back daddy

  53. Marxxy

    A few days ago I was laying on my bed looking at art to get motivation to draw, I saw some little thing moving and quick realized that's a whole ass spider. You can not imagine how fast I zoomed, spider can have my room now <3

  54. J4M35_G4M1NG

    ayo Tabbes, where ya been

  55. Alex M

    I went in to nyc recently and I had remembered some of the advice this video had given me even after almost a year since I watched it. And my dad almost fell for the Rapper scam and I started to panic but luckily we got away without having to buy anything 😭

  56. The Greengamer

    Bro if your grandma saw my phone she would be utterly revolted

  57. Gheme


  58. Blakeblaze 65

    O P P P

  59. Mr. Monster

    face reveal 6:37

  60. Souls & Cookies

    Log #69: it’s been months now since tabbes went to get the milk and the world is ending even more than before

  61. Ashley

    Could it be school? Maybe she is going in for another year guys 😨

  62. jntat a t akl

    what the song at 10:53

  63. Lucas

    Tabbes is trying to copy my dad :)

  64. Sanjay Sa

    5:37 Food theory:WEELLLLL

  65. Silver__Gold

    yea she dead

  66. Unrealsniper666

    If she comes back next week I will buy a lot of her merch

  67. Olalekan Popoola


  68. Elle Gillon

    i got corn

  69. Maysie Almazom

    OH MY GOD, SHE HAD 407 SUBSCRIBERS?? Look at how much subscribers she got now- 2 million subs-

  70. N.H Ninja

    Its been 8 MONTHS since she posted and I'm very worried

    1. PurpleNinja92


  71. D.i.O.r.M.i.N.a.J.

    You know, it looks like her face don't fit her voice, but trust me, if you see her actual mouth move with her voice, they'll fit together.

  72. Khalil Shahkim

    Most of this goulage

  73. D.i.O.r.M.i.N.a.J.

    Bro when I did I want to be reincarnated as someone as kick ass as tabbes


    when the baby thew all over you it reminded me of the time my family met my nephew for the first time he had to burp but thew up all over my dad

  75. Mason Berry

    This types of stories are still happening and they are getting worse and they already spread to youtube