Here's a quick FAQ.

-What do programs do you use to make videos?

Adobe animate for animation, Adobe Premiere for aftermath editing, Adobe Photoshop/ Paint Tool Sai to make thumbnails and Audacity for audio editing.

-What tablet/ audio equipment do you use?

A Wacom Cintiq 22HD touch. I use the Shure SM7B to record my voice.


I advise it but never promote it

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  1. Esteban Video's

    So This is where the legend began?

  2. little stupid` Buttercup¡¿

    I have a rat as a pet tho-

  3. Roblox Drama

    3:46 Tabbed:foot.

  4. totally NOT me '-'

    Afro is one of my friends named fiona and gal is my other friend Abigail she's super loud fun and demanding lol

  5. fishy pug bruh

    Opentoonz Is free and does not crash

  6. Alex Jirkova

    How to start a comment fight on YT 1: Find a video 2: Comment disagree with a bit of hate 3: Wait Tip: Write the comment on BGcliprs that have very overprotective fans, that makes creating the fight way easier

  7. MEH

    No joke but if I see a zombie in our front yard I’d commit suicide... and the irony is I am really good at killing zombies... in video games.

  8. :3


  9. :3

    ok but i can never get enough of your roomates, the first episode was FRICKEN GOLD that scene where you looked out the window and listened to emotional music pretending you were in a kdrama, like it's probably just me but ME TOO LOL

  10. Isaac Speece

    0:48 and if you mess with me!!!! I do both. 😅

  11. Little Big

    Awww your brother is so cute

  12. Alex Jirkova

    What if biting zombies would heal them? ;O;

  13. Spongebob Squarepants

    Time for gravity falls

  14. nevig gamer

    is no one gonna talk about the fact that sans was in the skeleton pile?

  15. gelo's world

    Ayo tabbes u gon make a new vid Dem vids aint gon make emselves

  16. Sans the Skeleton

    The first time I crossed my brother was when he was a baby and I was a toddler. I dumped a tub of chocolate powder over my poor innocent little brother. (He was looking at me funny)

  17. Hoodie Animations

    I thought tabbes was American

  18. Mareddi Nageswararao

    OMG are you an exo fan 1:15

  19. Eli Schneider

    My friend group: The expert Lego architect The technology genius The "normal" guy

    1. Eli Schneider

      I know I dont have manty friends

  20. Summer Fire cat

    When i seen the thumbnail i was like: Yea they eat noodles with those what's wro- Also me: WAIT THEY ARE CEREAL HOLY SHIRT

  21. Russel Geslani

    3:55 look at the bottom right, is it possible to have that part if you're not the right gender?

  22. Hannah

    400 subs?? daaaaaamn okay your channel had some major grow spurt

  23. no

    Where did u get this pup.I need her in my life.


    Yas good voice

  25. Minecrafter never Fortniter

    Me has at least 100 or 50 videos watched a day

  26. Minecrafter never Fortniter

    everyone's gangster until the grandma comes

  27. Minecrafter never Fortniter

    Im a guy and I love twerking sometimes don't ask and did it in math class because I don't give 2 shits a girl was looking at me I didn't give a fuck

  28. super extreme bros.

    1:53 tabbes face made me die with laughter 😂

  29. Cierra La Rue

    I love tabbes. Videos

  30. Your Boi

    6:32 that dam rat

  31. Your Boi

    I have such horrible wifi that even the ad is blocky

  32. JUAN

    Ksim read but shift one letter back

  33. JUAN


  34. JUAN

    0:00 a legend is born

  35. Kim Manell

    I think it’s the beginning of the video it was The real tabs voice and then laddi to start a talking video was really funny

  36. Lachlan Maher

    its a gnome

  37. GamerBoi

    YO TO ALL THE DOG LOVERS LETS GIVE A HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. GamerBoi

    at 4:04 its mangekyou sharingan

  39. sans sans

    BTS is my worse nightmare

  40. sans sans

    Why you stop making videos

  41. GamerBoi


  42. DaddieQueue1092

    4:22 dude this got me.

