Here's a quick FAQ.

-What do programs do you use to make videos?

Adobe animate for animation, Adobe Premiere for aftermath editing, Adobe Photoshop/ Paint Tool Sai to make thumbnails and Audacity for audio editing.

-What tablet/ audio equipment do you use?

A Wacom Cintiq 22HD touch. I use the Shure SM7B to record my voice.


I advise it but never promote it

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  1. Jack

    Chili was in this

  2. Celmober

    rip sakura

  3. Bárt Brokovník

    1:35 exept of course me

  4. xKingblahx

    I love how the first 5 seconds in this video I see sans

  5. Lonylon

    2:15 looks like there’s a bone among us

  6. Ersilia Lopes

    Mokey of Sr.Pelo in thanksgiving said : O GOD A TOERKY!!!!!

  7. blue boi

    6:34 is da face ravel

  8. Ms. Unicorn

    Where have u been this whole time

  9. ThatRandomAnimator Yee

    If ur seeing this comment 3:56

  10. Unholy gaming

    This is lowkey fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. L&B Kitty

    Chest master

  12. Yeye Miraflor

    Why isnt tabbes uploading vids for 5 months

  13. Ra1den12

    Anyone else hear the oddeones out

  14. ɮʟǟƈӄ ǟռɖ աɦɨȶɛ ąìղէ ƈօʟօʀֆ

    embarrassing, but i was addicted to fucking winning a solo fortnite game. how i stopped this addiction? I DELETED THE APP, JUST DO IT. FUCKING DO IT

  15. Stormtrooper

    that figurine is definitely going to be put in a jar by someone

  16. Draco's Room

    I'd be happy cuz its fortnite in real life

  17. *softy frogiez*

    3:59 wiz khalifa dafuq?

  18. CallMeRobertXD

    5:02 - 5:14 LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!

  19. Chickenplays1234


  20. Chickenplays1234

    my ak-47 is lockd and loaded

  21. Michael Esterline

    In my school kicking the bouncy balls was banned and there was no tag or hide and seek

  22. Oak onion

    IM 95 anD wAtcHIng ThIs

  23. Foxy the Pirate

    I'm a fetus and watching this. Edit: Imagine being pinned.

  24. Alex Cree


  25. Nicolas Pasca

    Why the bat is mvp

  26. Willow

    I have several questions

  27. Manasvini Yadav

    Where are you tabbes...?

  28. Shit Dang

    ive seen like two undertale questions and nobody commented on that shit like "would you smooch a ghost" and "cinnamon or butterscotch" last ones just close to it but fuck it.

  29. Heidi Wacherhausen

    The soap it is dumb but I like it

  30. Lilith Aubart

    Tabbes: art classes are pretty chill Jaidens art teacher: Allow me to introduce myself~

  31. Mikaela Light

    Ive been "Mute" For 6 years now

  32. Ethan Boyes

    Like A SPARTAN

  33. Levi Mendoza


  34. Inferior Somehow


  35. Bryan Bondoc


  36. dryblx

    I would get Uzi and go out of my house and prepare for W A R

  37. Kai •

    For everyone who doesn't know i think tabbes got hacked

  38. Christopher White

    Apparently, the world would have been better if you never started talking.

  39. Feli Ciane

    But im eating pizza haha i funny and its peperoni

  40. Nour loves animals

    Tabbes: 8 missed calls from mom and your dead Me : about 14 missed and barely survived

  41. JayTheBookwormUwU

    aww wolfy! :)

  42. Cheem's

    who assasinated tabbes its alright just confess TABBES HAS NOT UPLOADED IN 4 MONTHS JUST CONFESS WHO SSASINATED TABBES

  43. Ana Ramos

    I thought I was the only one who got mad at the birds 🙃🙃

  44. Milan Surink

    one of de zomies looks like afro

  45. Princess Dora

    L 4:44



  47. True Australian

    that is oddonesout

  48. Jordan

    When someone insults me on my comment i just delete it

  49. Sterling Rose

    no one: me and tabbes' minds during a presentation: knees weak, arms heavy, theres vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti. hes nervous but on the surfasce he looks calm and ready to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting the words that he wrote down wont come out hes chokin now everybodys jokin now clock's run out

  50. Mikaili Thomas

    The hot dog with the banana in it came from Disney channel.

  51. DonAnimations Official

    y'all know i hate BTS it shit my life

  52. Danielle Yzabella Dangiwan



    Where Tabbs be at??!

  54. Sterling Rose

    bruh i was disowned for my clapbacks

  55. Komz

    This needs to go to spotify

  56. Cedyt


  57. Ersilia Lopes

    This things are called blob

  58. Shuttheupup

    I watched BGclip for 15 hour

  59. Hplayss

    cmon world mess up alredy for zombies man

  60. Amanda Collins

    The actually fuck, I rather listen to this instead of whatever rappers on spotify suggested

    1. boof


  61. Xhiane Gabriel Sai Olavario

    kung kayamong mag salita ng pillpino naiintindihan mo ba to tanong ko lang ? naiintindihan mo ako kung marunong ka?

  62. sweet berry king

    I use a sword to deal with mice

  63. Soft Uvula

    Tabbes hope you’re doing well!

  64. Golden Freddy

    Face reveal is at-

  65. Shino

    I fr watched all of one piece and we STILL IN FUCKING CORONA MY GUY (btw one piece is amazing watch it)

  66. ᯾Taffie᯾

    If there was school I'd still have to go to school lmao

  67. LeoDaBudgi

    Guys every military instructor is named after a spice or seasoning

  68. I am man

    They say school are the best years of your life and if you tell me that it tell you to f*ck off

  69. Blood King

    People from California are the same way dicks some aren’t

    1. vernaxim

      What the fuck bro

  70. Angel Tumey

    6:36 face reveal

  71. Yeetus boi Boi

    My pog friends: The smart one The dumb one (me) The annoying one The raging one And finally my best friend

  72. Angel Tumey

    1:01 I'm hungry

  73. ZenitsuThunder_Style

    0:14 lol sans head on the left, what a cultured woman

  74. Clover’s Cover

    Bestie where are you ))):::

  75. A wild Knight


  76. Spicy_burrito_bombs

    i can do that and im a male

  77. TB Burke

    Who here knows why people just assum your angry at them cause of what they said when really you wern't paying attention to what they said