  43. Tha Gay Gay Htoo

    That’s my costume

  44. Tha Gay Gay Htoo

    My depression

  45. Julian Vizcaino

    Was popin

  46. Harlow Griffus

    me when i hear the word Tabbes Me "totally accurate battle simulator...Sounds about right."

  47. Capt. Gavie

    This is from 4 months ago yet youtube says its from 3 months help-

  48. dallas murray

    i have 3 brothers and 3 sisters

  49. BlaghlYT

    The end was when I said O F*ck because I have to now pay a serten amount of money each day or a hitman will find me so shucks

    1. BlaghlYT

      Nah jk THIS IS A DAMN JOKE

  50. Aidan Morgan

    Face reveal at 6.33

  51. Lily Hood

    My sister is a vegan and if you tease her you die by my hands and here's and that person better pray that my mom is there or you would be gone in 10 seconds. I am your biggest fan and you are so funny and Accurate.

  52. hyperboi

    i guess if i was in a real apocalypse i would lay in my room , eat my food since im sure i would have lots of it, and play games till i die

  53. hyperboi


  54. Angela Liu

    I have just realized the smaller the age gap, the more competitive and the larger the age gap, the more friendly

  55. Rosa Esquivel


  56. Elf man

    5:02 I work as a cashier. I absolutely loathe people like this guy. People like him are nothing but disgusting.

  57. Noah is Bored

    In my school everyone has to do jrotc. Its interesting and pretty cool I gotta say.

  58. Brayden Gonzalez

    tip shoot for the head not the other body parts or it take longer ☠ and I have 2 real swords and two or three metal bats

  59. Creepy Artist

    People in here Venezuela is starving as heck and there you got people messing up food so bad as if there's no hunger in the world, I'm fucking sick

  60. PICO :D

    of yea I had that kid he said he took steriods at 10

  61. PICO :D

    lol the Vegan teacher comes here in TO DAYS

  62. Carmel Pancake

    I can relate to being bad with children cause I just held him in a corner and scared him saying there were spiders were in the corner :> to make him behave but then his mother was like “he’s fiiiiinnneee he’s just insulting everyone and telling them to die”

  63. D. Bleger

    Can I buy your washing hand song for hmmmmm 100$

  64. •《Moth boi》•

    Fun fact blob fishes are cute when they are underwater

  65. A Happy Dino


  66. Brandee Goldade

    Yours probably why your brother don't want to put his voice in the video all right number one you know billions and billions of people on this Earth watch BGclip and I think that's it

  67. Bridget Gaffney

    Rice in ketchup I really like it i’m a weirdo please don’t common bad things

  68. Kiwi Fluff

    This song makes me wanna simp for turkey

  69. mash my pancakes


    1. mash my pancakes


    2. mash my pancakes


    3. mash my pancakes


    4. mash my pancakes


    5. mash my pancakes


  70. Lps cupcake 2009

    Tabbes real voice: Pinkie pie Tabbes fake voice: Maud pie

  71. kari perez


    1. kari perez

      I liked this vid anyways 😂

  72. olive elaine lancin

    How about silence pistol

  73. Roblox Drama

    I like the face reavel:D also I’m not gonna put the time of the face reveal

  74. Roblox Drama


  75. Eli Schneider

    My face when i finally beat a really annoying level of a game

    1. Eli Schneider


  76. Matilda Kaiser

    Tabbes look's so pretty!

  77. Cɪɴɴᴀᴍᴏɴ Tᴏᴀsᴛ Gɪʀʟ uwu

    is it bad that im in a colt, in school, in 4th grade, at 11:09 am

  78. Anthony Taylor

    Yoooooo this song slap!

  79. John Doe


  80. original gamer

    How she drop the hottest mixtape of 2021 IN 2020